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Chapter 6 – Conflict with Section Chief Xu!

The next 3 days.

Dong Xuebing woke up early for memory practice. He had used Back 3 times for his test preparations. He tried several methods and angles while using Back. He needs to get used to the feeling of turning back time and become more familiar with this power.

Time flies, and it was the day before the test.

Beijing Cancer Hospital, Oncology ward.

Dong Xuebing continued to study under Grandpa Hu. Grandpa Hu’s son was the examiner in Shanghai, and Grandpa Hu seemed to have the experienced and had researched into these essay questions. This was why Dong Xuebing forced himself to memorize everything he said and listened attentively. The lessons had changed from Dong Xuebing asking questions, to Grandpa Hu asking questions and Dong Xuebing answering them. The questions asked by Grandpa Hu was not from the materials. It was not sure where he got those questions. Sometimes, Grandpa Hu would tell him about the rules and responsibilities of the various government departments. This was to let Dong Xuebing understand what the duties of a Civil Servant were.

“…… The data presented to you is about our citizens misbehaving while on holiday overseas. Using the data, write a suggestion to the head of the Tourism Bureau. The required answer needs to be relevant and implementable. It needs to be concise and not more than 400 words. Try to answer it.”

Dong Xuebing starts to answer.

Grandpa Hu shook his head and pointed out where he got it wrong and then told him the answer in his mind.

Dong Xuebing wanted to write Grandpa Hu’s answer down, but he was stopped by Grandpa Hu. “You don’t need to record it down. You need to understand the general direction of my answer and the important points in the argument. Once you understand the answer, you will automatically remember the answer. Do you still have any questions? Good. I will give you one more question to test you. China has rich resources in the surrounding sea, but our Per capita income is low. Bo Sea is China’s biggest inland sea. It is crucial to the economies of the Northeast region……”


Grandpa Hu coughed and asked: “Did you remember everything?”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing quickly pa.s.s a few pieces of tissues to Grandpa Hu.

Grandpa Hu smiled and patted Dong Xuebing on his arm: “Your friends and cla.s.smates are also taking this test in Beijing with you? Keep everything I taught you to yourself. Don’t tell your cla.s.smates. Hahaha. This old man’s knowledge is limited, and that’s everything I can teach you.”

“You are too modest. I really learned a lot from you.” Dong Xuebing rubbed his nose embarra.s.sedly and continued: “I do not have many friends as I did not stay at my university. The cla.s.smates I knew were not interested in being a civil servant. They had already found jobs in the private sector. I am the only one still dreaming of entering the government service. Sorry for troubling you the past few days. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.”

Before Dong Xuebing left, Grandpa Hu patted his shoulder and said: “Do well for the test. China’s future will depend on you youngsters.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

North Heping Street.

Dong Xuebing walked up the musty stairs and press the doorbells of his home.

Click. Dong Xuebing’s mother who was at home helped him open the door. At the same time, there was another sound of someone opening the door from the fourth story. Section Chief Xu and his family walked down the stairs. Dong Xuebing’s mother saw them and immediately greeted: “Section Chief Xu, you are back so early? Are you all going to have dinner outside?” Dong Xuebing also reluctantly greeted them.

Section Chief Xu did not say a thing and just nodded arrogantly.

Mrs. Xu laughed: “Tomorrow is the test. Both of us are bringing Xiao Dong to Quanjude to have dinner.”

“Oh, that place is expensive.” Dong Xuebing’s mother said.

“Quanjude is still fine. It is not some fancy restaurant anyway.” Xiao Dong said and glared at Dong Xuebing. He reached over to press Qu Yunxuan’s doorbell. When no one opened the door, he pressed it again.

Dong Xuebing’s mother quickly said: “Yunxuan might still be at work.”

Xiao Dong disappointedly mumbled a replied and turned to his parents: “Mum, Dad, let’s go.” Dong Xuebing knew that this Xiao Dong was wooing Qu Yunxuan recently. Although Qu Yunxuan’s family was not well-off, she was beautiful. This was why Section Xu’s family did not object their son from going after someone a few years older.

When Dong Xuebing entered his house, Section Chief Xu and his family continued their way towards the stairs. Section Chief Xu accidentally kicked the garbage bag outside of Dong Xuebing’s home. Dong Xuebing’s mother had placed the garbage bag there, and the bag was oily and stained with leftover foods. Section Chief Xu’s shoes and pants were stained.

Section Chief Xu’s face changed and turned to Dong Xuebing’s mother: “What’s wrong with you? Why did you leave your garbage here? Did you do this on purpose?”

Dong Xuebing’s mother immediately apologized: “I’m sorry…… Really sorry…. I….. was just about to take the garbage downstairs.”

Xiao Dong frowned: “Can you all be more cultured? You think our corridors are not dirty enough?”

Dong Xuebing’s mother replied: “I will clear it now. I’m sorry.”

Seeing his mother being scolded, Dong Xuebing became furious: “You are cultured? If you are cultured, will you still throw rubbish out of your windows?” The last time Dong Xuebing returned home with his mother, they were almost hit by a garbage bag thrown out of Section Chief Xu’s window. It was not sure if it was Xiao Dong or Section Chief Xu who had thrown it. All the neighbors knew that Section Chief Xu’s unit has been throwing their garbage bags out of their windows. But no one dares to say anything as Section Chief Xu was a government official and they were commoners.

Dong Xuebing’s mother tugged his son’s clothes: “Xuebing!”

Xiao Dong stared at Dong Xuebing: “What are you saying? Who’s the one who throw rubbish out of the windows?”

Dong Xuebing coldly replied: “You should know who it is.”

“Are you even qualified to speak here?” Section Chief Xu stared at Dong Xuebing. “You have dirtied my shoes, and you still want to argue?”

“You are the one……” Dong Xuebing was about to continue arguing when his mother pulled him back.

Mrs. Xu tried to calm the situation: “Old Xu, why are you arguing with a kid? We are all neighbors. Let it rest.” Mrs. Xu turned to Dong Xuebing’s mother: “Xiaoping, we are off for our dinner. You should not place your garbage outside your house. This is not right. Don’t do it again.”

Dong Xuebing’s lungs were about to burst. That Chief Xu was the one who kicked the garbage bag, and he wants to blame his mother?

Section Chief Xu used a napkin to wipe his show and turned away: “f.u.c.k. Let’s go. The car is waiting.”

Xiao Dong looked at Dong Xuebing and his mother scornfully and followed his parents down the stairs.

Dong Xuebing’s mother just smiled at them until they disappeared from her view. She quickly closes the door and sighed. “Xuebing, we can’t afford to offend them. You……

Dong Xuebing was still p.i.s.sed: “What sort of person is he? Government officials can be unreasonable?”


In the evening, Qu Yunxuan returned from work and knocked on Dong Xuebing’s door. She was carrying bags of vegetables and meat.

These few days, Qu Yunxuan had integrated into Dong Xuebing’s family. She had become closer with Dong Xuebing and his mother. They would have dinner together and would joke and chat. It was like a family.

“Yunxuan, eat more.” Dong Xuebing’s mother picked some vegetables and place in her bowl.

“Sis Luan…” Qu Yunxuan hesitated for a while and asked worriedly: “When I was on my way back, I heard from the lady downstairs said…… What happened?”

This apartment building was an old building built in the 1980s. The soundproofing was not very good, and neighbors could hear each other clearly. Dong Xuebing’s mother tapped Qu Yunxuan’s hand: “Yunxuan, listen to sis. If you are looking for a boyfriend, don’t ever look for someone like Xiao Dong. I am not talking behind their backs, but they are all bullies……” Dong Xuebing’s mother told her what happened just now.

Qu Yunxuan frowned after she heard what happened. She held Luan Xiaoping’s hand and sighed: “I know that family is all not decent people. I have not told anyone else. Do you know that Xiao Dong is wooing me? But I had rejected him several times. A few days ago, I met Section Chief Xu at the supermarket on my off day. He pointed at me in the face and said. Don’t think you are somebody because my son likes you. It is your honor for my son to like you……. He still said many nasty things. I…… Sighed….”

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist: “Does he thinks that he is the mayor or governor?”

“Let’s not talk about him.” Qu Yunxuan smiled sweetly and took a napkin and wiped off a grain of rice on Dong Xuebing’s face. “Tomorrow is your test. You must do your best and not let that Xu family look down on you. Show them that not only Xiao Dong can enter the government service. Our Xiao Bing can also do it!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and replied: “Don’t worry. I will surely pa.s.s the test!”

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