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In another room, Hinagiku and Mikoto woke up. The two woke up Lirin as well and they proceeded to the washroom to rinse their mouth and begin changing.

It’s standard female routine. They posh up a little here and there to be more presentable. But enforcing this kind of standard on Kaichou-sama and Railgun would be a bit of a stretch.

Yes the two are girls but they gravitate more towards the masculine side. They tidied their hair and clothes and that’s it for their early morning routine, what take forever for other girls is just a snap for them.

When they walked out of the room and came to the guest hall they were surprised by what they saw.

“Sup, I see you’re awake now.”

They are greeted by Wu Yan who’s sitting there having breakfast while giving them a casual greeting.

“You.. what..”

The two girls pointed their trembling hand at him, it’s like they just saw a ghost or something, veritably he has reason to be twitching his lips.

“I say, what’s with that taken aback reaction….”

He’s on the verge of table flipping now, in addition to jerking lips.

“Are you really Yan? Not some poser or anything?”

Okay Hinagiku crossed the line with that one.

“I say, why is it so inconceivable to you girls that I’m like this?”

He feels like biting someone and he’s very upset, he reckons that anybody would in such a situation, at the very least they would still be upset.

While they are conversing, they took Lirin who’s curiously observing Ikaros to the side and sat down, seeing the dishes prepared on the table, Hinagiku continued.

“Of course we are surprised!”

Mikoto a.s.sisted her.

“You lazy b.u.m, as long as it’s not 10AM you definitely won’t be waking up!”

Raising one of his eyebrow he retorted at her.

“That can’t be, during my stint as a butler of the Katsura, I will have you know I wake up early every single day!”

Curling her lips, Hinagiku shot him down.

“Is that right, I remember clearly during said period I would always go and flip the blanket on you, if it were not for me you would probably have forgotten to go to as well!”

There’s nothing he can say now.

Snickering, Hinagiku grabbed one of the bread on the table and chomped down. Instantly she frowned along with Mikoto.

“This bread, where is this from?”

After another bite the two girls put down the bread in their hand with clear dissatisfaction. It would seem the bread don’t suit their taste.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Grabbing his third bread he wolfed it down while being puzzled at their reaction.

“This is made by the hotel, is it nto good? I for one think it taste okay.”

“It’s not made by you?”


Rolling his eyes he continued.

“This is a hotel, room service much? Why make it yourself?”

The two are let down at his response. Hinagiku even grumbled in a barely audile tone.

“Well, you made them before…”

“I’m not your personal chef!”

Raising his hand in protest. It feels like the two la.s.sie is taking him for one before.

“Ai, what to do now…”

She said with a sullen look while poking the bread on the table.

“After eating his dishes, normal dishes don’t taste like they used to.”

Kaichou-sama got ‘fed’ by him for one month, let it not be forgotten thta he still has culinary master, during that one month she has eaten nothing but food made by him, it’s safe to say her standard has been raised to a very high level due to being fed by him.

Now that they are confronted with the food made by a hotel, the food doesn’t suit their palate. Mikoto as well, only Lirin who has never tasted his personally made food is having a blast with the feast.

He understands this and would just like to throw a tsukkomi at them.

This is food made by a hotel frequented by n.o.bles and she called it ‘normal dishes’, apologize to the hotel boss who hired the famous chefs with high premiums…

However, he’s also a bit proud of himself.

Now you know you can’t leave moi non…

“It’s your fault Yan, why’d you have to go and make your food taste so great, now we can’t enjoy other people’s dishes!”

Mikoto gnashed her teeth while snapping at him.

Swallowing down the last bread on his hand he helplessly responded to them.

“Just play along for now, aren’t you girls hungry?”

Truth be said, Kaichou-sama and Railgun are a little hungry so they can only eat the bread they put down before albeit a little bit reluctant as shown by their complaining face.

Finally, Lirin at Hinagiku’s side who had previously been quietly and curiously looking at Ikaros finally spoke out like a curious child her age.

“Who’s the pretty sister?”

Startled, it’s only now that the three recalled that Lirin had not been acquianted to Ikaros.

“Oh ya, Ikaros.”

The two girls sheepishly turned around to Ikaros.

They were a bit ashamed that they forgot all about Ikaros…

Ikaros also shared some blame as well, what with being all obedient and quiet there standing behind him. It’s not that her existence is that little, rather it’s quite the contrary it’s hard not to notice someone so beautiful!

If one were to make an a.n.a.logy and Ikaros is a honey peach, then Hinagiku and Mikoto would be immature green apples, why because they are respectively 14 year old and 15 year old, their body aren’t that mature yet, even with their exquisite features, relative to Ikaros they still have some ground to cover.

That’s presently speaking of course, wait until the two half loli grow up, then it’s up to debate.

This is in the context where he told Ikaros to dress up in normal clothing and hide that wing of hers otherwise she would be even more eye catching then now.

In the end, she’s a comrade who just joined last night so they might still be forgiven for not noticing.

“Pretty sister, why are you ignoring Lirin? Do you hate Lirin?”

Mewled the feeble little ol Lirin when she saw that Ikaros only looked at her with an expressionless face without answering her.

“Haha, Lirin don’t her, Ikaros is not ignoring you it’s just that Ikaros isn’t that much a communicative person in the first place.”

Seeing that Lirin’s a bit dejected he tried cheering him on.

He denies any allegation that he has been moe moe kyuned…

Mikoto looked at Ikaros before shooting a question at her.

“By the way Ikaros, did you get up early? I didn’t you before when I woke up, I thought for sure you went somewhere.”

As if the thought that she’s the subject of the conversation just registered she turned her head slowly to glance at Wu Yan before muttering.

“I.. went to master’s ro…”

Listening to her, some alarm deep within him rang out. f.u.c.k, if they find out she had been in his room the whole night then Jesus be a bro he’s going to die a gruesome death, as sure as Moses splitting sea.

Recalling the dream he had, his heart beat like crazy as he quickly interjected.

“That’s right, Hinagiku, Mikoto, what’s the arrangement for Lirin when we go treasure hunting?”

Well, you gotta give the guy credit, he chose a very good topic to divert their attention.

Looking at Lirin, Hinagiku hesitated a bit before answering.

“About that… I also…”

“I want to go as well!”

Not giving her the chance to finish, Lirin jumped up with zing and declared.

“No you can’t! The place we are going to is too dangerous for you!”

Mikoto immediately protested after hearing her little declaration, Lirin is just a little girl who can’t protect herself.

“I don’t care I don’t care! I wanna go!”

Changing her tone into one that is sobbish she clung to Hinagiku.

“Sister Hinagiku, brother, please don’t leave Lirin behind, I don’t want to leave you guys!”


Hugging Lirin, Hinagiku looked to him for further action as she doesn’t know how to respond.

Sighing he continued after a bit of deliberation.

“Let’s bring her, we don’t have any other alternatives at the moment. I think based on our abilities we can still cover her!”

Mikoto nodded in acquiesce since he already said so. Lirin immediately turned that frow upside down and is currently jumping for joy.

Glancing over all the girls present he mumbled.

“And now, we wait…”

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