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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

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Chapter 1965 – Quasi-super-first-rate Guild Black Dragon Empire, Ice Jade Forest

Despite Thousand Miles’s reluctance, he had no choice but to follow Shredded Soul’s command and recall the Guild members from the Ice Jade Forest.

Meanwhile, Miracle’s retreat caused a sensation throughout the Black Dragon Empire.

“What’s going on?”

“Miracle’s retreating?”

“That’s not possible, right? Miracle is a super-first-rate Guild, yet it’s actually giving up on Zero Wing?”

The sudden turn of events stupefied the empire’s players. They simply could not figure out what had caused Miracle to turn away from Zero Wing so abruptly. The two Guilds had only engaged in a single battle involving several thousand players. To both, such a small battle wasn’t even a warm-up.

Thus far, all of Miracle’s actions had displayed its intention to annihilate Zero Wing’s Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire, yet they had fled from their prey. It was as if everything had just been an act.

“How disappointing! Miracle retreated after such a minor battle! And here I thought it was some amazing Guild. In the end, it is no different than the empire’s other Guilds!”

“All hail Zero Wing! Even Miracle can’t take down Zero Wing!”

Varied opinions of Miracle’s withdrawal split the empire’s players. Some players felt that Miracle didn’t deserve its t.i.tle as a super-first-rate Guild since it couldn’t even take out a non-superpower like Zero Wing, and others a.s.sumed Miracle had given up because Zero Wing truly was powerful.

“That cowardly Shredded Soul! He hasn’t even started the war, yet he’s already given up! I even ensured that he had all the information he needed!” Nine Dragons Emperor slammed his fist into his desk when he read the report on Miracle’s withdrawal from the Black Dragon Empire.

He had hoped to use Miracle to wound Zero Wing. He had never expected the superpower to pack up and leave so soon.

Meanwhile, in one of Lake Heart City’s high-cla.s.s restaurants…

“Uncle Yuan, look! Shredded Soul has returned to the western continent to take charge of things there! By the looks of it, he’s really given up on Zero Wing,” Purple Jade exclaimed, surprised.

She had investigated Shredded Soul personally and had concluded that the man was truly ruthless. Once he set out to do something, he never gave up, yet he had decisively pulled his forces away from the conflict with Zero Wing. This was unbelievable.

“It’s not that unusual. After all, there is no benefit in continuing the war with Zero Wing. At most, Miracle will restore some of its damaged reputation. With 200 experts that possess the combat power to rival peak experts and those heavy crossbows, Zero Wing qualified to contend with a superpower. Unless Miracle decides to go all-out, it’ll be helpless against the smaller Guild. Moreover, Miracle is fighting a remote war; it already has to expend a lot of resources to engage in this war. Miracle’s position will only become more of a disadvantage as the war drags on,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling. Taking a sip from the cup of icy-blue wine in his hand, he continued, “At the end of the day, Miracle is a ma.s.sive organization set out to make money. There’s no way it would abandon everything it has built for its reputation. Since Zero Wing has proven that it has the strength to protect itself for some time, and the other superpowers know Miracle’s strength, Miracle has no reason to continue fighting.”

“That makes sense.” Purple Jade nodded. “However, Zero Wing is pretty impressive. It’s always has a surprise up its sleeve. I had thought the Guild was doomed this time; I hadn’t expected it to reveal such a trump card. It’s no wonder why Zero Wing dared to compete with the various superpowers over the Ore Empire’s resources.”

In G.o.d’s Domain, might was right.

Provoking Miracle wasn’t a problem as long as Zero Wing could endure the larger Guild’s wrath. If Zero Wing couldn’t do that, Miracle would destroy the Guild. If it could, it would survive. It was just that simple. The various superpowers would not ridicule Miracle for being weak because it failed to destroy a Guild that merely rivaled first-rate Guilds. They would only take joy in the fact that Miracle had accidentally tugged on a tiger’s tail.

“However, it’s too early for Zero Wing to celebrate. The Guild still has a b.u.mpy road ahead. Furthermore, Miracle will definitely strike if given the chance in the future,” Yuan Tiexin said.

Miracle had only given up on dealing with Zero Wing this time because the losses outweighed the gains. Even if it defeated Zero Wing, all it would gain was reputation. While reputation was important for a Guild’s development, it was not particularly important to a veteran super-first-rate Guild like Miracle.

However, it was a different story for the various superpowers operating in the Ore Empire. These superpowers were there to obtain resources for their development It was entirely possible for these organizations to use everything they had to remove Zero Wing. They wouldn’t give up as easily as Miracle. Now that Zero Wing had exposed two more trump cards, its development in the Ore Empire would be at risk.

While Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade conversed, the various superpowers expressed their astonishment over Zero Wing’s

performance. They had never dreamed that a Guild with no background was capable of forging such a st.u.r.dy foundation.

They all ordered further investigations on Zero Wing, desperate to know more about the Basic Combat Devices and Magicbreaking Crossbows.

Due to this latest battle, the various superpowers realized that while Guild experts were important, G.o.d’s Domain’s tools were just as crucial. Zero Wing’s success in fending off Miracle was the best proof of this.

The Black Dragon Empire’s large Guilds, in particular, feared for their survival after watching Zero Wing slaughter Eternal Undead’s 3,000-man force. When they heard that Miracle had withdrawn its players from the war, they immediately recalled their forces from the Ice Jade Forest and reached out to b.u.t.ter up to Zero Wing.

If even a super-first-rate Guild like Miracle was powerless against Zero Wing, what hope did their Guilds have?

Zero Wing had proven its strength to everyone in the Black Dragon Empire with the battle in the Ice Jade Forest. Although it was not a super-first-rate Guild, it had the power to stand against one.

Zero Wing was now only second to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in the hearts of the empire’s players. To be precise, the Black Dragon Empire’s general populace recognized Zero Wing as a quas卜super-first-rate Guild and that it was only a matter of time before it became a true super-first-rate Guild.

Meanwhile, the various large Guilds that had previously provoked Zero Wing or taken delight in the Guild’s misfortune were now quite nervous, especially the Guilds that had openly antagonized Zero wing. These Guilds were terrified that Zero Wing would seek retribution. With Zero Wing’s strength, it would have no trouble removing their Guilds from the Black Dragon Empire; all it would need was time and resources.

“Guild Leader, more than a dozen Guilds are trying to cozy up to us. Each Guild is offering Magic Crystals and rare materials as compensation. Should we meet with their representatives?” Gentle Snow asked s.h.i.+ Feng.

Before she had time to recover from her shock over Miracle’s abrupt retreat, a large number of Guilds had contacted her, wanting to repair their relations.h.i.+p with Zero Wing. They were even willing to make reparations. She hadn’t expected this development.