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Shoujo Grand Summoning

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From previous experience, summons will always appear in front of him after summoning. Like an eager kid he pressed the summon b.u.t.ton and gawked at the direction of the hall.

A pity, that’s because what greeted him is not the shoujo in his mind but a line from the system.

“Beep! The summon in question has her memory and feelings restricted, remove said restriction?”

He’s startled by the sudden announcement but he soon recalled what it is.

System said that any summon would be the one a day before the plot line begins in their story, in the case of the world he hasn’t visited as seen here, Ikaros is still restricted a day before the plot line begins!

Or else, she wouldn’t have referred to herself as the ‘entertainment purposes versatile angel’, a big part of the reason is that her memory had been sealed.

Now that he is summoning this version of Ikaros it can’t be helped that she is still under such a sealed state.

In the original story, it was who lifted the seal on her, that’s something that happened a bit after the start of the plot line though.

With such a prompt from the System he recalled that there was such a thing.

Quite frankly, it slipped past him…

He didn’t think the System would be so ‘considerate’ as to suggest removal of the seal. He’s satisfied and feeling guilty at the moment.

System, sorry for calling you a troll. Who knew you were such a great person, wait no, great System….

So he praised the System in his heart like, the only thing missing now would be him kneeling down and saying: ‘This one’s sin ought be punished with ten thousand deaths.’

“Beep! To remove the seal on Ikaros, it requires another 6’000 Summoning points!”

In that instant, take the satisfaction, take the guilt, take the good bro card, he took everything he said and threw it into Giant Beast Forest, and his grat.i.tude and praises all turned into cusses like no other.

I am going to take that ‘considerate’ and shove it up your trolling a.s.s…

f.u.c.k you, what’s witht his pricing system that requires 6’000 Summoning points to remove some lord knows what seal, this is just another ploy to screw me over isn’t it, Kaichou-sama didn’t even need this much when I summoned her…

“What’s the matter?”

Although Hinagiku and Mikoto didn’t know what transpired judging from his look that changed from expectation to realization and then to being moved and now a state of exasperation and vacancy. Going by his previous records of exhibiting such r.e.t.a.r.ded behaviours they’re already blase, they’re not even tsukkomi him.


Calming his jimmies, he duly pointed out to them with a bored expression.

“Oh it’s nothing, I just have some thoughts about being made to jump through some hoops.”


They are curious but they wouldn’t understand even if he did explain it to them so they didn’t. This is certainly not the first he has gone off on a different frequency and spoke in some incoherent language.

“So where’s the summon?”

Mikoto looked around but they still see only a vacant hall and a sleeping Lirin.

Hinagiku looked curious as well, different from the two, she haven’t seen a summoning before, he’s seen it twice and she’s seen it once. It’s just her who haven’t seen characters ‘grow’ out of nowhere.

Scratching his cheeks, he wrly laughed.

“minor… erm… issues, so the summon kinda failed…”


The two yelped. It was loud enough to almost wake Lirin, lord knows what she’s mumbling about but Lirin muttered something and turned to the side. The two girls were frozen in place as they hurriedly closed their mouth with their hands.

Only after ascertaining that she’s just tossing about and still remains within dreamland did they pursue him.

“What do you mean by failure?”

“Well not exactly failure, but a minor complication.”

‘minor complication’, oh how his teeth itched at the words.

“Well since it hasn’t failed then hurry up and summon! Stop dilly-dallying!”

Twas an unamused Mikoto who’s folding her arms.


Sighing and feeling powerless he went ahead and did what she said.

“Here I go..”

He glimpsed at the ‘126’000′ Summoning points notification on his user stat before sighing again.

It seems, the System is trying to juice him dry…

Paying the extra 6’000 he clicked ‘summon’.

“Ding! The seal on Ikaros has been removed!”

“Beep! The default equipment on Ikaros named ‘Transport Card’ does not conform to the System’s rules, it has been removed and pa.s.sed up to the System at no recompensation, thank you for your generosity!”


Where does this furious urge to hit somebody come from…

He ruffled his hair while powerlessly grumbling and crying without the tears.

He can understand why the ‘Transport Card’ would be removed given it’s story breaking power, but, in the end he’s still not happy, especially so when the System in his perception rubbed him off with a ‘thank you for your generosity’ part. He’s basically flipping out, wait no he’s flipping out alright.

In the quiet hall, a golden light appeared, it was so bright the three had to squint and guard agains t.i.t with a hand.

After the light sustained itself for a bit, it dimmed down and a tall figure started appearing out from the receding beam of light.

The three had different reactions to it, Wu Yan’s very moved at the sight, while the two girls were stupefied by it.

They can’t find the right words to describe how they feel at the moment.

Hair barely covering her ears, pink hair down to her neck, a face so sculptured it attained an artistic perfection, no excess at all, her eyes that were tightly shut added that much more peacefulness and tranquility to her face.

Donning a , the top half of her body were barely covered and on her shoulder were two shoulderpads, her arms were also protected by armguards, her lower parts were covered with a battle skirt, there’s no excess meat on her slim long white legs, that’s definitely an eye candy when coupled with her smoking body.

What’s more awe inspiring is the two light pink wings behind the girl.

She looks like an angel descending upon this earth!

“So beautiful…”

Before they got out of their stupor, the words ‘beautiful’ slipped out from their mouth.

And who could blame them, under the light beam, she appeared sublime!

Wu Yan on the other hand is on a different kind of exaggerated reaction, two wave shaped tear trail started streaming down his cheeks from G.o.d know when, clearly the guy is very moved…

While still lost in their thoughts the light went away and Ikaros appeared in all her glory in front of the three, only that her eyes are still shut tightly.

When Ikaros appeared in front of them the trio froze…

Hinagiku and Mikoto dropped their jaw looking at the two humongous thing (Tl:relatively speaking), they turned into stones.

He in comparison has his eyes popped out and he extended his neck outwards if only to get closer to that ‘divine ravine’ by even just a bit.

Smoking body? b.i.t.c.h pulease, in front of those two blessed construction of a heavenly nature all is but a fleating cloud.

Well anyway it didn’t matter what the three thought, at least the recently arrived Angelic girl, Ikaros wouldn’t know that’s for sure.

A tiny light shot out from the angelic girl and it connected him with her.

After synchronization the light turned into a light ball and entere dhim.

When consciousness returned to her and her bodily function began to resume . After the mysterious adjustment to her memories, the angelic girl opened her eyes gradually…

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