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Slack jawed.

No better words could describe what Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto looked like at this moment. Only Lirin who couldn’t understand what’s going on and Ikaros are still looking muddled.

The images were blurry, to the extent that they can’t get a clear picture of the protagonist inside it. The film didn’t have any sound either that’s why they can only fill in the gaps.

The jist they got from it is enough to render anyone in a shocked state…

If this short film is indeed a true chronicle then…

The 3 didn’t dare to continue their train of thoughts.

The light screen turned into a ray of light and went back inside the crystal ball but the 3 haven’t recovered yet.

“Sis Hinagiku, what happened?…”

Lirin called them back from their stupor but they didn’t respond to Lirin as they exchanged glances. Their thoughts are mutual, that is how unbelievable this thing is!

After some time, Wu Yan emitted a bitter laugh before rubbing the 3 rings on his fingers.

“If what we have seen were true then this treasure, their root might have been epic…”

“Haha, we have just been here for a few days and we have already stumbled onto such a treasure. Not to mention this film that was recorded G.o.d knows how many years ago, it seems we are destined to be the main characters…”

He might be smiling as he said this but he’s not fooling anyone with that forced expression of him. He’s still pretty surprised deep inside.

Understandable since they just obtained an ancient secret…

It’s at this moment that Wu Yan realized how the 3 rings might really contain what the boxes say they do. And, this might be a big bad luck charm for them!

Wu Yan has an idea what the film was trying to convey along with the messages on the boxes…

What ancient secrets the rings hold…

“Absolutely n.o.body can know about the rings and their origins!”

He polished the rings and unconsciously voiced his thoughts out in an unquestionable conviction.

But, Hinagiku and Mikoto only nodded in a grim manner, agreeing with what he said.

“Yan, why don’t you store away the rings?”

Hinagiku is merely pointing out the obvious possibility that someone might recognise the 3 rings. However, Wu Yan grinned while shaking his head.

“Ignoring how the events in the film is of an unknown period but first of all, I am not even sure if there’s anyone around that knows the purpose of these 3 rings. Furthermore, the rings are adorned in a plain fas.h.i.+on so I highly doubt if anyone would take a closer look at them…”

Even so, I might need them to confirm another thing…

He didn’t point out this last sentence of his…

Pondering for a bit more, he took off the black power ring and golden ‘fortune’ rings leaving only the white ‘authority’ ring on his finger.

“Maa, it might be better to be a bit more prudent, one ring should do.”

Puzzled, Mikoto and Hinagiku glanced at Wu Yan. Even if they are familiar with how he ticks, they still can’t figure out what he’s thinking. Soon, the two didn’t think much of it and turned their heads.

The two girls are sure his actions are backed up by his reason. Such is the trust they have in him!

Storing the rings away, that settled their objectives here. He breathed a relaxed sigh before turning to look at the boxes and crystal ball on the table.

“Alright, let’s head back, I don’t want to stay in this place any longer!”

Mikoto said while ma.s.saging her shoulders. Somehow, although this trip was shorter than the one back in the youkai cave, she felt that this round was more exhausting than the one before.

Hinagiku nodded to her statement. Seeing as the two girls want to go back already and there was no longer any reason for staying here, Wu Yan nodded as well.

“Let’s go…”

Hinagiku grabbed Lirin while Mikoto led Ikaros and they walked out of the stone room. Wu Yan glanced over the three boxes grave manner before lowering his head in contemplation.

When he lifted his head, he steeled his gaze and materialized Nietono no Shana before slowly drawing it out…

“The 3 boxes and crystal ball probably shouldn’t be left behind..”

With a swing, a resplendent sword beam was released and it flew towards the 3 boxes and crystal ball on the stone table. The objects mentioned were destroyed while leaving the stone table unharmed through unknown manipulation.

“Mission accomplished!”

Brandis.h.i.+ng it, he sheathed the sword before catching up with Hinagiku and Mikoto…


Standing at the teleportation stone, Wu Yan & company looked around the vacant place before falling into silence.

“So, how do we get out?”

Hinagiku voiced out what everyone was thinking…

They came here with the treasure hunting group and rode on the airs.h.i.+p provided by the auction firm people as well as being led by them…

h.e.l.l, let’s not talk about needing a guide, even when they are down there they still had to wait for other people to lead the way…

Now they’re stumped on how to return…

The auction firm’s airs.h.i.+p is still here but, ignoring the fact that it’s questionable whether anyone of them knew how to operate the thing, they don’t even know the direction in which they should fly in…

Wu Yan has an amusing expression on his face. All the calculation he has done and he hadn’t accounted for how to find the way back…

Mikoto sighed before looking at him and said in an indistinct manner.

“Say, Yan, you think we should go and fly the airs.h.i.+p?”

“We could if we knew how to operate one…”

He said in an awkward manner.

Hinagiku wryly laughed before focusing her gaze on him.

“Yan, why not buy an ability that allows you to fly an airs.h.i.+p…”

He stayed silent and kept his gaze on her until she turned her head to the side with a tinge of red blush before he forced a laugh.

“If I had the points, why not just exchange a more useful ability, I don’t even know how many times I would be flying an airs.h.i.+p in this lifetime…”

Even if this act wasn’t wasteful and that he had the points to buy whatever the h.e.l.l he wants he still wouldn’t fly an airs.h.i.+p back home. Everyone died in this treasure hunting trip, if only they made it back then it would definitely arouse the suspicion of many.

If they went back in a low key manner then that would be better since they didn’t particularly stand out like a drop of water in an ocean mixed into a large crowd of people where n.o.body particular took note of their presence.

What if they were to fly an airs.h.i.+p back?

The scenario would probably be something like this: Being noticed, investigated, found and then ganged up on…

“Well if you’re so smart why don’t you give a suggestion?!”

How are they going to get back otherwise? This is some G.o.d forsaken place with no legend on this map…

He cried when he heard her and took out a crystal made scroll, the escape scroll from before. He continued in a helpless manner.

“Looks like we have no choice but to use this…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto looked like they suddenly remembered something and hammer their palm before taking out their scroll while awkwardly giggling.

“We almost forgot about this…”

He rolled his eyes at them when he saw their ‘we’re saved’ face while cursing inside.

That’s the tool he bought for life insurance, to escape in dire times. And now, they have to use it to go home…

What can he say but feel like somebody gave him the short end of the stick.

Town return scroll: Transfers the user back to a previous determined coordinate, the coordinates are decided by the user before use. One time item; Item points 10’000.

That’s right, a scroll of return!

Every game have them!

This is Wu Yan’s fail-safe, the one he bought before. This item is really good for escape and to protect their lives. If there is any danger, just use this and they would be sent back to their designated coordinates. What else could guarantee their safety and escape route any better than these?

He bought the scrolls before heading out and gave everyone one each. They set the supply town as the return coordinate. In this manner, should any danger arise they can immediately return to the small supply town!

He figured they might need to use this item as a way of escaping danger and that after finding the treasure they wouldn’t need to use them. But surprise surprise, they finally used it. As a way of cutting short their journey home!

What can be anymore sad and pathetic than this?

Thinking up to this point, he felt so dejected he didn’t have the strength to tear up the scroll…

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