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Chapter 9

Jiangnan did not feel that he had suffered much!

It was not like he could not support himself with hands and feet!

Many people in this world were more miserable than him!

Why did he have to hate the heavens and the people all day long?

Wasn’t this making things difficult for him!

But these two girls automatically made up their minds.

Jiangnan was covered in sweat. He held a plate of food with his thin body and roasted some skewers for them.

Just now, he was still using his head to chop bricks at the stall…

Your humble appearance was really handsome!

Xia Yao had a look of pity on her face, “Eat more. Look at how thin you are.”

Zhong Yingxue’s eyes were red as she blamed herself, “Why didn’t I find you earlier…”

Jiangnan, “…”

Hey, hey, hey!

What were you two secretly imagining?

I’m really not that tired, okay?

It was just roasting!

I sold hundreds of them at the entrance of the school!

It was better than working in the office to earn money, okay?

If not for the fact that he didn’t want to sell anymore, Jiangnan would probably still be selling right now…

Xia Yao handed over a bank card, “This is 100,000 yuan…”

Zhong Yingxue also rummaged through her bag, “I also have 50,000 here…”

Jiangnan said with a serious face, “Hey, although I’m handsome, romantic, and charming!”

“But I’m really not that kind of person!”

“You two… are you going to support me?”

[From Xia Yao’s Resentment Points + 999]

[From Zhong Yingxue’s Resentment Points + 666!]

Xia Yao gritted her teeth, “I’ll take care of your big head! I don’t like a big bald head like you!”

Zhong Yingxue rebuked, “Xiaonan! You’re being naughty again.”

Jiangnan shrunk his neck back and laughed.

This meal was delightful.

At the end of the meal, Xia Yao reached out to Jiangnan.

“What are you doing?”

“Give me your phone!”

Xia Yao looked at the phone handed over by Jiangnan. Its screen was broken into pieces, and he was still using it! She was really shocked!

“What kind of broken thing is this? I’ll change it for you later!”

Jiangnan pondered for two seconds and seemed to have made a serious decision!

“Sister Xia Yao, can I hold on to your long white leg? I don’t want to work hard…”

[From Xia Yao’s Resentment Points +333! ]

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Come and laugh; let’s take a photo!”

The three gathered together, and Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao held Jiangnan between them!

Xia Yao hugged Jiangnan by the neck, squeezing his face so hard that it was deformed.

“Come on, Xiaoxue! Come closer!”


In the photo, Xia Yao held Jiangnan, while Jiangnan’s deformed face smiled brightly. Zhong Yingxue half-leaned on Jiangnan’s shoulder and made the most popular gesture.

The Invincible Peace Sign!

“Haha, if not for your bald head being too s.h.i.+ny and reflecting light, it would have been perfect!”

Jiangnan, “…”

Zhong Yingxue laughed, “Send it to me later. I’ll make it my screensaver!”


In front of the counter, Jiangnan rushed to pay the bill.

“I already said that I’ll pay! You two help me sell the goods. You can’t do it for free, right?”

Xia Yao and Zhong Yingxue really couldn’t argue much.

“Boss, how much is it?”

“Three hundred and forty-one, just wipe it off with one piece!”

“Got it!”

Jiangnan glanced around and was just about to pay.

“Sorry, you don’t have enough balance!”

What the h.e.l.l? What’s the situation? How can it be insufficient? The farmer three punch was bought for 10,000 yuan each. Besides that, all of his goods just now were sold out.

He quickly opened his WeChat wallet.

He was dumbfounded.

Balance: 124.69 yuan!


Where was my money?

Where was my hard-earned money?

Jiangnan remembered every single one of the goods sold in his head. It should be 12469 yuan.

Why was it a hundred times less?

Was the decimal point wrong?

Did the app make a mistake?

Don’t scare me!

I was wrong, okay?

Jiangnan rubbed his eyes and looked again. There were really more than a hundred left!

The boss looked suspicious. What was going on?

Taking two beauties for a meal and you have no money?

“You… you don’t have money to pay me, do you?”

Jiangnan, “No! Wait for a bit!”

‘System, where is my money!’

‘Where is my hard-earned money that I earned through hard work?’

[Congratulations to the host! You have successfully paid the booth fee!]

[Within the area covered by the street cloth, the host will be in invincible mode!]

[The booth fee paid is automatically converted into skill points. The ratio is 100: 1! ]

[Congratulations to the host for opening the skill section!]

Congratulations? I f*cking congratulate your sister!

What’s the use of having that skill point?

To be able to flirt with a little sister, you still need to buy scallion pancakes!

What the h.e.l.l was this price!

[Any transaction completed on the stall will need to pay the stall fee. The earning will be divided into 9.99: 0.01!]

[The booth fee will be automatically converted into skill points for the host to learn skills! ]

F*ck your stupid system!

Jiangnan had heard of 50:50 and 90:10.

But what was this f*cking 99.9:0.1?

This f*cking dividend even had a decimal point?

Are you serious?

I’m going all out to get some money!

That’s all money!

My headband and underpants are all bought with my money.

As a result, the system drew 99.9% of my earning!

And just give me 0.01%?

Jiangnan immediately exploded!

Was this bit of money considered money to Jiangnan?

Tsk! It’s not money at all!

The f*cking fake system!

[The host insulted the system has been detected! Deducting money!]

As a result, Jiangnan watched helplessly as his balance changed from 124.69 to 24.69…




This big idi… invincible and handsome system was trying to kill me!

Jiangnan froze on the spot and looked pitifully at Zhong Yingxue, who was standing beside him!

The boss rolled his eyes. “Little brother, you can’t be serious!”

“You rushed to pay the bill, but you didn’t have enough balance?”

The boss’ eyes were like a piercing arrow!

Piercing his old heart!

Zhong Yingxue smiled and walked over to settle the bill, then patted Jiangnan on the shoulder.

Today, Jiangnan knew the taste of embarra.s.sment.

Don’t ask!

If you ask, he will just say that he forgot the pa.s.sword!

WeChat is not tied to the card! The phone has no battery!

Xia Yao, “What’s wrong? Why are you so slow?”

Zhong Yingxue smiled and said, “It’s fine! Jiangnan’s phone card…”

This sister was simply too good! She even knew to save face for Jiangnan.

He saw Jiangnan in a trance.

He didn’t even know how he returned to the alley entrance.

Zhong Yingxue did not forget to wave to him while the Mercedes-Benz was speeding away.

Why did they leave just like that?

Do you have to be so honest?

That fifty thousand… one hundred thousand or something…

Don’t you want to give it away?

Hey, I still have something to say!

Sister Yingxue! Sister Xia Yao! I’m not being unreasonable!

Don’t keep it!

I’m that kind of person!

Come back quickly… Don’t let my tears fall!

Jiangnan, who only had 24.69 left in his pocket, felt that the whole world was dark.

As he walked past the landlord’s barbecue stall, the noise and cursing made Jiangnan frown.

Glancing at the store, there was a fierce light in his eyes!

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