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Chapter 3 – Qu Yunxuan


11.40 am.

Dong Xuebing’s mother was in the kitchen preparing lunch. Dong Xuebing helped his mother to cut some celeries and then he had nothing to do. He went out to the living room and watch TV. Dong Xuebing was hoping that time will pa.s.s faster that day. He can’t wait for the day to be over to try to turn back time. If he could no longer control the time again, he would be happy for nothing.

Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

Someone was ringing the doorbell.

Dong Xuebing opened the door, and there was a hint of perfume. Through the gates, he could see a beautiful face. It was Qu Yunxuan from unit 302 next door. Big eyes, long lashes, and fair complexion. She was gorgeous. Qu Yunxuan was wearing light colored office attire. Her tight skirt showed her perky a.s.s. Her s.e.xy long legs were in skin colored stockings with a pair of white heels. She had the attractiveness of a matured woman.

“Ermmm…. Please come in.” Dong Xuebing dares not to look at Qu Yunxuan any longer and hurriedly let her in.

“Hee hee. I am here for a visit.” Qu Yunxuan walked in with her pair of alluring long legs. Click, click. The sounds of placing heels on the floor sounded so lovely.

Dong Xuebing’s mother walked out of the kitchen: “Yunxuan, you are here? Is today your rest day?”

Qu Yunxuan looked at the kitchen and answered: “I have one off day today. Sister Luan is cooking lunch now? Stop cooking. Come over to my place with Xiao Bing later for lunch.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother immediately refused: “No need, no need. I am done with the ingredients.”

Qu Yunxuan thought for a while and said: “Then…… I had bought some fresh vegetables and meat. I will bring everything over and cook some dishes, and we can have lunch together.” Before Dong Xuebing and his mother could say anything, Qu Yunxuan walked out and returned with meat and vegetables. She also took out a white s.h.i.+rt from a bag and held it against Dong Xuebing. Qu Yunxuan smiles, flas.h.i.+ng her dimple: “Aunt had bought this s.h.i.+rt for you. I am not sure if it’s fit. Hmmm…… It should look good on you. Hurry try it on now. If it does not fit, I can change it to another size.”

Dong Xuebing embarra.s.sedly said: “How can I let you buy me a s.h.i.+rt? You don’t need to buy me anything.”

Qu Yunxuan blinked her eyes and playfully flicked Dong Xuebing’s nose: “Hurry and change into it.”

In the past, Qu Yunxuan would never have such actions when both of them were talking. Dong Xuebing blushed. But when he thought about being so close with the woman of his dreams, he could hardly contain his excitement. Dong Xuebing took off his t-s.h.i.+rt and changed into the white s.h.i.+rt.

Qu Yunxuan smiled and helped him with his b.u.t.tons: “Hmmm… quite fitting.”

Virtuous, caring and gentle. These were the words that represented Qu Yunxuan.

Although Dong Xuebing addressed her as Aunt Xuan, Qu Yunxuan was only older than him by a few years. She was still single. However, she was very matured. When Dong Xuebing’s father pa.s.sed away, and his mother returned back to the countryside to teach, Dong Xuebing was left alone in this rented apartment. It was Qu Yunxuan’s smile that gave him hope, and she accompanied him through the most challenging phase of his life. Qu Yunxuan would drop by his unit every few days to chat, console, encourage with him, and sometimes give him some home cook food. Dong Xuebing was grateful to her and slowly developed feelings for her. But he knew that he was not good enough for this beautiful woman. He could only keep his feelings to himself and did not tell anyone about this.

When Dong Xuebing’s mother saw Qu Yunxuan helping her son wear the s.h.i.+rt, she felt it was weird. She knew that when she was not in Beijing, Qu Yunxuan would sometime cook for her son. But this was very common among neighbors. Helping each other out are the duties of neighbors.

But Qu Yunxuan was too helpful, and Luan Xiaoping felt weird.

Could it be that Qu Yunxuan was interested in her son? Impossible. Both Qu Yunxuan and her son were not a good match. Even though Dong Xuebing was her son, but Luan Xiaoping got to admit that her son was not good enough for Qu Yunxuan and Qu Yunxuan would not fall for her son for no reason. Luan Xiaoping was well aware of where she and her son stands. When she thought about this, she looked at the both of them suspiciously: “Yunxuan, you have brought so much food over and still buy Xiaobing a s.h.i.+rt…… Why are you……”

“Xiao Bing, you did not tell Sis Luan about it?” Qu Yunxuan moved closer to Dong Xuebing.

“Ya.” Dong Xuebing was scared that his mother would get worried and he did not tell her about the accident.

Dong Xuebing’s mother asked: “What happened?”

Qu Yunxuan sighed, and tears start to well up in her eyes: “The day before yesterday, at the cross junction downstairs, an old man and I were nearly knocked down by a truck. Luckily Xiao Bing rushed over and saved us both. You did not see what happened. It was too dangerous. We almost……” Tears start to fall. She could not continue. During the accident, her mind was completely blank when the truck was closing in. Her legs were rooted to the ground, and she thought that she would be dead for sure. Qu Yunxuan did not expect Dong Xuebing to rush in and save her in such a dangerous situation. She was really shocked by what happened.

Dong Xuebing’s mother jumped: “Something like this happened?”

Qu Yunxuan wiped her tears and patted the back of Dong Xuebing’s head. She pursed her red lips and said: “Xiao Bing, I will not say how much I thank you for saving me. In the future, you will be my younger brother. Sister Luan, you should not treat me as an outsider too. If you and Xiao Bing need any help in the future, just let me know.”

Dong Xuebing said: “Aiya…… you do not need to do this.”

“What’s wrong?” Qu Yunxuan glanced at him: “You think I am not good enough to be your older sister?”

Dong Xuebing immediately wave his hand: “No, no. That is not what I meant.” Why do you want to be my older sister and not my wife? Dong Xuebing grumbled in his heart.

Dong Xuebing’s mother realized the seriousness of this accident and asked more about the details. She tapped Qu Yunxuan’s hand and said: “Wow… it was indeed very dangerous. Luckily all of you are alright. Yunxuan, you have been helping me take care of Xiao Bing these few years. We had never treated you as an outsider. Nowadays, it is rare to find such a sweet and caring woman. It is Xiao Bing’s fortune to have someone like you to be his sister.” Dong Xuebing’s mother really likes this gentle Qu Yunxuan. She was more than willing to be closer to Qu Yunxuan as she would be returning to the countryside next month. She would not worry too much if there was someone in Beijing looking after her son.

Qu Yunxuan moved slightly towards her right, closer to Dong Xuebing and stroke his head: “Don’t say that. It’s my honor.” Her thighs had touched Dong Xuebing’s knee. Her smooth skin colored stockings felt really good and tempting.

Dong Xuebing was feeling antsy and to hide his embarra.s.sment, he moved his head and rolled his eyes: “Aunt Xuan, I remembered that you are only older than me by a few years. Can you stop patting me on my head?” Although Dong Xuebing said that, he really like the way Aunt Xuan stroke and patted his head.

Dong Xuebing’s mother and Qu Yunxuan burst out laughing.

After a while, Dong Xuebing’s mother and Qu Yunxuan went into the kitchen together to cook.

They had lunch together, and Qu Yunxuan insisted on doing the dishes.

In the afternoon, when Dong Xuebing and his mother were not noticing, Qu Yunxuan took a rag and start wiping the windows.

That evening, Qu Yuxuan insisted on was.h.i.+ng the dishes again. No matter what Dong Xuebing and his mother said, it was no use.

7.30 pm

Qu Yunxuan washed the bubbles off her hands and walked out of the kitchen: “All the dishes are clean. I will go back first.”

Dong Xuebing was worried that she would be too tired: “Ok. You should hurry to go back and rest. You have been busy the whole day.”

“Your Aunt does not have lots of hobbies and cooking, doing household ch.o.r.es can be considered as my hobbies. Hee hee…. How can doing something I like be tired?” Qu Yunxuan’s smile was as sweet as candy. She removed the ap.r.o.n she was wearing and walked into the restroom. When she came out, she was holding a plastic basin full of dirty laundry. Those were all Dong Xuebing’s clothes he worn yesterday. “Your mother’s back is not very good and should not be tiring herself. I will help you wash these clothes and return to you tomorrow after they are dry.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother immediately said: “How can we let you do this? Xiao Bing can wash his own clothes.”

Dong Xuebing was blus.h.i.+ng and rushed forward to try to s.n.a.t.c.h that basin of laundry from her: “I can wash it by myself.”

Qu Yunxuan did not listen and hold on to the basin. When she saw Dong Xuebing refusing to let go of the basin, she laughed and raised one hand. She acted like she was going to hit people: “I will punch you. Hurry up and let go of the basin. If it was someone else, you think I will help to wash their laundry? I just want to help you have more time to prepare for your Civil Servant test.” Qu Yunxuan forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hed the basin and returned to her unit.

Dong Xuebing was feeling very embarra.s.sed. His underwear and socks were still in the basin.

But despite feeling embarra.s.sed, Dong Xuebing was also grateful for what happened. If he were slightly slower on that day of the accident, he would not see Qu Yunbing’s beautiful smile today, and he would be facing a cold and motionless dead body. He would regret his whole life.

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