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Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

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Chapter 2

Revealing Her True Colors

Everyone started whispering in disbelief again.

“She’s that fake daughter, Jiang Xi?”

“How is she so shameless? After stealing Jiang Xue’s parents, she still wants to steal everything else.”

“Exactly. I’ve never seen such a shameless person. It’s actually expected considering the family she’s from.”

“She must have really gone crazy. How is she so delusional? I’ve never seen anyone like her.”

“I thought she was in prison?”

“She might have been released. I heard that she was sentenced to five years. That’s about it.”

“She’s being ridiculous. How can an ex-convict be able to create such beautiful paintings?”

“Exactly. She’s shameless.”

“She even thought that the young master of Xiang Group liked her? She is absolutely delusional.”

“Exactly. She should take a good look at herself. Does she think her looks is worthy of him?”

Shen Xi ignored the taunts, accusations, and curses from the people around her. She knew how capable the Jiang family was at distorting the truth.

“Is that so? Your hard work?” Shen Xi grinned with a bright and frightening smile.

Shen Xi used her skinny knuckles to point at an ink painting with a black background. “Do you know what the source of inspiration for this painting is?”

Jiang Xue looked at the painting and was extremely annoyed. The painting made no sense to her.

Jiang Xue stared at the painting for a long time without saying anything. Finally, she stammered, “I’m afraid of the dark, so I wanted to add some l.u.s.ter in the dark. Xi, stop messing around.”

“Hahaha, you’re ridiculous. Have you taken a serious look at the painting? Do you know that the source of inspiration is written at the bottom of the painting? “Prison release.” The source of inspiration for this painting is my five years of suffering despite being innocent! Also, you may not know this, but throughout these five years, I’ve hidden my initials in all of my paintings.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately took a closer look. At the bottom of the painting, there were indeed small words saying ‘Prison release’.

The only person here who had gone to prison was Shen Xi.

Moreover, when they took a closer look at each of the other paintings, they were able to find the imprints of Shen Xi’s initials.

Everyone’s expression when they looked at Jiang Xue immediately changed.

A young lady taking credit for an ex-convict’s hard work?

The people who saw Jiang Xue as intelligent and graceful just a moment ago immediately put on a mocking expression on their faces.

However, since she was still the daughter of the president of Kunlun Construction, they didn’t gossip about her out loud. They all turned their heads to the side and secretly gossiped about her.

Jiang Xue did not expect Shen Xi to hide her initials in her paintings. She turned to look at Xiang Lao with a panicked expression. Xiang Lao’s expression was stern, and even Xiang Cheng had an unpleasant expression.

“Stop talking nonsense. You’ve been in prison for the past five years. How would you be able to paint? As for this mark… I saw that mom and dad was missing you so much, so I wrote it in, hoping that you would be released early,” Jiang Xue turned around and explained.

Although her explanation about the mark was a bit far-fetched, Jiang Xue was right. How could Shen Xi paint in prison?

“Xi, for the sake of your dad and I, can you stop messing around? I will take you home first…” Xia Chun really couldn’t bear to see her own daughter being embarra.s.sed.

“Dad and you? You’re not my parents. Stop pretending. No parent would allow outsiders to bully their own child. Five years ago, you were the one who told me to stay to accompany Jiang Xue and help her adapt to her new environment.”

“Because of this, many people pointed their fingers at me and called me shameless for coveting the wealth of the Jiang family. Did you defend me at all?”

“No, you didn’t. You let me get laughed at and scolded. You’ve done so many bad things to me. Would you like me to list them all out?”

“Why did Jiang Xue pretend to want me to stay with your family? What happened after that? Do you dare to say it in front of so many people?”

“Nonsense!” Jiang Lun immediately became angry from embarra.s.sment. Then, he rushed toward Shen Xi and raised his hand to drag her out.

However, before he could even touch Shen Xi, she violently pushed him away. He staggered a few steps forward, and the president of Kunlun Construction almost fell to the ground.

Shen Xi looked at the person whom she used to regard as her father, who was in such a sorry state, and could not help but laugh.

After five years in prison, she was no longer the Shen Xi who was weak, had to submit to others and could be bullied.

“No matter how much nonsense I spout, an outsider like you has no right to do anything to me.”

Jiang Lun, who had barely managed to regain his stability, burst out in anger, “Outsider? Out of kindness, I raised you for eighteen years, and this is how you repay me? Even a dog knows how to wag its tail at its owner. You’re worse than a dog, you’re an ungrateful wretch.”

Shen Xi laughed hysterically. “Ungrateful wretch? You raised me out of kindness?”

She pulled Jiang Xue aside, “Which ungrateful wretch would take the blame for your daughter? Which ungrateful wretch would obediently stay in prison and take the blame for your stupid daughter for five years? And now you’re even lying about her being a painter.”

Shen Xi’s eyes were bloodshot, like a malicious ghost stained with blood. She stared fiercely at Jiang Xue and her voice suddenly became louder. “Back then, when you committed murder with your new sports car, you weren’t like this. You knelt in front of me and cried like a pitiful worm, begging me to take the blame.”

Then, with her slightly trembling hands, she pointed at the Jiang couple fiercely. “And the two of you, remember? You two knelt in front of me and cried until your tears and snot flowed out. You grabbed my white dress and begged me to take the blame in account of the eighteen years that you raised me.”

“This is what you call kindness? You’ve raised me for eighteen years, and my biological parents raised Jiang Xue for eighteen years. When have I ever owed your family anything?”

As Shen Xi revealed everything, Jiang Xue’s face instantly turned pale. However, she knew that she couldn’t admit to this, so she immediately tried to make herself the victim and started crying.

“Xi, I know that you still blame me, so you cannot move on. It’s my fault. On the day you were released from prison, I should have gone to pick you up and reminded you to take your medicine. Then, your hallucinations wouldn’t be so bad and you would not think that someone else committed your crime. You can’t change the fact that you broke the law. Even if you live in your own world, you can’t change this fact.”

Everyone started to be confused. Shen Xi had proof behind her words. She was probably telling the truth.

However, Jiang Xue was saying that Shen Xi was mentally ill and was delusional. It was really confusing.

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