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“I desire your death!”

Snake king grew tired of Wu Yan’s ridicule and got really furious. He opened his mouth and a bunch of purple liquid shot out like a bullet towards him!

He might look cool on the outside but he’s taking the opponent really seriously. It doesn’t matter if the foe is very chuuni, he’s still a level 50 and that’s not a joke!

He understands the 5 level difference seem little but even if he’s 49 against 50 he would still not dare to claim that he could beat the opponent with certainty, the gap between tiers ever so apparent!

level 50 is equivalent to tier 6 and he’s just tier 5 at level 45, the difference being a little is complete and utter understatement, this is because as tiers increase the power gap between different tiers, at a mid stage of 5 and 6 the difference is palpable.

Without Nietono no Shana and dragon armor being Rare Armaments he wouldn’t even dare going solo against snake king. Special mention goes to conceptual dragon armor, the thing is practically a low tier cheat, it’s effect of nullifying all stacks below level 50 and mitigating those below level 60 says much about it’s status, it’s fortunate that he bought them before this battle!

He doesn’t know the extent of damage mitigation but he really don’t want to try it with his body, the hostile is of a serpentes origin and as such the liquid spewed out most definitely is poison!

“Mikoto, protect Hinagiku!”

Drawing out Nietono no Shana, he yelled to Mikoto before brandis.h.i.+ng the blade deflecting the poison with the ensuing gale.

“Tread carefully!”

Noticing his intention, she quickly use her esp to clad herself in azure white electric, grabbing Hinagiku she stretched out her palms towards the wall and the two gravitated towards it as if they were pulled by a string.

“In front of the king, you still think escape is possible? Laughable!”

He thought the two were escaping, and spat at them.

level 69 afraid of a mere level 50’s attack? h.e.l.l no, not even sparing it a glance, her lightning evaporated the poison before it could even touch her.

Flinching at this, he felt a strong wind coming from behind him before he could turn over. Wu Yan snuck up behind him and struck down with the blade.

“To be distracted during a fight…”

Saying some lines that seem ripped from cliche dramas, he slash at the snake king.

“Is very deadly!”

The snake king grinned, against this attack he only twisted his neck and his neck elongated in an abnormal way making Wu Yan’s attack miss. Without moving his torso, the snake king twisted his head 180 degrees towards him and spat at him.

He cursed inside, son of a… mimicking snake uncle’s , how dare you squirt me in my face, you aren’t a shoujo! (tl:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He’s still maintaining his downwards slas.h.i.+ng motion, he didn’t even withdraw at the sight of the poison. He swung down with even more face to stab the sword even faster into the ground. With a twist of the sword, he pulled himself in another direction, dodging the poison in the process.

The king didn’t even expect this kind of manoeuvre from him and as a result Wu Yan gave him one punch, sending him flying like a sack of potato.

With an enraged expression the snake king kicked and following that his foot elongated to kick a very surprised Wu Yan making him fly as well.

Motherf.u.c.ker, it can even use luffy’s skill!

Throwing tsukkomi the both of them kissed the ground, the result of the first bout ended in a situation of strength parity!

“So fast, I couldn’t even register their movements…”

Rubbing her eyes, it’s understandable her visual process could not keep up with this kind of battle, Mikoto didn’t say anything as she kept her eyes on the foe.

“How dare you touch this great king with your filthy claws!”

All fours on the ground the king stayed motionless there, but if one were to inspect closer one would find his snake like eyes to be filled with killing intention like no other.

With such a soft body, a normal impact wouldn’t have caused him much harm but he felt b.u.t.thurt over the fact of being turned into a football during the bout.

Kill! Must kill Him!

Different from the snake king, Wu Yan got up to his feet much quicker. Examining his still aching wound he was a bit joyous.

The pain would have been much greater minus the dragon armor.

As expected, not just any main characters can challenge regardless of tier or levels, removing the 2 C grade equipment then he would have to bow out after that kick.

Pointing at the king with his sword he took a jab at the king metaphorically.

“What’s the deal? Great and supreme ‘dragon’ king, looks like you have a habit of b.i.t.c.hing and moaning on the ground after getting your a.s.s kicked.”

Right after he’s done, his face changed as he felt a cold chill coming up his spine, with a kick he escaped his previous location only to see a small snake come up narrowly missing him going by his cheeks, the snake turned and bit toward s.h.i.+m.

Just as the bite almost touch him the armor turned into a formless s.h.i.+eld to block the snake. Making a thud on the s.h.i.+eld, before it could strike again its body got cut into halves and it fell.

Steadying himself cold sweat flowed down.


Hinagiku breathe a sigh of relief while patting her chest, Mikoto grinned contrary to her slightly agitated heart, she put down her hand aimed at the snake king.

“a a a a….”

The snake king already stood up since an unknown time, though it has a nasty smirk, there’s no laughter or amus.e.m.e.nt inside its gaze.

“None too shabby, even this sleight of the hand didn’t end you, it’s no wonder my toys all got broken up!”

Licking its lip the snake king laughed with a palm against his head and body trembling.

Grasping his sword handle he only responded with an icy glare, he wanted to turn him into ten thousand pieces inside him, that strike could have been lethal you see…

Let it be known once more that he’s very vindictive…

The wind started to blow and the earth shook as the atmosphere churned and turned, the blade began to whistle.

Right hand on the blade, left hand lightly pressing down on the handle, Nietono no Shana started glowing red, a searing air expanded outwards, feeling the oppresing air the snake king wiped that grin off his face and taut his body up with a grim face.

“Very amusing… is it?”

Saying it with a plain tone he chuckled.

“Well then, let’s see if you can laugh at this next one?…”

Turning into mirage, he appeared in an instant in front of the snake king.

“Chaotic return to…”

Snake king’s image is reflected in his eyes and under the rapidly narrowing pupil of the snake king, Nietono no Shana sliced across his body.

“Horizon Waltz!!!”


An explosion rang out, crimson light coverd the two’s location, strong winds made dust and debris dance, the ground shattered with cracks like a wateland hit by drought.


Hinagiku and Mikoto s.h.i.+elded their face with their hands trying to block the wind and dust coming along while they pried their eyes open to see what is going on.

The dust stirred and the snake king flew out of it like he’s blown away, Wu Yan followed it out from the cloud and came once more to the snake king’s anterior to give it a knee strike against his stomach.


With eyes popping, mouth wide and saliva spitting out, he got smashed into the ground and into a wall dragging out a trail and making a humanoid shape in the wall.

Paying his old grievance he felt a strong sense of euphoria.

With Nietono no Shana as the enhancing catalyst, Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz got a boost in power and impact, this is very pleasing. Maybe if he could use the effect would be even better seeing as this is a flame haze’s weapon.

It would have been a one hit kill just now had it not been a battle between different tiers.

“You d.a.m.nable ant!”

Letting hate flow through him, this might very well be the first time since becoming the king of this place to suffer such a blow to his ego.

Under his rage, he opened his mouth wide and he shot out poison spit like machine gun, the poison carpet bombed towards him leaving no room for escape.

Focusing his gaze he moved his body towards the snake king as he flourished the blade to deflect oncoming poison, with ‘Kendo Master’ every slash is precise, more than just deflecting its spit, he sliced his way towards him.

He approached the snake king quickly, the blade still s.h.i.+ning silver without being effected at all by the poison.


Its hands turned into two giant snake mouth and bit towards him as he smirked like a dirty villain.

The armor appeared once more to block the attacks, he understands that level 50 attacks can’t be nullified but mitigating them is possible that’s why he ignored the damage from them and charged straight ahead at them.

Stopped slightly by the impact he put more strength into his legs and jumped at snake king narrowing their distance to 0 in one fell swoop.


Shocked by this, he can’t react in time to his crimson red blade!

“Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz!!!”

Turning the snake into modern art in a wall he decided to retreat with a laugh but before he could do that a head flew out and sent him shooting outwards.

Dusting off the stone debris, it made its way out of the wall.

Countless years before this, he’s no more than a slightly stronger snake monster, after getting sealed in this place and getting bullied by countless even older youkais here he endured because they were stronger than him. Endure he did for one day, he too would be able to stand in their position above others, then he would kill, kill em all!

Gradually, as time flowed, he grew stronger and stronger, in this place with nothing but strong youkais crawling around he fought and fought until those monsters who bullied him were all slain, without any other compet.i.tor he was the king here!

I, I have no equals!


“kill…kill! killkillkillkillkill!!!”

His low groans turned into roars and the sound wave turned the nearby wall into rock pieces, a strong aura started seeping out making Wu Yan’s shake.


The snake king’s body exploded into pieces and a green light flew up from the corpse pieces into the air, the light grew more and more radiant making the trio squint their eyes to protect from its brilliance.

A ginormous snake head creeped out from the light and roared at the startled trio on the ground!

The roar shattered the ground!

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