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“Ceres!!!” (Tl: a stronger version of her homing missile or Artemis +1 if you will)

The small missiles formed at the cannon and hovered by Ikaros’ side before flying at Kalas and the ohter 2. Immediately, the 3 flew back.

“Could that armament be the one that’s firing all these flying metals?”

They a.s.sumed the flying aircraft is so since the flying metals are formed there. Rather, they heaved a sigh of relief. They aren’t afraid of the flying metals, what they are really afraid of is that she would take out something as scary as that bow armament from before.

Alas, they didn’t know that the Ura.n.u.s system is in fact scarier then Apollon!

Maybe due to the indifferent att.i.tude she felt from Kalas, Momiri and ]ared, Ikaros waved her hands and many more missiles formed at the cannon of Ura.n.u.s system before flying straight for Kalas and the other two.

Against such a ghastly amount of homing missiles, Kalas and the other two finally showed some panic. While retreating, they are also simultaneously destroying oncoming missiles. However, very soon, new homing missiles would replace the ones destroyed!

The 3 dudes wanted to curse out loud, those flying pieces of f.u.c.king metals are a major stick in the bunkhole. The only saving grace is that those things before are only annoying as h.e.l.l, they can’t bring harm to them who possess the same Rare Armament.

But the things is, quant.i.ty has a quality all its own, with such a drastic change in the amount of homing missiles, if they are still a.s.suming these things can’t bring them harm, then they might as well look forward to a chat with the spider queen…

They clenched their teeths and kept on the retreat while forcibly channeling their dou qi and charging it into their armament.

When they managed to retreat to a certain distance, they are finally done with charging and they unleashed their battle skills all at once, destroying every homing missiles coming their way. At this juncture, they are all panting and heaving.

They can feel the exhaustion of their supply of dou qi not to mention the harm their body suffered when they forcibly overcharged their dou qi. With heavy countenance, they looked at Ikaros with a hateful glare.

Can’t blame them, they were so close to the treasure and bam out of nowhere, a monster comes to f.u.c.k things up with her weird armament and that annoying pair of wings. She practically screwed them over, how can they not hold any hard feelings over this?

They were suspecting that maybe she’s anothe rguardian of this place but after seeing Wu Yan and Mikoto and the dead bodies that were their henchman wasted on the floor, they knew what is going on already.

Guardians my a.s.s, they are clearly just another treasure looter!

Rendered unstable by hate, the 3 roared and rushed at Ikaros. They completely forgot about the existence of Apollon.

Calmly looking at the approaching 3 individuals, she pointed at them and the cannons behind her started gathering light and with another wave of her hand, lasers in the form of pillars of light were fired!


The lasers came so fast the 3 couldn’t come any closer before getting blasted in an instant.

Hit by it, the 3 coughed up blood and dropped down onto the ground while spilling blood. Their overheated brains finally calmed down a bit with this.

Of course, the price they paid for this is a hefty one..

While the 3 are still falling down, Ikaros didn’t have any intention on being lenient. As a strategic angeloid made for the purpose of war, and as the sky queen who has been through many battles, the blood on her hands even if not in centimillions are in the tens of millions! She might be pure and kind but she is most definitely not merciful.

With a wave of her hand, homing missiles formed in droves and were flew straight at the 3 falling figures. Before they could touch the ground, they got hit head on with the salvos!

Bam! Boom! Booom!….

The sound of explosions didn’t stop coming, the ones that didn’t hit the target fell on the surroundings giving the already hole ridden ground some more trauma….

“We did it!”

Mikoto hurrayed while streaks of lightning flashed about her, Wu Yan’s starting to wonder if she is just itching for a fight rather than happy.

However, he’s not as optimistic as her. Ikaros’ homing missiles has the firepower no doubt, but it being enough to end Kalas & co is something he doesn’t believe.

They are tier 8s, they can’t die just like that…

Well, his thoughts are on the spot that’s for sure.

At ground zero, black smoke rised but it didn’t last long. A gust of wind blew always the smoke and what appeared was Kalas and the other two pointing their armaments imbued with thick dou qi at Ikaros!

“Don’t think we have to get close just to attack you!”

He said while looking all b.l.o.o.d.y and ragged. It appears the 3 took quite a hit from the homing missile barrage.

Kalas maniacally laughed and the three shouted in snc before piling their armament together.

Their dou qi showed signs of merging. Their barely pa.s.sable amount of dou qi grew to another level altogether and a substantial force started coming out of the armaments!

As warriros, long ranged attacks are not that many in number. But as tier 8s, they do have some in their repertoire…

The downside is that these skills are one cla.s.s lower than their strongest battle skills. What could these half baked skills do against Ikaros when they need to use their strongest skills just to break through her barrier?

Under the might of her abnormal armament, engaging her in close quarter isn’t as easy as before so the three though up of another method, that of merging battle skills!

Not just any skill could be merged, the con is that their already battered body took on more damage. They are going to die if they didn’t do this anyway, might as well bet on this attack!

A gigantic amount of dou qi coalesced on the three’s armaments and wind started to gush out from the armaments turning into streams of small gust that blew away the pieces of rubble around them.

Wu Yan and Mikoto retreated to a safe distance. While they have drunk Resplendent Breath, they still reflexively drew a distance from the dangerous place.

Their actions are like that of a starter pistol being fired. As soon as they got away, Kalas and the other two’s charging came to its peak.

Exchanging glance with camaraderie, the 3 raised their arm and swung all at once in Ikaros’ direction.

A gigantic dou qi wave formed from the armaments and came flying at Ikaros. Judginf from how the wave can generate a high pitched wind wail, it seems this attack is stronger than when they each individually used their strongest battle skills!

Too bad, Ikaros didn’t think much of their attack!

The dou qi wave might be dangerous to any other person but Ikaros calmly looked at it as it approached with no change to her expression nor did she made any statement.

Kalas and the other two got even more confident that their attack would make a hit when they saw her reaction.

When the dou qi wave finally arrived, she finally made a move. She lifted her head slightly and a few drones came out of Ura.n.u.s system and hovered in front of her. The drones then stopped and stay fixed in place before projecting a screen of light before Ikaros and completely blocking the attack! The screen of light wavered like it can’t hold up before reflecting the dou qi wave.


Soon after that shout, the 3 got hit with their own dou qi wave, following a loud boom the three fell down while coughing up blood and lying in their own pool of blood…

Ikaros spread her arms wide and swung it down. The light barrier wavered before shooting a huge a.s.s lazer pillar at the pool of blood that is Kalas and the other two.

While they are still busy feeling agony over their injuries the laser fell and they turned into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke… (Tl: chinese 4 word idiom for, wrecked/carbonized/extirpated/annihilated/served/f.u.c.ked/or any other words that means they got owned)

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