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Chapter 541: Are you done yet?

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Could this sort of thing… really have happened?

No no no, it’s impossible! This didn’t make sense!

Little Phoenix shook his head furiously, believing that he must have seen wrongly or there must be a mistake somewhere!

However, fact had proven itself once again that he was just too young and innocent!

Huang Yueli’s fair and slender fingers gently picked up the second fifth grade magical beast core and with the movement of her fingers, she crushed yet another one to pieces!

The energy stored within the magical beast core had once again surged outwards and drifted towards the position of her Dantian!

Little Phoenix had truly become dumbfounded.

Within such a short time… Huang Yueli had actually managed to refine all the energy from the fifth grade magical beast core and without taking any time off to rest and adjust, she had immediately started absorbing the next magical beast core!

The process of this magical beast core was similar to the previous one.

The only difference was the amount of time Huang Yueli had used to absorb the energy was shortened by a quarter of an hour. Perhaps due to the familiarity from the previous round, the speed was naturally heightened.

After the refinement had completed, she held out her fingers once again to reach the third magical beast core.

At this moment of time, Little Phoenix had expended all his energy to even be shocked any further.

For Huang Yueli to be abnormal till this stage, in future no matter what happened, he would not waste his energy to be shocked.

But very quickly, Little Phoenix dispelled these thoughts thoroughly!

Because after spending a total of ten hours of refining nine pieces of fifth grade magical beast cores, Huang Yueli outstretched her hands and this round, she actually took…. a sixth grade magical beast core!

“What the… this female devil is really….. really…”

Little Phoenix held it in for some time and he was still unable to find the correct term to put into words because the abnormality was way beyond how he could describe this black-bellied Master of his! She was simply heaven-defying to the extreme!

“Who does she think she is? How could she actually be able to do so? The energy stored in sixth grade magical beast core was higher in fifth grade magical beast core by ten times and above! Even if she was able to absorb the fifth grade magical beast cores, she might not be able to absorb the sixth grade ones! If something had really happened, what should we do!”

After the sixth grade magical beast core was crushed, the energy that flowed out was indeed denser by several folds than before!

That raging energy was spread throughout the little study room, as though it was about to blow the room up into pieces!

It seemed like Huang Yueli’s array formation was not able to contain the energy but from the surroundings outside the array, the rays emitting from the array patterns were intermittently visible, seeming to be and not to be.

However, even such a powerful energy had to bow down in front of Huang Yueli!

This energy, under her oppression, had lined itself up into a queue and absorbed into her.

There were a total of four pieces of sixth grade magical beast cores.

Every single time she crushed one piece, Little Phoenix’s brow would subconsciously waver and his heart would suffer another bout of worrying and shock!

What was the limit of the female devil? Her innate skill should had long surpa.s.sed the real Flame Spirit Physique? How much more energy… could she absorb?

But was this really possible? If she was to continue, would it really be alright?

Little Phoenix’s heart was pounding hard and it was till the last magical beast core being totally absorbed before he could finally put down the big stone that was weighing on his heart.

Finally… finally it had all finished….. and it’s great that nothing had happened…..

But at this moment, Huang Yueli opened the last box that was placed beside the bathtub.

When this box was just opened, it emitted a light red radiance and turned the entire four walls of the study room into a tinge of red hue.