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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

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Chapter 1973 – Guild Potential

As news about Zero Wing’s Candlelight Trading Firm joining the Secret Chamber of Commerce spread, a commotion erupted among the various superpowers in G.o.d’s Domain.

“What’s going on? How did the Secret Chamber of Commerce accept a Guild like Zero Wing?”

“Zero Wing really is impressive. It has already proven its strength to contend with a superpower, and now, it has even joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce. The Guild’s financial strength will grow considerably, now. As long as Zero Wing solidifies its foundations, it definitely has the potential to become a super-first-rate Guild.”

“It seems that G.o.d’s Domain will soon have a new superpower.”

“Send someone to investigate Zero Wing immediately! From today on, I want a team stationed in Zero Wing City! I want to know the Guild’s every move!”

Many superpowers had no power to join the Secret Pavilion’s Chamber of Commerce regardless of how much they wanted to, yet a non-superpower like Zero Wing had done just that. This situation earned Zero Wing many superpowers’ envy.

In addition, this turn of events had forced the various superpowers to pay closer attention to Zero Wing. They no longer considered the smaller Guild insignificant, but one with the potential to become a compet.i.tor.

Sufficient financial strength was crucial to developing a Guild in G.o.d’s Domain.

Zero Wing might have repelled Miracle, but it had relied on various tools to do so. Meanwhile, as the various superpowers continued developing in G.o.d’s Domain, it was only a matter of time before they obtained such tools of their own. At that time, Zero Wing would lose its advantage. Hence, the various superpowers hadn’t truly considered the Guild a threat, but the situation had changed.

The Secret Chamber of Commerce was a goldmine. If a Guild joined the trade alliance and utilized its connections appropriately, it would generate a ma.s.sive income and secure a large number of resources. Even if the Guild failed to take advantage of Secret’s connections, it could still increase its trading firm’s income by a large margin through service charges from helping the alliance’s other members sell their products. This increased income would greatly help the Guild’s development, and these benefits would be available until the trade alliance crumbled.

Meanwhile, on one of the islands in the Sea of Death…

“Big Sis Rain, big news! Zero Wing’s Candlelight Trading Firm has joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce!” Blue Phoenix reported as she ran up to Phoenix Rain, who currently commanded a battle.

“Joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce?” Phoenix Rain blinked in surprise. “How is that possible?! So many superpowers have tried to join Secret only to be rejected. Even Starlink only managed to join after purchasing the Magic Crystal vein at the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction.”

“It’s true. News of this has already spread to the various superpowers. Everyone’s saying that the Secret Pavilion has lost its mind to invite Zero Wing,” Blue Phoenix said, grinning. “Big Sis Rain, now that Zero Wing has joined Secret, Nine Dragons Emperor won’t be able to attack the Guild’s financials even if we don’t help out.”

“That’s right. Even if Nine Dragons Emperor uses everything he has to stop Zero Wing’s sales, he can’t cut off Secret’s channels. Now, we can focus on that large-scale Team Quest,” Phoenix Rain said, nodding.

She had nominated Zero Wing to Seventh Street because she had been worried that she couldn’t stop Nine Dragons Emperor from moving against her ally once she left the continent of G.o.d’s Domain. Now that Zero Wing had joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce, which was even more powerful than Seventh Street, the situation couldn’t be any more favorable.

Similarly, news had reached the various top Chambers of Commerce.

“Zero Wing seems to be quite capable. Seventh Street rejected Zero Wing’s conditions, yet the Guild has joined Secret? I wonder how Seventh Street’s members will feel after hearing about this?”

“Zero Wing demanded less than half of what Seventh Street required. There’s nothing unusual about its refusal. As for Zero Wing’s members.h.i.+p with Secret, based on the Chamber’s focus on profits, I a.s.sume its entry conditions were quite strict.”

“Most likely. The Secret Chamber of Commerce’s greed is insatiable. Zero Wing must’ve suffered quite a loss to join Secret.”

While the various top Chambers of Commerce were surprised to hear that Zero Wing had joined the Secret Pavilion’s Chamber of Commerce, they did not consider the matter that important After all, Zero Wing had no value in their opinions, nor did the Guild have the support of any corporations. It was a miracle that the Guild had risen to its current position without falling. Even if Zero Wing had a future in G.o.d’s Domain, it wouldn’t be very bright.

Since the Secret Pavilion had extended an invitation to Zero Wing, it must have demanded an absurd price.

However, when the Seventh Street Chamber of Commerce heard the news, its members simply smiled.

They didn’t share the other top Chambers’ opinions. Whether Zero Wing joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce or not, it had nothing to do with them. They only knew that Zero Wing wouldn’t have benefited their alliance even if it had joined.

Zero Wing wouldn’t benefit Secret, either. This incident was nothing but a farce.

While G.o.d’s Domain’s various powers discussed the matter, s.h.i.+ Feng had designated Aqua Rose and Melancholic Smile to handle matters regarding the Secret Chamber of Commerce. He then led a team of 10,000 elite and expert players out of Zero Wing City and to the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land.

Zero Wing’s members bounced with excitement during their journey.

They got to see a mythical player like s.h.i.+ Feng up close, and he had even informed them that he would take them out to level up during their operation. This meant they would personally get to watch s.h.i.+ Feng fight. Once they returned, they’d definitely boast about the trip to their friends.

But despite their enthusiasm, following s.h.i.+ Feng wasn’t easy. The Primordial Heart’s descent had drastically changed the Witch’s Hill. Now, large groups of monsters were a common sight. Moreover, not only did these monsters possess powerful Basic Attributes, but they also used strangely impressive combat standards.

They encountered a few powerful, 100-man adventurer teams that these monsters had nearly wiped out along their journey. As for the 20-man teams they stumbled upon, they had tread very carefully through the area unless they had a Tier 2 MT with them. The Witch’s Hill was far more dangerous than anyone had expected. Only the various large Guilds’ 1,000-man teams barely succeeded near the border of the Witch’s Hill’s inner region; these Guild teams did not dare to venture any farther.

As for the teams that operated in the Witch’s Hill’s inner area, they were either expert teams from the various large Guilds or 1,000-man teams from well-known adventurer teams. Only the teams of Tier 2 experts had any hope of surviving with 100 members.

The monsters in the inner area were simply too powerful. Even the weakest monster was a Level 61 Chieftain, and the Chieftains employed combat power that was on par with the late stage of the Trial Tower’s second floor. Even an ordinary Tier 1 expert would die against such a monster in a one-on-one, not to mention ordinary players.

However, despite entering the Witch’s Hill’s inner region, s.h.i.+ Feng showed no intention of letting his team fight here. Rather, he continued to lead his team deeper into the Witch’s Hill.

As Zero Wing’s members followed their Guild Leader, they couldn’t help their growing nerves.

Although they had 10,000 elite and expert players, the majority of them had only reached Tier 1 and were Level 55 or 56. The team’s ordinary experts were only Level 57, and the Tier 2 experts that accompanied them had only reached Level 58.

After following s.h.i.+ Feng’s lead for more than two hours, these players arrived before a gravel-filled gorge. Not only did this area drown in a deathly aura, but it was also within the Witch’s Hill’s core area. The weakest monster here was a Level 65 Chieftain, while most of these monsters were Level 66 and 67 Lords. There were also quite a few Level 69 Grand Lords around the gorge. At first glance, the gorge contained tens of thousands of monsters, and all of them were far closer to each other than the inner region’s monsters.

Most importantly, a gigantic, Level 70 Mythic monster lay in the center of the gorge…