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Tl: it seems according to , 刷副本 carries a similar but not exactly the meaning of farming, it means something like repeatedly farming the same dungeon where one party is barred from exit until clearing said transcript dungeon, transcript was used because other teams of players could still enter the same dungeon except they won’t see or be able to interact with each other, basically copies of same dungeon. This sounds awfully similar to how Wu Yan is barred from exiting until he finishes his missions and how these worlds are perfect copies rather than same as original world, perhaps that is why it’s called transcript world. And here I was thinking it was just a silly way to call multiple worlds, looks like the joke’s on me.

Wu Yan’s expectation was half right and half wrong…

He hit a spot on with the two shoujo being able to get along really good. So good in fact that after the introduction, he was cast aside like a curbside trash. The two talked and laughed as they took over his bed. During bedtime, the two even went so sleep in the same room. What seemed like closer than close sisters to outsider, to him seemed more like a sign of impending yuri…

What’s different from his expectation is that the reason this two bonded was not because they shared the same moe points but because their cups were the same, he was outraged at this outcome.

Nevertheless because summoning Mikoto cost him 70’000 Summoning points right now he only has 11’000 Summoning points left. There’s other more affordable shoujos in the menu but since he’s decided on his next summon, he could only buckle down and pinch his pennies.

The 70’000 Summoning points was worth it, at the start he was distracted by meeting her for the first time that he didn’t notice her level, when he did however….


Misaka Mikoto















This unit status appeared post summon inside his status section of the system just below his own status.

When he saw the unit status and its corresponding level he stared at the unit status for half a day in clicking post.

level 68! tier 7!

Or rather, as expected of someone of position in a world where magic and psychic power runs rampant. She’s not at the top of the rank in terms of high battle prowess but as one of the 7 lv5 in magical index her abilities are just runner up to top powers!

One should know before this the highest level he has seen is Fei Fei’s at level 60.

And now it changed to Mikoto.

He doesn’t know how long it would take for them to locate jewel of heavenly palace in this sealing barrier excursion but safety is more or less guaranteed!


In an area way south, there’s a certain cliff…

How tall is this precipice? No one knows for sure and n.o.body dared try to find out. In this desolate place, normally n.o.body would think of coming here but now on this day, on top of this cliff a helicopter came.

The helicopter vertically descended the cliff and brought with it intense howling winds, it landed upon a stone platform inconspicuous to human observation on the side of the cliff.

As the engine was turned off, the helicopter door was opened by a pair of hands and 5 people walked down, 1 male, 3 female and a pilot.

Saginomiya clan’s sealing barrier isn’t located at their land but along the edges of this cliff. in order to prevent wanderer from inadvertently coming into contact with the barrier and causing irreversible damage the Saginomiyas then used a great amount of resources to open up the barrier here.

Since the untimely event with the Saginomiya clan leader, this place has been completely made a forbidden area. And because it’s a cliff, n.o.body comes to a place like this and thus this place has not since a human for hundreds of years.

n.o.body visited the top of this cliff before what’s to say of its even more isolated cliff edge.

“Here’s the entrance to the barrier?”

Lifting his head, he looked at the giant cave on the side of the cliff. Inside it, unless one comes closer one really can’t see the faint bioluminescence inside.

“Indeed, inside this cave and around the ceiling is the barrier set down by our ancestors, each and every captured monster will be thrown inside this cave for sealing purposes.”

She casually replied to him while moving her gaze over to Mikoto.

Appearing out of nowhere, this girl wishes to follow him into the barrier to look for jewel of heavenly palace, how can she not be elated. What’s more given how this trip is so dangerous, it’s impossible for Wu Yan not to be aware of it. And he’s not opposed to the idea of her entering as well, he doesn’t look like someone who would let a girl go die inside the cave to her.

So there can only be one logical deduction, this girl, must be strong!”

Not sure who would be more excellent when compared to Isumi.

Due to her looking not that different from age point of view from her daughter and she also has a bit of mysterious power to her as well she can’t help comparing Mikoto to Isumi.

What she doesn’t know (Tl: probably error in raw where he was used instead of she, it wouldn’t make sense for Wu Yan not to know Isumi or Mikoto’s background). This comparison is like comparing apples to oranges, the two came literally from two different worlds, speaking about talents then one is born with spiritual power rivaling older generations at a young age, the other was born a lv5 esper, talent wise the two wasn’t that different.

However, being from different worlds, their developments are completely different, hence making their strength completely different as well, Hayate the combat butler has a low mysticism rating while magical index has magic, espers, angels, saints, among the worlds he is aware of it definitely has one of the top rankings in terms of mysticism (Tl: mysteriousness if you prefer), completely beyond comparison with Hayate’s world.

Their mysteriousness is simply worlds apart!

On one hand we have Mikoto who’s raised in a world with high mysteriousness on another we have a lower mysticism world where Isumi grew up in, of course Mikoto’s gonna be stronger than Isumi!

His gaze is fixed on the cave entrance before him, besides those blinking fluorescence it looked like nothing’s different from what one expect a cave to be. But from the sound of system notifications that warned him, he almost fainted from the sound.

This sound is very nostalgic, it’s the system’s warning for whenever the chances of winning is less than 10%. The same warning was issued when he fought against the level 10 wind snake in his level 0 advent.

This warning is also drilled into his head the most when he was fighting in giant beast forest. Under its guidance, he was able to avoid countless insurmountable risk.

And now the system’s warning rang once more, not once but at least tens of times, which is to say inside this cave there’s at least 10 foes he stands a 10% chance against!

And the real tragedy is that he can’t avoid them, he’s in it for the long run…

No doubt if Mikoto helped out it would be a cinch, but that’s under the pretext his pride would let him…

He turned around to face his group.

“Well then, Madam Saginomiya, we will be heading in now!”

With a stern face she looked away from Mikoto and took out the tattered charm from her chest and pa.s.sed it over to him.

“Tread carefully, we only brought enough food to camp out here for one week, if you guys didn’t come out after that one week…”

“Then you don’t have to wait on us anymore!”

Laughing it off he received the tattered charm and confirmed with Mikoto.

“Mikoto, you ready?”


Poking a certain lump of stardust clinging to her feebly she helplessly shook her head.

“Maybe just awhile longer…”

“…..I already said you don’t have to come, but no… you insist.”

The lump of stardust exchanged look with him before he rebuked the sack of potatoes.

Perhaps jolted awake by Mikoto’s action or aroused by him, Sasha Blouse favorite sack of things mustered up the strength to stand and though Hinagiku’s still greenish, lips devoid of blood, and unfocused eyes it stood up in a pitiful kind of manner.

“I already said… I’m coming…. don’t even think about leaving me behind….”

Stammering with her lips and finding them too rigid to move she gave up defending herself and just focused all her strength on supporting her body while she placed one of her hands on Mikoto.

“Acrophobic and yet you insist on following us, is this not purposefully hurting oneself?”

Bitterly laughing at the still stubborn Hinagiku, typical of Kaichou-sama.

“Ahaha…. it’s not that.. big a deal… let’s… depart…”

Her eyelids are almost closing up and she still found the strength to finish what she planned to say. It looks like there’s no point in trying to get her to quit.

Isumi’s mother didn’t even raise her eyebros at her, if anything, she looks amused with how pitiful looking she is, judging by that light smile of hers.

“That is enough.. let’s… go.. hurry…”

a.s.sisted by Mikoto so she doesn’t fall to the ground she said while walking towards the cave entrance, away from the side of the cliff, which is still a high place….

Sighing he raised the charms in his hand towards the cave entrance. The fluorescent lights began to brighten up gradually and ripples formed around the charm. As the ripples and the light met, the wall of light beaming out of the cave entrance had a rift in it when it met the ripples almost like it’s pierced through, until the rift became wide enough for a single person to pa.s.s through, only then did the ripples stop.

Pleased with this display he stored away the charm before urging Mikoto to continue.

“Let’s go, Mikoto, I will be troubling you to take care of Hinagiku.”“I still can…”

Her groaning voice is promptly ignored by the duo as they headed inside, waving goodbye to Hatsuho, the group made up of 2 person and a meat sack went inside the cave.

“Be careful now…”

In response to her anxious shout is another hand wave without turning back.

The rift in the fluorescent lights slowly closed up after they made their entry, the light also dimmed down as well, to their preexisting state before entry.

The cave entrance was ginarmous and the inside is even more giagantic, as they made their way deeper into the cave the tunnels began to widen more and more until after a while, the cave walls to their side has a distance of 50 meters from each other.

Besides the sound of their footsteps there was no other voice inside the wide tunnel.

“Didn’t you they were a lot of monsters? Why don’t I see anyone of them?”

Turning his head over to her, he saw a poised Mikoto but what he took notice of is not her face but the sweat slowly dripping down her forehead.

He is also wondering, according to Hatsuho there should be a big horde of monsters from countless decades of acc.u.mulation and yet they have walked for close to 10 minutes without seeing so much as a shadow of another being, much less a monster. But this got him in the mood for shoujo teasing time.

Curling his lip like kappa he called out Mikoto who’s obviously trying to act calm.

“if you’re afraid just says so, don’t worry Mikoto, I definitely won’t mock you.”

Clamping her lips she stopped and leered at the p.r.i.c.k.

“I’m… I’m not afraid, I wish they would come out so I can fry their monster a.s.s into charcoals!”

As if to prove herself, electrical sparks flashed atop her head and lightning arc began to surround her, lighting up the dim pa.s.sage.

Alas, she forgot something important, there is still someone on her shoulder…


Hinagiku who was leaning on her got a zap, the languid her instantly jolted up onto her own feet.

“Ah… so.. sorry, Hinagiku are you alright?”

She let her go with a laugh while slightly heaving.

“No problem, or should I say thanks your electric shock I’m feeling much better…”


Dryly she laughed as well.


Choosing to feign blindness, he walked straight on, before being followed closely by Hinagiku and Mikoto. The duo’s held onto each other’s hand with much rapport.

Note to self, Kaichou-sama is also afraid of monsters…

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