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“Tai! Put down that Loli in your hand!”

The yell left an echo resounding the area, it stupefied those that were smacking the s.h.i.t out of hounds, it dumbfounded the one confronting him, it confounded the one being held hostage, what’s missing now is a bunch of crows flying pa.s.s while cawing ‘baka’.

Even with his super thick face, he’s felt a bit awkward, the result of f.u.c.king around earned him 2 judging glare from two girls and disbelieving gaze from the little loli in question.

Maybe the little one thought that she’s about to escape the tiger’s cave only to find herself in a wolf’s lair. It might also be the case that because what he said is so freaking unbearable that Hinagiku and Mikoto got a huge boost in abilities and ma.s.sacred the hounds.

“”Ding! M1 completed! Obtained Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp 3’000!”

At the same time as the notification, two figures brown and pink dashed to his side and slammed their knuckles down on his head in sync rendering him squatting on the floor.

Hinagiku put down her fist and breathed in before looking in the direction of the stunned Tie Li and Lirin.

“That was inappropriate just now please overlook that, back to the topic, put down that… (Tl: again counter for non-human) that little girl!”

Lirin returned to her senses and started struggling again while Tie Li looks rustled, he feels like he just got played.

He hmphed before reinforcing the hold on Lirin, his mouse like eyes started darting between Mikoto and Hinagiku before smirking like a sleezy b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“Sure can, as long as you do what I say, I will let her go!”

His ‘can’ made the two who’s vying for time while secretly preparing their strength flinch but his dirty tone infuriated the two. Their eyes were filled with killing intention as they wrathfully looked at Tie Li.


Mikoto released her abilities, her eyes squinting to a sinister degree, this is the that she’s preparing to respond with lethal force, she’s calculating how much volt to put this mother f.u.c.ker down on the ground like an electrocuted frog.

“Lightning magician!”

Astonished by her appearance, he excitedly licked his lips, magicians are very rare and to think this girl before him is a magician, this made the slimeball who had tasted many women before very thrilled.

The women he had laid his hands upon didn’t include magicians not even a handful of warriors to speak of as well. To be able to taste the tender taste of a magician, his heart started stirring, after he’s done he can raise her as his right hand a.s.sistant. Walking around with a beautiful magician girl, how glorifying would this be for his image.

And holding thoughts like that he covert the girls before him even more, his fervor already floated up to his face.

Of course, he has already forgotten the concept that ‘only those that has a certain background and strength could walk the path of a magician’. It looks like greed and narcissism really could fog up the vision of people…

Hinagiku’s disgusted at the pig as well, she pointed s.h.i.+rosakura at the b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“It seems a beating is in order for you to listen properly to our demands.”

“Haha, I think it’s better if you girls think carfully about the repercussions of your actions!”

Lifting up Lirin he grinned and the two girls.

“Don’t think just because you girls could settle a bunch of trash you can best me for sure, dismissing the fact that I’m a tier 5 warrior, the situation right now is very favorable for me!”

“You jerk…”

She’s incensed by his lowly display.

“Using a little girl as a s.h.i.+eld and calling your own comrades tras.h.!.+”

“Hmph, they don’t even deserve being called tras.h.!.+”

He snorted.

“Can’t even deal with a bunch of kids, if I keep them they would only be a waste of my resources, if you guys didn’t get rid of them, I would have, there is no need for trash of no value at my side!”


The two completely snapped, the only thing they want to do right now is to hack the f.u.c.k up into 10’000 pieces, but they couldn’t, not in consideration of Lirin still squirming inside his grasp.


Smug laughs ensured.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? I already said it doesn’t matter as long as you obey me then I guarantee the well being of this little la.s.sie right here!”

“Oh really? I’m so thankful for that…”

“You’re welcomed…”

Stopping in his track, a sudden sense of danger alerted him and at the same time a silver blade appeared before his face, the aim is between his eyes.

The cold gleam coming off the blade seemed like a viper getting ever closer to his face, his pupils contracted into pinpoint size while changing his smug face into that of terror in a snap of the finger.

This is a desperate time, he roared and moved the dou qi within him, he didn’t care if his body started hurting from the sudden movement but he desperately turned his head, dodging the stab with a hair-thin breadth. He dodged just in time but he could feel the coldness of the blade when it brushed past his ear.

Cold sweat dripped down from his forehead, he has never been this close to death before, his legs are trembling from the shock.

Missing, the blade didn’t move and stayed there, right beside his ear. He felt warmth radiating from a foreign hand touching his, it’s completely unlike that of the cold steel, the hand that is touched is the one holding Lirin.


Blue lightning danced and shocked him quite literally into yelping and releasing his hold on Lirin from the resulting paralysis.

Another lightning magician! Impossible! He’s a sword is he not? dou qi and mana, how can they coexist within a human body!

Incredulous at this spectacle before him, it slipped his mind that Wu Yan’s not even using dou qi or mana, the only thing he used is his sword skill and his esper power that relies more on computational power.

Free falling like a doll the hand’s master quickly recovered her, chuckling at Tie Li, his eyes on the other hand had an icy glare to them as he smacked Tie Li with the side of his blade sending him knocking into a tree.


Mikoto and Hinagiku somehow knew that he would do something like this and took Lirin from him. They undid her binds and vigilantly watched Wu Yan to make sure he doesn’t attempt anything weird.

He wryly laughed, and he didn’t try to defend himself. It appears the ‘loli’ ultimatum from before really upset the two girls…


The cloth gag removed, Lirin threw herself into Hinagiku’s embrace while sobbing with tears streaming down her cheeks, she cried like she’s trying to cry out her grievance.

“There there…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto were fl.u.s.tered by her and frantically consoled the little loli. Maybe it’s because the two girls gave her a sense of safety, Lirin ignored Tie Li who slowly got up from the ground and continued crying with an intensity that could make the sky fall and the earth crumble. While the two girls were sympathizing with her, this made Wu Yan have a headache.

A girl’s tear is the bane of him, even more so when it’s a cute girl’s…

“d.a.m.n it! You litte mongrel!”

He viciously glared at him as he picked himself up, spitting and maliciously grinning.

“You think you can win by ambus.h.i.+ng me while I’m gloating? Very well, I will let you see the power of a tier 5, feeble ant!”

He forgot all notion about why he could use battle skills and magic, it was all drowned out in his anger, what’s more he’s not even taking him seriously. In his perception, Wu Yan is too young and even if he’s a magician there’s no way he could be stronger than him, the blow just now is nothing more than a lucky strike aided by the element of surprise!

Therefore, still thinking he’s hot s.h.i.t and had something embarra.s.sing like that happening to him, it’s inevitable that he got mad at him.

Only an ant and he dares sullying the s.h.i.+rt of a vice captain!

He didn’t mind Lirin being freed, just settle this b.a.s.t.a.r.d and then retrieving her, hmm, along with the two la.s.sies…

As his confidence shot through the roof, the trio were rendered speechless at this stunt.

Power of a tier 5?

Please, we have a tier 6 and a tier 7 here!


A voice so soft it could made one lose strength in their leg came out from Lirin who still had tears in the corners of her eyes, this shook him down to the core. He was that close to kneeling down to her while drawing out a swirly lollipop.

The little loli known as Lirin pouted with a face so cute one would fight the world to bring back all its glory for her. She raised her head from Hinagiku’s chest and sniveled while she looked at Wu Yan.

“Onii-chan, this person is very strong, even the guards were defeated by him, let’s just escape…”

Lirin the little loli (Tl: I swear to G.o.d one more lirin the little loli 莉琳小萝莉 and I will call the cops on the author.) may be small, but she can tell between good and evil, who’s the bad guy and who’s the good guy. In her logic the ones who kidnapped her are the baddies and the big brother and big sister who came to save her is the good guys. Otherwise she wouldn’t have jumped into Hinagiku’s embrace like a little chick.

Having seen Tie Li’s abilities first hand she was worried for the safety of the big brother and sisters, she’s worried that they would end up like her guards, dead in the hands of Tie Li.

He didn’t have mind reading ability so he didn’t know what was going through her mind (Tl:I called the cops). If he did he would grab her by the collar and scream at her regardless of the loli commandment.

“I’m not a good guy! Don’t label people on conveniently!”

He could however hear the concerned tone from her words, he a.s.sured her with a smile before waving his Nietono no Shana and training his sight on Tie Li while curling his lips.

“Worry not little one, this fat pig in an armor think he’s so tough, I will inculcate the simple lesson of what happens when you think about messing with other people’s women!”

Not for anything else and not for the mission or his personal gratification, just the sweet diabetic endearment of ‘onii-chan’ is reason enough to motivate this humble servant to draw. Moi shall slay the fat pig that made you cry by today!

“What did you say?!”

Tie Li blanched at his declaration, he’s even more p.i.s.sed off now, his eyes shone as he roared and released his dou qi.

Too bad his one man show is promptly ignored by the present individuals. That’s because Wu Yan also triggered Mikoto and Hinagiku with his declaration. tinting their cute face with a shade of pink as the two fidgeted and stuttered.

“Who.. who’s your women?!…”

Given of course, tsundere reaction were automatically translated as agreeing with his statement, he dares to say that even if he were to say this notion aloud he wouldn’t fear the lumber axe. (Tl: though it says lumber axe it can also refer to the various weapons used by the crazy chicks in higuras.h.i.+ no koro, no I have not seen it I have only heard that it’s full of crazy chicks)


Laughing out of nowhere it looked like he would tear up any moment now but no tears came. That’s due to the fact that there’s no room for such things, there’s only a ton of fury and killing intention.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Since you’re so eager for death, let me do you a favor! Your women and your weapon, I shall receive them without restraint, hahahaha!”

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