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“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current level is 46!”

“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current level is 47!”

“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current level is 48!”

“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current level is 49!”

Awestruck by Mikoto’s form, Wu Yan lost his thoughts for a moment there.

What an amazing sight to behold!

When is Mikoto most eye catching?

1 out of 10 would say that it’s when she’s being tsundere, another 1 out of 10 would say it’s when she’s holding gekota, the remaining 8 out of 10 would absolutely concur with one answer, it’s when she’s using railgun!

This astonis.h.i.+ng spectacle he has only ever seen on screen is now unfolding in front him.

Now that he has seen this awesome demonstration he can’t help feeling impressed once more, how domineering, how heroic, how handsome!

Compared to his elation of jumping levels, his awe outweighs his joy. What can he say, despite defeating someone 15 levels above him he has only risen by 4 levels, the gap between tiers are just getting tougher and tougher. (Tl: every summon gets the same 100% experience points)

Mikoto on the other hand didn’t rise in levels at all, he can’t reach tier 6 and she can’t reach tier 8, looks like the grind is real.

“So cool!”

Even Hinagiku can’t help admiring this scene, one should know she’s a cool person as well so if she says so then it must be… d.a.m.n cool!

“Yan, here.”

Going to his side she gave him a jade, the snake’s dead so now the jewel of heavenly palace is naturally retrieved by her. (Tl: yep, the jewel turns out to be jade in nature 玉牌 perhaps something like this)


One day and night they have went through various turmoils to get this thing. From the ‘wall’ monster to the wolf monster and then the youkai army the tree monster and then the snake monster. It’s a short but eventful trip that’s for sure…

The two girls went pensive, relative to him the two suffered in psychological terms even more. The slaughter changed them, at least Mikoto could now dirty her hands with the blood of monster who can only do harm, if it’s killing another person, maa, he still thinks that is unlikely for the time being.

Their returns however were not any lesser, from the start he’s just a level 30 tier 4 and now in a day he has reached lv49 on the cusp of entering tier 6. Not to mention he net himself a great profit of 8.3mil, no 8.2 mil Item points!

Mikoto also level up to 69. The jade’s in their hand, now they only need to pa.s.s the thing over to Hatsuho in exchange for the mysterious crystal fragment and their quest here would be done. Yep, totally worth it.

Inspecting the snake he arrived at its head. He sighed as he looked at what used to be a whole monster, the railgun blew a hole right through it from head to tail, perhaps even in the last moment of its live the snake didn’t know what happened to him.

“Ding! 50’000 Item points obtained!”

Selling the body he got 50’000 Item points and that concluded this sealing barrier adventure and at the same time it signals the end of his short time here on Hayate the combat butler’s world…

“Yan, I will return this to you, sorry I didn’t use it during this battle.”

She returned the bottle of Resplendent Breath to him while awkwardly smiling.

“Why are you giving it to me? You keep it, it’s to protect your life during dire times.”

He just shot a glance when he saw this, with 8.25mil of Item points, would one care about a bottle of Resplendent Breath?

“You keep it, isn’t it more useful that way?”

She retorted back at him with a bit of sa.s.s, she sounded like she’s standing with the truth behind her.

Giving her an evil eye he shot back at her.

“With my Item points right now, do I still lack anything? I think it be best if you hold on to it, don’t insist on this simply because you can’t die, to revive you requires Summoning points and Summoning points I do not have much to do so!”

His Summoning points is 11’000 right now and her required amount of Summoning points back then was 70’000 so it’s a fact he can’t pay the dues right now!

“What’s this now, if you die then won’t I die as well? I am looking out for myself here!”

A bit abnormal she insisted. It’s true she felt dauntless because she could be revived and she had the impulse to try something reckless, of course it’s just an impulse she wouldn’t go out of her way to die.

From here one can see just how ‘pa.s.sionate’ she is to seek out thrill…

“If this stupid guy here don’t want it, here Hinagiku you take it!”

She turned her head over to Hinagiku in an agitated way, it’s as though rejecting her goodwill is something foolish, he’s at a loss of words at her.

“Me? I don’t need it as well.”

She shook her hands.

“After this mission, when I go to the other world I would be in the same boat as you so I wouldn’t need it.”

“Have you thought it through yet? Hinagiku….”

He questioned her resolve.

“To follow us means to leave your parents behind you know? and your sister as well for that matter? Can you do that?”

Flinching at this she mused for awhile before smiling at him.

“Yea, I want to choose my path for myself once, besides, you said it? Once you guys leave this place the world would be in a frozen state so there’s no need to worry for them.”

“choosing your own path is it?”

He went silent thinking about something.

“What’s with you being so naggy, you have something to say about this?!”

Folding her arms in front of her, Mikoto looked upset that he’s doubting her.

“She already said it, she wants to choose her path, why are you being so wishy washy!”

“How’s this wishy washy…”

He looked like he was about to retort with his ‘I-m-doing-this-for-you’ att.i.tude.

“I’m just trying to listen to her wishes, how’s this being wishy washy?”

“And you still have the galls to retort…”

A spark flashed across her forehead as she jeered at him.

“When you summoned me to this world, you didn’t even ask for my opinion, do I not have parents as well?”

Jerking the corners of his lip he conceded.


Regarding her opinions, he’s pretty interested because if she really had a lot of qualms about going to Silvaria with him then he can’t force her no matter how much he wants to be with her.

When she said yes, his feeling could be described as pleased and joyful.

A woman who is willing to follow you to the edges of the sky and corners of the seas, such a ‘mature’ connotation… (Tl: inset lenny face)

Thinking up to this point his satisfaction with the proceedings is basically written on his face.

Looking at that smug grin of his she gave him a cold hmph.

“Of course this is not for you, it’s so that I can protect Mikoto!”

“Protect Mikoto?”

What an absurd excuse, the person in question is mroe than two times your level, little girl…

“Protect me?”

Wincing ever so slightly at her statement she then pat her flat chest with confidence.

“Don’t worry about me, I am very strong and I can protect myself!”

“I’m not talking about that!”

She walked to her side before pulling her arm.

“I am protecting you from being s.e.xually a.s.saulted by this wolf, if I don’t go who knows what this wolf would do to you when you guys are alone!”

“Ho.. Wh- how…”

Raising her brows she blushed after she understood the implication of her words.

With mouth wide agape and jutting eyes he defended himself.

“That’s false accusation, I’m no wolf. Hinagiku stop putting labels on me…”

“You still have the guts to say you’re not?!”

She clenched her teeth as she glared at him with tinged cheeks.

“You even… even stripped our clothes and washed out body, what’s stopping you from going further than that?!”

‘Case study’ being revisited, Mikoto leered at him before agreeing with her.

“That’s right Hinagiku, you must protect me from him, you must not let him be alone with him.

He can’t raise any arguments at this point. Wavy tears flowed down his face.

He can’t defend himself, curse his bad track records…

The two spent about half a day to make their way out of the cave. The first thing they saw upon exit is Hatsuho who’s staring at them with a blank expression. It’s like she saw her ancestors or something with that disbelieving face. She mumbled something illogical as she looked at them.

“Ara, why would I be having such a weird dream? This must be a mistake, they’re not my cute Isumi why would I be seeing something so oddly lucid here…”

Black lines ran down the trio’s head.

Curling his lips he took out the jade and pa.s.sed it over to her.

“Madam Saginomiya, we have not failed the mission and has now returned with the jade!”

But Hatsuho treated him like’s a mere illusion and continued mumbling, her degree of ignoring him is through the roof.

“Madam Saginomiya, we have not failed the mission and has now returned with the jade!”

His tone changed into one of exasperation and it brought back Hatsuho in addition to startling Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Can one blame him? When conversing with Isumi’s mum one needs a bit of ‘strength’ to do so.

She murmured after seeing the jade in his hand.

“You three are back? All in one piece?”

“Nn, we are fine and has returned safely, by the way we destroyed the monsters inside so for the time being your family wouldn’t have to worry about the sealing barrier for now.”

Stroking the jade she didn’t say anything. On her face however is the most beautiful smile he has seen on her since coming here, she grasped the jade and placed it against her cheeks while tightly closing her eyes like she’s caressing a treasure of hers.

The trio understand this behaviour is not for the clan or because it’s a treasure of the clan, it’s purely for her own daughter, it’s a manifestation of her desire to protect her from her own spiritual power.

Isumi has a great mother.

Returning from her happiness, she gave a heartfelt bow to the trio.

“My deepest grat.i.tude, I’m truly grateful for your a.s.sistance.”

“You’re welcome, it’s just a matter of alignment of interest.”

Rubbing his nose he felt a bit awkward, he’s not used to dealing with this kind of matter so he’s a bit coy.

Hatsuho nodded with a gentle smile before taking out ‘mysterious crystal fragment’ and giving it to him.

“This is what you seek and now it’s yours. Wu Yan-kun I’m sure if it’s you, you would be able to manage it.”

Receiving the crystal he lifted it overhead to inspect this crystal with one eye closed.

Under the sunlight the crystal released a warm glow as if signaling the start of a new beginning…

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