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3 hours!

That’s the time limit of Resplendent Breath’s effect.

And at this point , 1 hour has already pa.s.sed since the 3 hours….

The two cool looking girl has now lost their poise. In the duration of this 1 hour, their clothes has been riddled with holes and their face were covered with blood. Unquestionably injuries started to occur, even Mikoto had some minor wounds under the relentless a.s.sault…

The silver lining is that the strong ones has been given focused to during the early stages of this fight. They’re also even more luckier for not meeting any level 40+ during this exchange. At most they 10 level 40s mob, but they were promptly killed by Mikoto before they could do some real damage.

After the effects ran out, the youkai army has been reduced to a mob with few level 30s running around. And it was also because she was looking out for Hinagiku that these small fries could injure her.

Wu Yan’s rejoicing over the fact that after he used up all his Senzu Beans and thus his protection, Mikoto killed the vast majority of youkais netting him tons of experience points making his level increased by a few levels and along with it an increase in power and full status recovery. Otherwise he might have died during the bout.

A completely unfair battle ended after a continuous 4 hours of armed conflict, and the curtains fell…

Putting down the last youkai with a lightning bolt the trio heaved and maintained their offensive stance as they observed their surrounding with monster bodies scattered all around them. Needless to say they were astounded by this.

After G.o.d knows how long, they returned from their stupor…

Hinagiku and Mikoto confirmed their surrounding once more only to register the same image of various limbs scattered about along with blood of various colors. With a ‘wa’ they squatted and barfed like no tomorrow.

He’s slightly better thought his face is abnormally pale. This kind of h.e.l.lish spectacle disgusted him as well. It’s like there’re bugs crawling around inside him, holding in the urge to throw up he patted the two’s back to try and get them to feel better.


With tears in the corner of her eyes and face pallid as him, after confirming his existence she threw herself into his embrace in search of some warmth, she held onto him without lifting her head.

“It’s alright, it’s behin dus now…”

He can clearly feel her trembling inside his hug, holding her he patted her back while comforting her with light tone.

Suddenly he felt his s.h.i.+rt being pulled, and when he turned to the source he saw Mikoto s.h.i.+vering with a pasty face. She looked like a girl skittish at the sight of her mother going out the door, her face is for the lack of better words, terrible.

Briefly stunned, he drew her into his embrace as well, tightly holding onto the two he comforted them as well as coaxing himself.

Before these the two girls are but mere students, even Wu Yan who dwelled in the giant beast forest for quite some time was appalled at this scene much less them.

What’s more what caused this scene is no one but themselves…

During the heat of the battle they didn’t have much margin to care or ponder about the things they’ve done. Once the battle is over however, the blood on their hands reminded them about the atrocity that they wrought, bringing them to the edge of psychological collapse.

On this broad field, in the center of a mountain of corpse one dude and 2 girls hugged making the scene strangely heart wrenching…

Some half a day later, he felt the two started to calm down, looking down he saw that they were already asleep albeit their sleeping faces were stained with blood.

Only now did he realize something….

somehow this is his fault right? If he were not here then this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen, whimsically waltzing inside their lives and changing it forver, making them dirty their hands with blood, this is his fault right…

Meeting them and then summoning them, doing stuff like this, is this correct?… (Tl: really? you’re considering ethical considerations just now? how about your harem plan, you’re gonna doubt yourself over the ethics of that as well?)

Shaking his head to dismiss the questions no one there could answer for him, he placed the girls on the floor and examined the loots of the day.

If not for Resplendent Breath and Senzu Beans the trio might have suffered major casualties in bringing about victory. Keeping all other constant and just taking Hinagiku as en example, he would dare not say under the zerg rush he could keep Hinagiku safe under those circ.u.mstances, Mikoto might be able to defend herself but that’s about all she could do as well.

Evidently Item points were important, and he basically drained his coffers, if some unexpected events were to occur now then he would be screwed…

Fortunately, there’s the youkai bodies. They can be sold to the system for Item points. Makes one wonder how much would one get for such a ginormous amount at hand?

Inside this mountain of corpses there’re few hundred youkai bodies of level 30s and 10 level 40s, the rest is made up of level 20s, even if their numbers were not in the thousands they’re definitely more than level 30s!

Fantasizing about the f.u.c.k ton of Item points that’s about to enter his pocket his pale face began to flush red with excitement.

What a realistic fellow (Tl: realistic as in true to oneself)…

Waving his hand, the corpses lying around on the floor all disappeared having been sold to the system!

“Ding! obtained 8’322’000 Item points!”

8 million! Holy s.h.i.t!

Looking at this small fortune of Item points he can’t help breaking a smile, if not for the fact that he experienced a gruesome killing and thus a bit dispirited he would be jumping for joy at this moment.

8’322’000 Item points, plus the 8’000 on him makes a 8’330’000 Item points, his empty stockpile instantly recovered and even increase some 10 plus times.

From this large amount of Item points one could surmise how big a scale was the youkai army, this is under a context where a level 30 wolf is worth 8’000 Item points!

(Tl: according to this, with a few a.s.sumptions, it’s safe to say it’s over 1000, to put it in realistic context, ““)

The system didn’t ask him to manually sell the bodies one by one, otherwise his hand would go limb from doing so.

The field became empty and wide once more. With all the bodies gone it looks like nothing happened, and nothing appeared, of course, had it not been the blood stained floor one couldn’t tell a battle of historical proportion went down here…

Leaning them against a wall, he lightly kissed Hinagiku’s forehead and hesitated before doing so to Mikoto as well before standing up..

Repulsed by his s.h.i.+rt dyed with different kind of blood he stripped down, even the pants as well, all of it.

He frowned when he saw that his skin had stains as well as some wounds that’s still bleeding. He didn’t feel it during the battle because of the andrenalin rush but he can feel the searing sensation now, along with the smell of iron.

Opening the menu, he bought 3 3’000 Item points potions and doped 1. In a bit he could see his wound closing up with speed that could be perceived by vision, and the speed got quicker and quicker until finally all the wound sealed up and disappeared nary a trace.

He was delighted at its effect before quickly feeding it to Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Pondering for a bit, he walked to another side and took out an aqua colored gem.

Portable hot spring: It normally exists in the form of a gem but if thrown on the ground it will quickly expand into a 5 meter in diameter hot spring, can be reclaimed and possess automatic water purifying function; 20’000 Item points.

Nodding with satisfaction he inspected the gem and threw it on the ground.

Like a rock that hits the surface of water, a ripple formed from the ground and when it expanded to a 5 meter diameter the ripple turned into a circle and inside the circle, the ground disappeared and turned into a steaming hot spring.

His eyes s.h.i.+ned at the wonder of this gadget…

Done with the preparations he smirked. His gaze turned towards the two girls in their sleep. Insidiously his smirk expanded into a sinister one.

In tip toes he walked in front of them. Nodding his head he hid his intention with sophistry and a stern face.

“Mikoto, Hinagiku, look at you poor girls, all stained in blood, you girls must be feeling terrible just like me right? No problemo, leave it to me, I will clean every nook and cranny, okay?”

Talking to himself while facing the two he quickly added.

“Oh no replies? Hmm? Are we being a little bit shy here? No problem, I understand, since you girls can’t speak for yourselves I will be answering in your stead!”

As if nothing happened he chuckled, like a sc.u.m of the lowest order he chuckled, reaching out his sinful hands, he slowly stripped the two girls, his mouth didn’t stop chanting something too small to be audible, if one were to listen closely they would hear ‘I’m digging in’ (Tl:我不客气了, roughly I will be imposing) being chanted over and over…

Poor Mikoto and Hinagiku, they just went through a horrific experience and now while they’re unconscious, they’re being unclad by a wolf.

Once he undressed them, what appeared before him were two pristine white body, the perfect almost blinded his unworthy lycan vision, not restraining himself at all he ogled them over and stood up before grabbing Hinagiku and dumped her in the water.

Moving his detestable claws all over her body his face was basically s.h.i.+ning with delight, jumping for joy inside he reached for her chest before sighing with regret.

It still needs further development… (Tl: that’s right, this guy’s thinking about ethics before but now… urgh….)

Fondling her meat buns before reluctantly letting go of them he moved onto other places and continued his conquest on this land known as ‘her boday’. Needless to say a certain extremity of his became shamelessly hard…

Staring at the rocking body inside his arm and her tightly closed eyes he sighed before bringing her up.

Oh why must I be so pure, I can’t possibly take advantage of other people’s plight… Twas the musing of a certain wolf who deprived a sleeping maiden’s clothes and touched her all over…

Buying a few clean attire, he dressed her up before putting her back in her original position. Picking up Mikoto he walked into the hot spring.

A body on par with Hinagiku, he appreciated the work of art before him and cleaned her up, he didn’t stop there, he proceeded to start another round of shampoo play (敛油大作战, any ideas for better translation?).

Groping her all over he started feeling remorse, he feels like he shouldn’t be eating the tofu of these two girls. (Tl: explained in earlier chapter, eating tofu is slang for taking advantage of situation to cup a feel or score points with opposite s.e.x, mostly in male taking advantage of female context).

It’s not conscience or anything (Tl: no s.h.i.t.), he just thought that it might be acceptable to take advantage of them like this but he’s pretty sure if he eats them when they’re asleep then the certain chance of getting pummeled into b.l.o.o.d.y mess is an outcome that can be guessed by even children.

Changing her attire as well, he plopped into the water.

Lying down in the hot water, he sobbed.

Why isn’t this cold water….

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