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Chapter 7

Jiangnan, who had just sold a bottle of “Farmer’s Three Punches”, tasted the sweetness!

How could he let go of this business opportunity?

Not only did he earn money, but he also earned a large amount of resentment!

Make a fortune and be well-off.

He immediately took out a pile of red bricks from his alternate dimension!

“Come, come, come, come, Ancient Farmer’s Three Punches!”

“Drink a mouthful, and you van easily crushed this red brick!”

“Drink two and kick the durian!”

“Drink three and stand straight up!”

“And live as a deity!”

“I’m not lying; I can smash the brick on the spot!”

He picked up a red brick and slapped it on his head as he spoke!

With a “bang” sound, it shattered.

The big guy was stunned, and soon, many people surrounded him.

“d.a.m.n it! It’s really amazing!”

“Can’t you even set up a special stall now?”

“The boss is too much!”

“Do you want to die just to earn money?”

Then someone said, “Boss, your brick is fake, right?”

Jiangnan was so angry that he stood up with the red brick, “Fake? Come! Let me try it on you.”

[From Song Xin’s Resentment Points + 666!]


Even if it was fake, I don’t dare to do it…

“Haha, the boss is tough. A real brick! Red color kiln brick! It’s hard!”

“This big brother knows what is good!”

At that moment, many people started to take videos, and more and more people gathered.

But when Jiangnan hacked more than twenty bricks!

His throat was hoa.r.s.e from shouting!

This group of people just watched the show and didn’t really want to buy it!

Jiangnan’s heart ached, wasn’t red brick also cost money?

If you don’t want to buy a Farmer’s Three Punches, you can buy a headband or underwear, right?

Was he shouting for nothing?

But at this time, there were bursts of exclamations from the crowd. More than half of the people had left, and they were all attracted to another place.

Jiangnan was still chopping bricks!

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Top grade beauty, I have never seen such a beautiful woman in my life!”

“This is comparable to those stars!”

“I love it!”

“Is this feeling of love at first sight?”

They saw Zhong Yingxue in a white dress, wearing a sun hat, and her long black hair hung down to her waist.

She was about 180cm tall, and her exposed calves were as white as suet jade.

Her facial features were even more beautiful as if she had walked out of a painting.

The hot pants beauty beside her was called Xia Yao.

She was even wilder.

Blue eyes, silvery-white short hair hanging down to the shoulders, hot pants and white legs, and a black vest!

Her delicate navel was exposed, and she was half a head taller than Zhong Yingxue.

Wherever the two walked, everyone’s eyes were attracted.

“How is it, Xiaoxue? Have you found it?”

Zhong Yingxue shook her head and looked around with her beautiful eyes that were like the sea of stars.

Xia Yao’s eyes lit up, “There are many people there. Let’s go and take a look!”

As she spoke, she ignored Zhong Yingxue’s resistance and pulled her towards Jiangnan’s stall…

In the end, she saw a bald man chopping bricks…

Zhong Yingxue was stunned on the spot!

She covered her mouth, tears soaking her eyes.

“Xiao Nan! Is that you?”

Jiangnan listened to the familiar voice and could not help but be stunned.

He raised his head and looked at the girl in front of him.

“Xue… Sister Xue?”

His heart was suddenly filled with great surprise!

Before he could speak, Zhong Yingxue ignored him.

She rushed up and hugged Jiangnan in her arms.

In an instant, his nose was filled with fragrance!

She hugged Jiangnan tightly!

Everyone instantly exploded!

“Oh my G.o.d! What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

“Is this bald boss that amazing?”

“The two beauties are looking for him? What is his background?”

“I saw the two of them driving a Mercedes-Benz G-Cla.s.s.”

“I’m envious…”

Xia Yao pouted her lips.

She was happy that Zhong Yingxue had found her brother.

At the same time, she felt that her beloved treasure had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

Humph! She had never even hugged Xiaoxue before!

“Wu… Sister Xue! I… I can’t breathe!”

Jiangnan struggled for a while and really couldn’t breathe because he was stuffed in her chest.

Hey hey hey! (?¯?¯?)

Only then did Zhong Yingxue realize that something was wrong, and she hurriedly let go, her face flushed red.

After a while, she wiped the brick dust off Jiangnan’s head.

“Why did you shave your head? And why you are chopping bricks here…”

Jiangnan scratched his head and said with a smile, “It’s hot in the summer, so I might as well shave it. And I need to save money!”

“As for the bricks… I think this kind of business is good!”

Zhong Yingxue’s eyes turned red again.

“Have you had a hard time in the past few years since you came out of the orphanage?”

Jiangnan did not care, “What’s the matter? When we were in the orphanage, what had we have not suffered?”

“Those with hands and feet would not starve to death.”

Both of them were orphans and grew up in Jiang City.

It could be said that they depended on each other.

When she was young, Jiangnan saved up one or two months of pocket money just to buy her a bag of white rabbit milk candy!

When she was bullied, it was always Jiangnan who blocked her way.

When Jiangnan was sick, she was always beside him in the bed.

The two orphans, who had no parents, had depended on each other since they were young and relied on each other to survive the most difficult years.

She had thought that it would continue like this.

But when Zhong Yingxue was 13 years old, she had awakened a fire ability in advance!

Moreover, it was a mutated white flame, and her talent had reached a terrifying S grade!

It was rare in the world!

In the end, she was adopted by the big family, the Zhong family, and became the focus of nurturing!

Even though Zhong Yingxue cried and screamed, she was still separated from Jiangnan.

After that, the two of them never saw each other again!

Jiangnan moved out of the orphanage when he was 16 and continued to work on his own until today!

He didn’t expect to meet Zhong Yingxue here today!

Xia Yao pouted and said, “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t treat me like air, okay?”

“Little baldy, I’m jealous of you!”

Jiangnan was stunned. What were you jealous about?


This Xia Yao, there was something wrong with how she looked at Zhong Yingxue!

Could it be that she had some improper thoughts about her sister?

As a big man!

At this moment, he should step forward bravely.

How could he let her succeed?

“How am I small? How do you know?”

Xia Yao was about to speak when she suddenly realized something was wrong. Her face turned red!

Then, she revealed her cute little tiger teeth!

The first thing that came up was an invincible throat locking!

[From Xia Yao’s Resentment Points +333! ]

She rolled her eyes at Jiangnan.

This girl called Xia Yao had such great strength!

Their bodies were pressed tightly together, and her heads were pressed under Xia Yao’s chest!

In the end, Jiangnan felt a heavy weight on his head…

Head… Head Pads?

“Alright, stop messing around! Xiao Nan is still so naughty!”

“Let’s have a meal together later. Let’s go back and talk!”

Xia Yao had no intention of letting Jiangnan off.

She had made up her mind to let him have a taste of her power!

“Wait… wait for me to finish selling the goods!”

Xia Yao pressed Jiangnan against a small stool like this, still maintaining a throat-locking posture, her entire weight pressing down on his back.

“Don’t even think about running! I’ll help you sell it!”

Jiangnan felt that the weight on his bald head was getting heavier and heavier.

This… how come it was so heavy?

It must be tiring to walk normally!

Do girls have a hard time with this?

Alas, there was no other way.

Who asked him to be kind-hearted?

Just help her share the weight!

Well… use my bald head!

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