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Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

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Chapter 3

Beating Up the Liar

Jiang Lun understood what Jiang Xue meant and immediately said, “Shen Xi, for the sake of our eighteen years together and Xue’s soft-heartedness, I have always been patient with you.”

“However, the truth of the matter is that you committed the crime. The car accident back then was investigated and it was proved that you were the one who caused it. You can’t slander Xue without proof. In a society ruled by law, being mentally ill is not an excuse to act recklessly.”

Jiang Xue secretly laughed in her heart. Her father was indeed as evil as her and was able to quickly understand what she meant, “Dad, don’t say that. Mentally ill? Xi just can’t accept the fact that she has nothing left after living a prosperous eighteen years of her life.”

Then, Jiang Xue frowned and looked at Shen Xi with a worried expression, “Xi, don’t blame Dad. He’s just disappointed to watch his daughter, whom he had raised for eighteen years, become like this. He was angry that you didn’t live up to his expectations, so he said what he said in a fit of rage.”

“Let’s go home, okay? From now on, we’ll be real sisters. Dad and mom will treat you well and we’ll all be a family.”

As if in response to Jiang Xue’s words, Xia Chun wiped her tears and leaned into Jiang Lun’s arms. She was like a mother who was sad to see her daughter so sick.

Jiang Lun also sighed, hugged his wife, and comforted her.

The entire hall was silent.

A sister who repaid resentment with kindness, a gentle and soft-hearted mother, a father who only wanted the best for her daughter, and an ungrateful adopted daughter.

Shen Xi sneered and looked at Jiang Xue in disgust. She was extremely done with her.

Shen Xi used all the strength in her body and gave Jiang Xue a hard slap on the face.

Jiang Xue’s exquisite makeup was immediately ruined. Her fair face was covered with five red marks that were dripping with blood.

Jiang Xue immediately screamed, “My face, my face.”

Immediately, Shen Xi went forward and pulled Jiang Xue’s hair and threw her on the ground. She slapped her hard a few more times, grabbed her hair, and slammed her head on the ground.

Her body was filled with hostility, and her eyes were red.

“I can’t believe you killed my biological father who raised you for eighteen years. In order to cover up your crime, you even caused my biological mother to fall into a coma. You even used her medical fees to threaten me to paint for you.”

“They raised you for eighteen years, eighteen years! Yet you killed them. You’re disgusting. The one who should be dead is you. Die!”

Jiang Xue was scared out of her wits. Her face was hurting from the beating. Other than crying, there was nothing else she could do.

Xiang Cheng, who had been standing by the side, saw the situation and immediately tried to pull Shen Xi away. However, Jiang Lun stepped forward and kicked Shen Xi away.

He kicked Shen Xi in her chest, resulting in her coughing out blood.

Jiang Xue was crying non-stop. Her tears were mixed with her blood, making her look especially horrifying. She burrowed herself into Xiang Cheng’s arms and cried pitifully.

“Cheng, what she said is not true. Trust me, Xi has gone crazy. She blames me for everything bad that happens to her. She even thinks that I stole you from her. The psychiatrist said that her mental illness is quite severe. Although I’m very worried about her, I can’t let myself be wronged, especially by you. I care about you very much.”

Xiang Cheng had doubts in his heart. However, when he saw Shen Xi beating his injured lover crazily, he could not help but believe that Jiang Xue was innocent. “I know. I believe you.”

Then, he looked at Shen Xi with an ice-cold gaze, “Enough! Shen Xi. Xue has been worried about you all this time. I didn’t expect you to be so vicious. Xue will not give me up just because you’re acting like this.”

“It’s true that we were engaged before. My mother also likes you very much, but that was because at the time you were the daughter of the Jiang family. The engagement is set between the Xiang family and the Jiang family, understand?”

“Also, I was the one who fell in love with Xue first. I’ve never liked you, and I’ll never like a crazy woman like you.”

Shen Xi wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and snorted coldly.

What the h.e.l.l was Xiang Cheng talking about? She had never liked him either.

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