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Chapter 544: Ask Bai Ruoli to come out!

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No matter how tough Mo Yi was, he was only a bodyguard beside Prince Yu w.a.n.g. How would he be able to deal with so many people?

So ever since Mo Yi left, Cai Wei was unable to sit or stand still and she kept walking to and fro. Every fifteen minutes, she would look towards the main door to see if Mo Yi had returned.

Not knowing why, her heart had a bad premonition, as if something troubling would be happening today.

Time pa.s.sed quickly and it was until noon when a sudden pattering sounds from hooves echoed from the main street outside the Valiant Martial Manor.

A pleasant feeling swelled up in Cai Wei’s heart as she immediately rushed out to welcome the guest.

“Brother Mo Yi is finally back! Everyone, quickly go and welcome him, remember to check if he’s injured!”

The few guards responses and hurriedly rushed to the main door.

These few days, Mo Yi had enlightened them on their cultivation and everyone were grateful and treated him as their Teacher.

Cai Wei followed them to the main door.

However, before she had reached, she heard a series of battling sounds and immediately following that, there were some “Bang Bang” sounds and a figure was flicked into mid-air and fell onto the ground, fainting away from serious injury.

Cai Wei had a great shock and her eyes opened wide in surprise.

Lying on the ground were…. Valiant Manor’s guards!

Who dared to come and create havoc at the Valiant Martial Manor? And without a single word, they had dealt the guards with serious injuries?

Just at this moment, someone strode into the main door.

The person at the foremost position was a young lady, who looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old. Her countenance was enchanting, figure was slender and what was most amazing was she had a refined temperament, effortless filled with an air of elegance. One look and you’d know she was someone extraordinary!

“Where is Bai Ruoli that s.l.u.t? Ask her to stand before this Princess this instance!”

Cai Wei was dumbstruck and her heart had been twitching knowing that today there would be big trouble. But she could only force herself to go forward to send her greetings.

“This… this lady, may I know who you are…..”

“Pa” a resounding sound rang!

Cai Wei had yet to finish her words when a slap broke her sentence.

This slap was vicious as it made her fly from it!

Half of Cai Wei’s face immediately swelled up like a steamed bun and she had fell over on the ground!

By the side of the young lady was a young man who was dressed like a bodyguard as he said sternly, “Are you blind? Don’t you even know our Seventh Princess! Where is Bai Ruoli? Seventh Princess has arrived and she didn’t even come out to kneel and welcome her, what punishment should she receive!”

“Sev….Seventh Princess?”

Cai Wei held on to her face as she forced herself to turn and look at her.

Seventh Princess Li Xue’er had left the South Yue Kingdom more than a year ago to the Celestial Light Academy to set on her learning path and had rarely shown her face in the capital, so Cai Wei did not recognise her.

However, just by the monstrous bodyguards that she brought along and her imposing manner, Cai Wei knew that she should be the Seventh Princess!

But why did the Seventh Princess suddenly come to the Valiant Martial Manor? And she looked like she was seeking revenge, obviously she was not going to be nice to her Third Miss…..

Cai Wei didn’t speak up and the bodyguard hurried sternly, “Acting dead? Didn’t you hear what I asked? Where is Bai Ruoli? Ask her to come out and receive our Seventh Princess!”

Cai Wei was both shocked and frightened, and she was trembling in fright!

But she knew that every pract.i.tioner’s closed door cultivation period was very crucial and cannot be disturbed!

At this moment, her heart was yearning for Mo Yi!

If Mo Yi was here, at least there’d be someone powerful to drag on some time with them but since he’s not here now, the remaining people here were not able to resist against the people that Seventh Princess brought along!