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Though he didn’t personally killed the ‘wall’, he’s sure that at this point it’s so dead even Shen Long can’t revive its a.s.s.

It had a large body of around 3 to 4 meters but under the inhuman attacks of Hinagiku, it had already been reduced to pieces of rocks on the floor. She still shut her eyes tightly and while yelling non stop, smashed the floor with her s.h.i.+rosakura, she looked like she had some kind of grudge with the ground.


Wu Yan and Mikoto have watched this spectacle for about 5 minutes now. They were slightly afraid of her terrified reaction but now their face are covered in cold sweat.

He feels as though if this were to go on, even if Kaichou-sama didn’t tire herself out Mikoto and him would get tired first so it’s better to stop this farce now.

“Er, Hinagiku….”

A fake smile like no other, he pointed at the crater on the floor made by her.

“The wall is already obliterated, there’s no need to keep hitting…”

Her actions stopped and she asked him with a still ‘skittish’ face and heaving up and down.

“Obliterate… obliterated… does that mean it’s dead?”

Perceiving that she still hadn’t recovered from her frenzied state he started questioning the rationality of his decision in bringing her to this place.

They have only met their first youkai and Hinagiku already has signs of going berserker mode. Extrapolating this, it’s quite conceivable that when a huge horde of youkai attacks….

Imagining the scene, his body s.h.i.+vered.

“It’s pretty dead, so please stop hitting the floor, Hinagiku….”

Obviously, against the Kaichou-sama who went berserk even a lv5 level 68 Mikoto is afraid.

“Dead… it’s dead…”

She lowered her head and looked at the floor pounded into a 1 diameter crater by her. Besides rock and debris, none of ‘wall’s’ remain could be seen.

“Haha… hahahaha…. dying from something like this, looks like youkais aren’t that scary at all….haha…”

Breathing a sigh of relief, she let go of her s.h.i.+rosakura and it scattered into thin air in the form of sakura petals. Arms akimbo she dryly laughed, the laugh clearly faker than fake.


The 2 spectator felt it might be better at this moment, not to disrupt her antics.

Deciding to just ignore her, he walked to the hole plastered up by ‘wall’. Inside the hole was a path smaller than what they have seen coming here, the path didn’t lead inside, more like it led downwards, the surface was so smooth like a slide it looks like one could reasonably slide down.

“This should be the correct path.”

She walked to his side and observed the path.

After getting to know what a youkai is, she has overcome her fear of them.

“Should be…”

Still a bit uncertain he continued.

“The concept compa.s.s points here so this should be the path to the deeper areas of the sealing barrier.”

“Then.. are we going down?”

Mikoto confirmed their next move with him.

“Aa… the real danger begins now…”

Clenching Kusanagi Sword, he feels some sort of emotions rippling within him, is it hesitation? Fear? Or perhaps excitement?…

Seeing that his eyes were swirling with complex feelings Mikoto a.s.sured him.

“Don’t worry, I’m here with you aren’t I?!”

Turning his head over to her, he kept his gaze on her until she turned red and moved her eyes away.

“Don’t… don’t misunderstand me, I’m just looking out for myself, that’sright, for myself, because if you die, I die.”

He chuckled at her reaction and this made her blush even redder. Before she could continue her tsundere shenanigans he interjected with a formal tone.

“Nn, thank you, Mikoto!”

Stunned she quickly turned her head with a hmph and stayed quiet.

“Me too! I can also be of a.s.sistance!”

A bit upset, her eyes carried within it a little bit of jealousy, she was out of tune just now but she still saw the two flirting with each other. She didn’t stare at Mikoto, but she gave him the evil eyes, as if he’s the biggest playboy in town. (Tl: Oh you poor girl, this is a harem series.)

Rubbing his cheeks he tried lowering his tone and utter a few wry smile, her unamused face became even more agitated.

Better change the subject quick…

As he thought so he turned his head over to the entrance.

“Alright, let’s go!”

He jumped straight in and slid down.

“Let’s go down as well, Hinagiku!”

After saying that she jumped as well leaving Hinagiku at the entrance, watching the two go down she looked at her desolate surroundings before hastily making her way down as well.

The path isn’t that long, in a jiffy he saw the exit of this slide and as he slid down, he felt disharmonized by the sensation coming from under him. He looked down and found himself stranded in mid air, from the ground up, he’s at a height of 10 meter!

He is quite surprised at finding himself in midair all of a sudden, adjusting his balance he landed firmly on the ground.


A shriek came from overhead and a lifeform called ‘Misaka Mikoto’ dropped down on him, skirt fluttering, safety shorts in clear view, he’s momentarily stunned before quickly opening his arms to catch her.

“My word, how can you fall down like this? I thought you could use your electromagnetic powers to stick yourself to the walls or something?”

He retorted at her.

In a she found herself turning rosy.

“I…I… I didn’t get to react in time that’s all..”

So amateurish… This is the consequences of having no real battle experience…

She’s a lv5 but because she didn’t have any practical experiences coupled with the fact that her so called battles aren’t battles at all, those were merely spars, so she couldn’t maintain a proper mentality to react quickly to sudden change in events, something like this?…

Wait! If Mikoto fell, that would mean…


Hinagiku’s squeal came, petrifying the ‘cheating’ duo (Tl: 让’有奸情’的两人同时一惊, ; can also subst.i.tute cheating for adultering but that sounds too intense), putting her down he catched Hinagiku and gave her a dead fish’s eyes.

Not sure if it’s a punishment or pleasure….

Putting down Hinagiku who’s still in shock, he picked up Kusanagi Sword he threw helplessly on the ground before and looked at the two girl.

“Please, be a little bit more vigilant will ya? If I weren’t here to catch you girls, falling from 10 meters, you think you won’t die is it…”

Under his gaze mixed with powerlessness and ridicule the two lowered their heads reminiscence of a chanticleer. They quickly raised their heads once more and rejoinder with much protest.

“Oh what’s the big deal, I just didn’t get to react in time that’s all, I can totally do it next time…”

by Mikoto. (Tl: italics “by” because it’s written as is in raw)

“That’s right that’s right, a bit slow to react that’s all, taking advantage of someone else and you still have the nerves to preach us!”

by Hinagiku.

These two d.a.m.n tsunderes, but me gusta mucho…

Suddenly, a gale blew and the 3 were startled.

Responding to it, he grabbed Hinagiku and Mikoto before quickly s.h.i.+fting to one side. An afterimage rushed past their previous point and stopped there.

“What’s that thing!”

Still in his arms, yelped and he looked over there to see a werewolf esque monster standing there, its green pupils concentrating on them. Drooling incessantly, like they’re just a big buffet to it.

Great Wolf Monster (Tl:大狼妖) : (level 30)

He tensed up at the sight of the monster, level 30, in Saginomiya’s house the only one that could rival something like this would be Isumi, and now just a random wolf monster is already on level 30, no wonder the recon party got wiped one after another.

“Is… is this a werewolf?”Lying on his chest, she was too preoccupied with the werewolf to blush.

“Youkais are a bunch of fantastic oddities aren’t they, it was a wall just now and now a werewolf (Tl: lit wolf person but same thing anyway)…”

Mikoto started throwing tsukkomis out of nowhere, for goodness sake now’s not the time to tsukkomi? Maa… for you, this wolf might as well be a fodder.

“You, or me?!”

With an ecstatic face she turned to him.

For this aggresive girl, fighting is a very stimulating thing. Because she was afraid of youkais before she didn’t get to exhibit this side of her.

“Let me go against it, this wolf monster is not worth dirtying your hands for!”

Putting down Hinagiku he flashed his sword facing the Great Wolf Monster.

He would get the same amount of experience points if he did let her make chimif.u.c.kingchangas out of the wolf, but he could handle something like this as well, to pa.s.s it on to others, he doesn’t think this is what a person striving to become stronger should do.


As he charged at the foe, it let out a great howl before putting its limbs to the floor and das.h.i.+ng at him as well. Making after images on its way there, his narrowing pupils saw a claw swiping down at him.

Barely responding to it, he blocked the claw with his sword. A large amount of force transferred from the sword, sending him flying out. Regaining control of his body, he pressed a palm agains the floor and using it as an anchor, he pulled with great strength bouncing straight at Great Wolf Monster. He stabbed his sword straight towards its eye.


He felt the sword hit something hard, turns out the wolf used its claw to guard against the blade. It is now grabbing the blade in its hand.

Showing a stern face, he twisted his blade and an intense friction occured between its claw, making a lot of sparks fly.


Howling in pain, it let go of the sword and he tightened his grip on the sword once more before sending the monster flying outwards with a kick.

“Incredible.. Yan…”

Hinagiku muttered with anxious expression as she watched this unfold.

“None too shabby, if there’s every a time, I would like to spar with him!”

One wonders what kind of face he would make if he knew he was locked-on by railgun.

p.i.s.sed at being kicked, its green eyes went bloodshot and it frantically howled at him. Turning into after images again, it appeared in fron tof him and lashed out with its claws.

Blocking it with his sword he steadied his body that was almost sent flying and clenched his teeth.

Strong power, fast speed, if not for its relatively slower reflex, he would have lost…

The veins on his arm popped hinting that he is mustering up 120% of his energy. He might have stopped the momentum somewhat but because his strength pales in comparison to the Great Wolf Monster hsi body is getting pushed back, drawing two lines in the ground.

Grasping the sword tighter, he placed more strength into his body and stopped his body. Lifting his face, he saw a malevolent face of the Great Wolf Monster whose saliva almost touched him, he responded in kind with an icy stare.

At a disadvantage in terms of strength and speed, battle of attrition would do him no good, if that’s so then might as well finish it in one fell swoop!

A white glow surrounded his blade, and the atmosphere around it began to surge, grinning he yelled.

“Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz!!!”

The light halo turned into a circular arc and the atmosphere a sharp edge, the circular arc hit the wolf squarely making a big rumble…

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