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As part of the glorious party of trasnportees, and an avid reader of countless transport themed stories, Wu Yan understands a fundamental principle.

Being transported is a good thing because after that you’re the MC. As the MC, one must have the power to back it up otherwise one can only be part of the mob fodders.

It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s soul tansport, transport amidst chaos (Tl: not sure about this 乱穿), transport by reincarnation, full body transport, a.n.a.l transport, whatever-the-h.e.l.l transport. What’s important is that one must have power and only then will he cool as f.u.c.k!

Given of course, except for some special caes…

Being a transportee in a world governed by the rule of might makes right, quite obviously this isn’t one of those exception and one must have the power!

Yes, Wu Yan can just bide his time and gather up Summoning points before summoning a super kicka.s.s team of shoujos to support him and have them dominate the world for him while he sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

But there are various issue with that choice, first whether or not one could ama.s.s the necessary Summoning points is one thing, another is whether or not his male honor can remain unscathed as he sponge off them. He can’t!

Be it fortune or authority, their temptation can’t be compared to that of what power can bring him…

Emphasis on the word temptation. Wu Yan won’t just pursue power blindly, if that box is a trap then whether or not its promise of power is true, he will strike it down without remorse.

Besides Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto also focused on the ‘power’ box after a quick glance through the 3 boxes.

It goes without saying that Mikoto would prefer power over money or authority even though she didn’t particularly gave much attention to power before. She has an att.i.tude that won’t tolerate losing to anyone and she’s a Lv5 esper that would go a fight with people.

With a new objective of saving the sisters, the new Mikoto isn’t like the one before. She now has a reason to get stronger. After all, how would one save the sisters if they don’t possess the necessary strength to do so?

As for Hinagiku, her reason is pretty much the same so she also favors power more than fortune or authority.

The 3 set their sights on the box of power. Meanwhile, Ikaros is just standing there in a daze. Probably nothing much can catch her attention beside watermelons…

Lirin? After being let down by the fact that there seems to be no real treasure here she’s being entranced by the s.h.i.+ny s.h.i.+ny crystal ball rather than the dull and hard boxes….

“Let’s open it and take a look inside Yan…”

Mikoto said while she excitedly looked at the boxes. Electricity danced across her hands. Hey now, it’s just opening a box, do ya really have to use your electricity?

That’s just him throwing tsukkomi but honestly speaking he’s also looking forward to these boxes.

He flinched when he opened it up and saw its content.

“A ring?”

Hinagiku and Mikoto said hesitatingly after scrutinizing the plain old black ring.

“It looks like…”

Wu Yan said after picking it up and tinkering around with it in no less an uncertain tone than the girls.

“It seems like a s.p.a.ce ring of some kind…”

“Try peeking inside?”

Mikoto is pretty curious at why the master of the ring to rule them all would be able to obtain power the best the world can offer or something along those braggart lines.

Wu Yan is stumped at the moment. Normally when you talk about power in this kind of setting, it is usually some cultivation accelerator, some rare material that can increase dou qi, power augmenting battle skills or some straightout armaments to increase strength.

Maybe that’s what this ring contains.

Add that to its claim of being the best the world can offer, it certainly has his interest now. What kind of material, battle skills, equipment can increase someone’s power to that extent?

Very soon, his face froze up as he drooped his head down with his bangs covering his eyes. No one could see what he looked like but judging from the hate seething up from behind him, Hinagiku and Mikoto knows that he is not a happy camper…


Even the doughty Kaichou-sama and Railgun took on a very cautious tone when approaching him. They have got to admit, this is the first time they have ever seen Yan being so scary.

The hate around him dispersed very quickly and he raise his head. Looking at the ring, his face could be described as being very unperturbed. If one were to ignore the string of 井 around his head. (TN: veins popping)

“What’s the matter? Is it empty inside or something?”

Knowing him, they figured he must have taken some kind of damage for him to exhibit that kind of behaviour…

“It’s nothing…”

Inhaling a deep breathe he calmed down. Tossing around the ring he continued in a low tone.

“I don’t if it’s empty or not because I can’t open this s.h.i.t!”

“Can’t open it?”

Now the girls know why he’s so peeved.

“What do you mean by not being able to open it?”

“That’s right, I myself am curious as well, why can’t I open it?”

Clenching his teeth, his face looked like he’s so mad he could just swallow down the ring right now. Hinagiku and Mikoto decided it might be best to be silent for a moment.

Heaving, he held himself back in better judgement from throwing it on the ground and cast his eyes on the other two boxes. A sense of anxiety rose up.

If the ring in ‘power’ box can’t be opened, what of that of the other two, ‘authority’ and ‘fortune’?

Don’t tell me…

Thinking up to here, he opened the other two boxes with shaking hands and as expected, contained within them is a simple white ring and a gold ring respectively.

He picked them up after observing them for a bit. He then stayed silent.

“It can’t be, another s.p.a.ce ring that can’t be opened…”

Just as she finished speaking, a bigger wave of hate surged up from him. She instantly zipped her yapper and stood in a meek manner behind Mikoto. Mikoto didn’t say anything and just smiled.

A… how it feels to want to shed tears but can’t for want of tears…

Fine, a stone room and no treasure, we can deal with that…

But why the f.u.c.k would someone put something so deceptive that anyone would kill to get and made it out so that it can’t be opened?

A mockery?

He realsed a long sigh as he gazed up, oh what he would give to shoot the one who placed the treasure here.Well, this won’t last for long because soon he would wish that he can find the person who did this and give him a kiss or two…

It’s painful seeing him like that, lamenting to the sky in silence. So, Hinagiku and Mikoto decided to return him to his original state while exchanging whispers.

The final decision: Mikoto will give him a tase or two… (TN: how does this compute I don’t even)

The two exchanged nods. Just as Mikoto is preparing her lightning she inadvertently noticed something when she glance over the boxes on the table. She shouted to Wu Yan.

“Yan! Take a look! The boxes has words inside them!”


The call pulled him back from immersing in self wallow.

“To whoever comes across this, this ring is no more than an indestructible ring, it is not a s.p.a.ce ring but with it the whole Ailu empire is yours to command!”

Wu Yan, Mikoto and Hinagiku exchanged looks. It would appear the three don’t quite bought the statement. How can one own an empire with just one ring?

“Since this box has words in them maybe the other boxes have them as well, let’s see…”

He abandoned thinking further regarding the statement and he let go of the brain power consuming thoughts before turning ot the other boxes. He first took a look at what is written in ‘power’.

“To whoever comes across this, this ring is indeed a s.p.a.ce ring and if you can open it, what lies within will give you the right to dominate the whole of Silvaria. Want to open it? Go find the king of Ailu empire, he will tell you everything!”

“Find the king?”

He can’t find the word to describe what he is feeling right now and he harped something and threw a tsukkomi before proceeding over to box of ‘fortune’.

“To whoever comes across this. My treasure? If you want it, I’ll let you have it! Go find it, the key. I left all of my fortune in there!”


“System, can you please confirm one thing for me? Aside from has there been any other transportees?”

“User, there is only one system, and the only one with the ability to accomplish such a feat would be the system alone and as such other than the user there can’t be any other transportee!”

“Then would you please kindly enlighten me as to why the h.e.l.l did Gol D. Roger transported to Silvaria?”

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