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(TL: The t.i.tle 双线, for the lack of knowledge on better english terms it was translatedlike so. This refers to playing a game and using chat?communications channel? simultaneously without lagging or so this )

Walking on the street Wu Yan held a quotation in his hand, on it was the price and value of each part and materials from the demonic beast and elsewhere in the giant beasts forest.

How can one travel the world without money? Sure leveling is important, but farming for gold is also important…

But here’s the deal, he just came into this world and without knowing the market conditions. He wouldn’t know if someone tried to sell a piece of c.r.a.p 1 gold item to him at 10 gold, won’t that be just superb? That’s why he asked for such a quotation from Fei Fei.

So, as he listlessly wander around, he fumbled around with the quotation. On this list, besides material price there’s also the price of equipments.

But here, people don’t call equipment, equipments, they call it armament. So excluding the normal weapons and armor, those equipment which give certain bonus to stats are known as armaments.

Based on their effects and power, armaments are further divided into 5 tiers, mainstream armaments, rare armaments, golden armaments, legendary armaments and the strongest, mythical armaments!

And his grade D kusanagi sword is only equivalent mainstream armament (TL: pffttt)!

But don’t think just because it’s “mainstream” it must be a sc.r.a.ppy piece of junk, to say mainstream is not to say that everyone in this world possess a mainstream armament.

The mainstream here means that majority of warriors and magicians are limited to using this tier of armament, that’s why it’s mainstream.

Take your average warrior or magician, if they have it good, would possess one, but if they’re broke, then they can only wait until they’re tier 5 or 6 before they can wield one. Only those tier 7 and upper supers would possess rare armament, like Fei Fei, she has a rare armament!

And of course, Lulu being a sole child of a n.o.ble family, she also has a rare armament. But even so, this is her sweet 16 birthday gift from her father, before this, she was using one mainstream armament.

Gold armaments, tier 7 supers wished they have this, leaving those with miraculous encounter out of this context, these are reserved for tier 8 and 9 supers. Lulu’s grandpa being tier 9 himself wields gold armament.

Legendary armaments number less than 10 in the world of Silvaria, their locations or whereabouts remain unknown.

Lastly, when she was handing over the quotation, Fei Fei told him that the mythical armament are so mythical no one’s heard of it much less seen it. Only when she was small did she hear it from Lulu’s grandpa that during the age of G.o.ds when the 4 G.o.ds were still here there was one such legendary armament.

When he heard her, he was speechless, the system estimated this world is roughly ten times the size of earth. And she’s telling him from times forgotten until now, there was only 1 legendary armament!

Grade cla.s.sification of the system; D,C,B,A,S correspond with this world’s cla.s.sification mainstream, rare, gold, legendary, mythic armaments.

Listening to the system babbling on about the cla.s.sification he felt joy and vexation at the same time.

Joy, at the fact that there’s S grade equipment inside his system.

And not just that, there’s more than 1 armament, unlike this world, although not a lot but the system definitely has the right to give this world the finger.

Vexation, because this equipments are worthed their weight in EP, even the cheapest one is at 1mil EP!

Summing up, he only has 24,000 EP, his work for reaching S grade ready status has been cut out for him.

After getting b.u.t.thurt for a while over the price of S grade equipments, he changed his perspective, he’s just a lv20 beginner, compared to this world’s standard having a mainstream weapon at tier 3 is pretty good in itself. If not for this, he wouldn’t have been able to rely on just his ability and kusanagi sword to kill that d.a.m.ned wolf.

Fodder of a slime who only had an impractical knight sword in his hands, the no-mainstream-armament broke a.s.s b.i.a.t.c.h was actually a leader of a knight corps in Ailu empire’s biggest n.o.ble family. Even he a tier 3 and of such a background didn’t have any mainstream armament, this serves to underscore how lacking this world is in armaments.

Wu Yan was planning on getting a grade C armament, but he gave up on the notion. These are normally in the hands of tier 7+ supers, if he were to swing it around as a tier 3, he hypothesized that the tier 7 supers would no doubt rob his a.s.s…

Finally done with the last page of the quotation, he have a basic understanding of this world’s market, at least he wouldn’t be that easy to scam.

That’s an afterthought at this point because, he doesn’t have a single piece of gold on him. No money, even if he wants to get scammed he can’t, he can’t even stay at an inn. Having sponged off Lulu he was ashamed, that would be an episode he won’t forget anytime soon.

Hence, he just wants to quickly become a mercenary, and through it, make it rain gold with missions!

He’s itching to sell stuff from the system using EP. These stuff could be arbitrated to this world due to better terms on the system and inefficiencies in this world.

He totally could use a few EP or IP to exchange some stuff and sell it. For instance, his Kusanagi sword costs 3000EP but should he sell it on an auction, it would rack up a few tens of thousands at the least!

On the other hand, doing missions allow him to battle monsters, farm up some levels and get bounties from missions. Farming for money and levels could never go too wrong that’s why he thought of taking this route instead of the aforementioned one to fatten up his pouches and grow in strength.

Arriving at the mercenary guild, just as he pushed the door, a wall of noise came out to greet him, stunning him right there.

Inside the guild, the mercenaries and all divided into groups big and small. They’re all making noise and eating at tables big and small.

There’s people who are just coming back from missions, celebrating, looking at missions, parting. Naturally there are also those lying around doing nothing but chatting and spouting BS. Since this is a mercenary guild, there’s old and young people and people of various morality, this much is a given….

Should we say as expected of the famous mercenary guild glorified within novels? Truly spectacular…

If there’s one thing he has learnt about this guild, it is that this place has wicked sick sound proofing. he didn’t hear a squeak outside this place, but oh boy was he in for a shock once the door was opened.

“May I help you?”

One staff who looks pretty called out to him with a business smile on her face.

“I want to register as a mercenary, what’s the procedure?”

Not attracted due to leaning more towards 2D and hanging out with Lulu and Fei Fei he just went straight to the point.

“Understood, to be a mercenary one must at least be tier 1, are you..”

“I have achieved tier 1.”

Moi is tier 3, tier 1 is for n00bs.

But of course it would be rude to say this aloud.

“Well then, fill this form and pay 2 pieces of silver, that would be it.”

Pa.s.sing a form over to him, she just smiled at him. He can see it clear as day written on her face, “Fork it over”.

Rolling his eyes he just took out a magic crystal and confirmed with her.

“Magic crystal will do yes?”

Looking at the crystal, the smile on her face brightened even further, she let him finish talking before continuing.

“Gu….but if you use magic crystal as the payment method, we won’t give you the change.”

Let it be known that this is a tier 1 magic crystal, it could fetch 100 gold. Lest the tragedy of inn staying happens again, he swiped a piece of magic crystal from the poor slime. Without this, he wouldn’t even be able to cough up the processing fee.

But what can he do, he’s broke as h.e.l.l… a man without money is no man at all …(TL: the lit was something like even a copper can topple a hero, very long story about how a hero was so poor he didn’t have a single money on him. Still needing to eat he tried approaching some farmer and smooch some food and then claiming he had less than what he asked for and therefore could not pay, turns out the farmer was a bigger kappa and he asked for the smallest unit of money, now there’s no unit smaller than that so he needs to pay said unit of money and he can’t say he has less money than smallest unit, but he has 0 money, hence he was toppled .)

“nn, do as you will…” Acting all cool he handed back the form and got a mercenary logo with D on it, he left without turning his head back.

Arriving at a place close to the entrance, the guild board where missions are posted. There, another pretty receptionist was working.

Looking over the board he rubbed his chin.

What mission should I go on?

There’s mission ranging from S to D, as long as you have the lives, the guild ain’t afraid of you stepping up to the challenge.

“Help me register for red honey, giant cow skin, and rainbow water missions if you would please.”

He asked the receptionist.

“Very well, please hold on…”

After he was done registeriing, a sound went through his ear and transmitted into his mind.

Merc mission: Grade C!

Mission 1: Obtain 10 x red honey;

Reward: 5000 Ep, 5000 Ip, 3000 Ap, 3000 Sp;

Mission 2: Waste 10 giant cows. Obtain 10 x giant cow skin;

Reward: 5000 Ep, 5000 Ip, 3000 Ap, 3000 Sp;

Mission 1: Gather 1 litre rainbow water;

Reward: 5000 Ep, 5000 Ip, 3000 Ap, 3000 Sp;

He jawdropped at the consecutive missions.

Why are the missions same as his a.s.signed mer mission?

It can’t be, could the merc mission and system mission be completed at the same time?

Okay, he’s very pleased with this development. With this his way of farming for points are guranteed. Sure, killing monsters is a way to gain some points but by only doing that one can only gain IP and AP, though he doesn’t need Ep at this point, it’s free points, who wouldn’t want it?

Most importantly however, it’s the Sp!

The most critical ingredient to summoning 2d shoujos!

And so, the dejected guy who got ‘conned’ out of his 100 gold turned all s.h.i.+ny and bright.

It feels like, your mood swings according to numbers….

Exiting the guild, he made a beeline towards giant beasts forest with much haste…

TL rant: Might slow down chapter release next week due to mid terms. Obligatory image (from grand blue manga, check it out on kissmanga, it’s pretty funny I dare say it rivals gintama in terms of comedy)

What college is like when you’re one of the few who actually took notes in cla.s.s.

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