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Consciousness diving into the system Wu Yan quickly found the thing he’s looking for. With a sigh of relieve he quickly understood why the M1 gives so little reward, this mission isn’t that hard in the first place….

He grinned at Hinagiku.

“Hmmhmm, I’m going to enter this academy, even if Hakuo academy, but I should be able to do it.”

She frowned at his statement and turned grim.

“Don’t look down on Hakuo Academy’s entrance exam, if you want to enter you must score at least 65 marks, only then do you qualify for this academy, are you sure you want to enter?”

“Nn, d.a.m.n right I am sure!”

To h.e.l.l with sure, he’s absolutely positively sure. Relying on himself, even 10 marks is out of the question, but there’s the system….

Looking at his c.o.c.ksure att.i.tude, she began to have qualms, could this dude really be that incredible? He doesn’t look like an intellectual, and he even has a sword, he looks more like a delinquent really.

“Since you’re so sure, let me bring you to the responsible teacher, and let them process your entrance exam shall we?”

Certainly she looks very serious, but she’s a sweet little girl inside, she would do anything to help, even if it’s someone she just met….

“Hold up…”

He stopped her.

“I think it would be better I need to wait a bit before sitting for the entrance exam.”


She felt bewildered at him, if you had affairs to finish why didn’t you finish them before you came.

“It’s alright, if you have any urgent matters to attend to, please by all means attend tot hem, the entrance exam could be taken anytime. Because people don’t really come to apply often, it isn’t rare for there to be none at all for a whole year. So basically you have all the time in the world to prepare.”

“Well, I wouldn’t need that long, roughly an hour should do. But I do have a few matters I would like your help with.”

Rubbing his nose, he can pretty much imagine if he voiced out his request, what kind of look would he elicit from her.

She just gave him a dry laugh.

“What do you need my help with? Don’t feel reserved, I am still the student council president of this school.”

Yea Yea, I already know you’re Kaichou sama, and that’s when you’re ‘born’, I don’t need you to remind me….

Retorting he just awkwardly responded to her.

“Could, could you please lend some books to me for a bit?…”

She looks slightly shocked but unexpectedly, her face didn’t show any surprised expression only an understanding smile.

“Actually, if you’re not that confident, you can go home and revise for a few more days, you don’t need to panic over it.”

G.o.d d.a.m.n it, she thought he was going to do some last minute revisions…

“No need, just lend them to me for an hour would do. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have any books to study even if I did go home and revise.”

He explained helplessly to her.

“No books!”

She looked at him aghast as if she had seen a prehistoric dinosaur. He promptly overlooked her reaction because he knew it would turn out like this.

She began to question him when she sees that he doesn’t seem to be joking.

“You don’t have books, so to say you haven’t read it before? If you hadn’t read before, how are you going to sit for the exam!”

“Maa, due to various reason thus…”

“Are you looking down on Hakuo’s entrance exam?”

Now she’s not amused with him. This is a prestigious school, the entry standards are pretty high, just from the 65 marks requirement one can see that for themselves.

And right now, someone who’s never read books, claims ‘arrogantly’ that he can pa.s.s the exam with just one hour of studying. If this is not a child’s prank, then it’s clearly looking down on Hakuo.

As Hakuo’s student council president, she’s already pretty magnanimous to not get angry at someone who looks down on Hakuo.

Looking at Hinagiku who’s getting angry, he had s.h.i.+vers down his spine, no mortal could reasonably defend themselves against the wrathful Katsura Hinagiku. But this had to be done, without the books he really wouldn’t know where to start, nevermind the entrance exam.

“Gu… You’re misunderstanding, I am not looking down on Hakuo, otherwise I wouldn’t have even come to apply for entry. I have the confidence to do what I claimed.”

He can only put it that way.

“Confidence? So you’re saying, you can pa.s.s the test with one hour study time without ever touching a book before?”

She wants to laugh at the jester, but that wouldn’t be nice so she just pursed her lips while squinting at him.

This is disdain isn’t it?! She’s definitely looking down on me! She is, isn’t she?!

Much as he wanted to retort, the only one getting hurt would be him so he just powerlessly nodded his head.


She was indignant at him.

“Are you joking with me?”

Sighing inside he admitted that it was foolish of him to think it would be easy to enroll. With such a doorkeeper, shouldn’t the system have given a more generous award?

Thinking it over, he had a eureka moment he smirked her.

“It looks like you don’t believe I can do it.”


She didn’t even hesitate, this left him twitching his lips.

Harrumphing he lifted his finger.

“Well then, why don’t we make a bet?”

“A bet?”

She looked puzzled at him

“What are we betting on?”

“A bet on whether I can pa.s.s the exam after one hour. How about it?”

She raised her eyebrow looking at the him who’s br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. She started to waver.

Could it be? He really is a genius and can pa.s.s the exam with one hour study time?

“You really haven’t read any before coming here?”

She’s asked indecisively.

“Nothing but the whole truth!”

He never read books before. Even during his formal exams, he had only crammed for one or two months. Normally he doesn’t even touch books. Never mind reading j.a.panese books, if not for the system, he wouldn’t even understand what was written on said book. It’s not like he knows j.a.panese anyway, oh but he can understand a line or two… for instance yamete and whatnot…

You get the gist.

Looking at her who’s still deciding whether to take him on, he can’t help but tease her with a bit of sarcasm.

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid?”

“Wh- Who’s afraid! Fine, you’re on!”

n.o.body can get her to go back on her words once she’s in this state of compet.i.tiveness, not even a cow could drag her back now. The Wu Yan who is familiar with the aspects of 2d, how can he not leverage this?…

“Say it, what’s the stake!”

Looking at her with her resolute face, he inside his heart, on the surface however…. fine, he’s sn.i.g.g.e.ring as well.

“I don’t know as well, but let’s do it like this, whoever loses, has to grant the winner’s condition, how about it?”

His shameless thoughts finally revealed themselves. But the person in question still thinks he’s pure as a saint.

“Good! It’s settled!”

And so, Kaichou sama jumped unhesitatingly into a pitfall so deep she wouldn’t be coming out of it in her whole life…


Inside the student council office, in Hinagiku’s original seat, was a certain uninvited guest. Sitting there like he owns the joint, she’s not a happy camper, but what can she do? It was her who brought him here, and it was her who said ‘Sit anywhere you like’.

“Here ya go, that’s all the study materials.”

Placing the last of the books in front of him, she stood arms akimbo. She decided to watch over this guy for the next 1 hour to prevent him from pulling any sleight of the hands.

Looking at those books who’s thickness lost only by a slight margin to Cihai (TL: to be fair a majority of the words in there one wouldn’t encounter normally in everyday conversations, an a.n.a.logy would be how we have a lot words meaning the same thing but we only use one or two of them). He can’t help but twitch his brows.

One really can’t blame Hayate for cramming like a nerd for the test. This test doesn’t seem to be designed for the average person, it’s even more perverse than Chinese styled education. If he didn’t have the system as an ace up the sleeve, he wouldn’t make it out of this transcript forever would he….

Katsura Hinagiku: (lv18)

Looking over her information, he can’t help but gasp. They really are sisters, both are normal humans, yet one is lv15 and the other is lv18. At tier 2, if they were brought to Silvaria, they would be considered rare monsters wouldn’t they. (TL: to clear up confusion, basically silvaria inhabitants had to train to reach tier 2, and this 2 seemed to have here without doing anything special so they’re rare in this sense not because of their strength themselves).

Her strength is understandable to him. In the original work, she’s someone who could end a demon with a sword by herself. He’s shocked, but not that surprised.

He opened the menu list. Even though he did this in front of her, because no one but him can see it and he’s not using his hand but his mind to handle the list, it’s not a big deal. One could say he’s ‘fairly’ using haxx (TL: 开挂, hacking/cheating/anything unfair).

Opening ‘abilities’>’skill type’ his eyes stop at one of the ability after searching the list for awhile.

Impeccable memory (TL: lit complete/entire memory): Memorise everything in field of vision within an instant; 10000 Ap.

Confirming the choice he felt his head becoming lighter, every vague things he thought he had forgotten became clear as if he was looking at an alb.u.m, flipping through it one by one, the pictures.being stored deeply inside of his brain.

His memories clearer than ever, he browsed his archives once more. His face contorted in conflict.

Each vague memory of when he was small came back, he discovered that he really did a lot of stupidly embarra.s.sing s.h.i.t when he was small.

“Why are you not reading? Giving up?”

She quipped after seeing him not hitting the books and putting on a queer face.

“Nn, I’m going to start now.”

With impeccable memory, he had this test in his bags, picking a book up, he glanced at it 10 lines at a time, everything he sees becomes stored inside his brain. It didn’t take long before he finished a book.

“Hey, you call this reading? Could you really remember the text by doing it like this?”

It has only been 5 minutes and he already finished a thick book like that. If you’re telling her that he really remembered the content, she wouldn’t believe it even if she died.

Too bad, little girl, your opponent is not on the dimension, what can one say, you’re too shallow…

“Just wait an see.”

He smirked at her, and then he went back to reading.

Why didn’t he find studying to be so easy back then?

This is what he shamelessly thought when he had already cheated by using points and getting an ability….

She just gave him cold shoulder and turned her head to the side…

Inside the student council office, there was only the sound of pages being flipped through quickly. After a while, she finally broke the silence.

“That’s right, I haven’t heard your name.”

Stopping his movements, he felt tears coursing down his heart. Because he himself forgot to introduce himself…

“I am Wu Yan!”

“Wu Yan? what a strange name, is that your family name or first name?…”(TL: chinese normally have only one character as surname and two as their first name while j.a.panese normally have 2 kanji as surname and 2 as first name, note that it’s ‘normally’, there can be special cases)

She just touched her cheek at his response.

“Er, it is my full name, if it’s my surname I guess it would be Wu.”

Awkwardly scratching the back of his head he can only fudge it.

“Your surname’s Wu? What an odd surname, it’s only one character.”

“Chinese are like that, only a single character surname, very rare to see one with two characters.”

“You’re chinese?”

Thrown off by this revealing, she really hadn’t thought she was talking to a foreigner.

“I’m chinese!”

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