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Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

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Chapter 5

“This… This is a f*cking superhuman punch!”

“What kind of terrifying power is this? Although our school’s testing machine is a basic version, it should still be able to withstand attacks below 5-star Bronze rank, right?”

“Strength-type Awakener can’t fly the testing machine, right?”

“I’m afraid you have forgotten! Nan Shen is the s.p.a.ce type Awakener…”

Everyone gasped. The students in the gymnasium had completely exploded.

Jiangnan scratched his head. He did not expect to smash the testing machine using all of his strength.

Was Vigorous Potion so terrifying?

Jiangnan scratched his head innocently, “Teacher… this, I don’t have to pay for this, right?”

[From Li Xiang’s Resentment Points + 999!]

[From Li Muyan’s Resentment Points + 999!]

[From w.a.n.g Tianyi’s Resentment Points + 999! ]

Compensate your sister?

Was this the main point?

Hey, hey, hey, was the so angry?

He wouldn’t make me pay, right?

The eyes of the supervising teacher also jumped!

Just now, he was watching from the side. Did high school students really make this punch?

He coughed twice to cover up his embarra.s.sment, “Go with your few cla.s.smates and bring the testing machine back!”

“Don’t worry; we can’t let you pay. It’s because our school hasn’t done our job!”

“Besides, our school should change a new testing machine!” w.a.n.g’s face turned completely black.

[From w.a.n.g Tianyi’s resentment value + 999!]

Jiangnan secretly laughed.

Teacher, don’t say anymore!

Besides, I’m afraid the was going to give you eye medicine!

After a while, a few students carried the testing machine on the playground back.

They began to doubt life—such a heavy thing.

It was at least seven or eight hundred pounds!

How did you blast so far away?

The students playing basketball on the sports ground were all scared silly!

This was the Great G.o.d of Year 3!

He blasted the testing machine out from the third floor of the gymnasium.

It scared them to death…

All the teachers and students looked at the testing machine that looked like it had been blown up by an armor-piercing bullet and fell silent.

Let Jiangnan punch it!

Although the display screen was flas.h.i.+ng a little, it was still holding on!

“Black Iron Seven Stars! Attack power ∞!”

Jiangnan’s name also rushed straight to the top of the ranking list.

“Hiss! I didn’t see wrong right! Nan Shen’s terrifying attack power is only Black Iron Seven Stars?”

“Attack power ∞! What?”

w.a.n.g Tianyi looked at the broken testing machine and pretended to be calm, “Well… it doesn’t seem to be too serious, it can still be used after a repair!”

As a result…


The testing machine completed its final mission and exploded with sparks, completely shutting down…

[From w.a.n.g Tianyi’s Resentment Points + 999!]

What the h.e.l.l was this?, was it really good for you to be so diligent and thrifty?

The supervising teacher said, “I remember that you are an Awakener of the s.p.a.ce System. Why is your strength…”

Jiangnan said casually, “Ah! Yesterday, I set up a stall at Jiangnan’s night market and was punched by someone. He punched me and awakened the Strength-type System…”

The supervising teacher, “??”, “??”

Li Muyan, “What?”

Jiangnan had already thought of this excuse!

“I was wondering why he looked so familiar. Wasn’t Nan Shen the one who beat up the university student with a small stool yesterday?”

“That’s true. What the f*ck? Double Awakener?”

“Awaken by being punched? Is it so casual…”

All the eyes of Martial Spirit Cla.s.s 1 instantly focused on Li Muyan.

Their face was full of understanding!

So that was what happened!

Yesterday, Jiangnan broke Li Muyan’s boyfriend! That was why we had that conversation in the morning…

The supervising teacher smiled and said, “Yes, this is your opportunity. I will report it to the school. It is one in ten thousand chance for a Dual-type Awakener to appear.”

“I will give you another spiritual bead every month!”

Jiangnan’s eyes lit up, “Thank you, teacher!”

Jiangnan walked up to Li Muyan after he got off the stage.

With a bashful expression, he said, “When you go to the hospital later, say thank you to brother w.a.n.g. If not for him, I really wouldn’t have awakened a second time.”

Li Muyan gritted her teeth.

[From Li Muyan’s Resentment Points + 999!]

The surrounding students looked at Jiangnan with even more jealousy.

Being punched could awaken you a second time?

Was there such a good thing in this world?

Wasn’t this idea too good?

Do you want to contact Li Muyan as well?

Why don’t you punch me too?

The supervising teacher said, “Alright, next, cla.s.s one, Liu Wuquan!”


“Students, the test will be delayed for a month. Wait until the new testing machine is in place before the test is conducted again!”

Only then did he realize that Jiangnan had already destroyed the testing machine with a single punch.

[From the supervising teacher, the resentment value +200!]

[From Liu Wuquan’s Resentment Points + 666]

The system’s resentment value list refreshed crazily, and the students who were not tested contributed a wave of resentment to Jiangnan!

Jiangnan expressed that his cla.s.smates were too cute.

If there were a next time, he would definitely change his ways!


Try to destroy the testing machine as soon as possible!

It was very naughty!

Just like that, the monthly test ended early with a single punch from Jiangnan.

When the crowd dispersed, Li Xiang ran over and coldly said, “Don’t be happy too early. With that trash talent of yours, so what if you are a dual-element Awakener?”

“It’s only for a short period of glory. Sooner or later, we’ll leave you behind!”

Jiangnan made a fist gesture and said, “What? A human-shaped excavator! Is your skull harder than a t.i.tanium alloy testing machine?”

Li Xiang, “…”

[From Li Xiang’s resentment value + 888.]

“Humph! Just wait and see!”

Looking at Li Xiang’s back, Jiangnan was very happy.

After w.a.n.g Lin, this guy became his second crop to harvest, and he provided almost 30,000 resentment points! He had to take good care of this!

After school, Jiangnan rode his bicycle straight to Jiang City’s night market!

On the way, he had already started to calculate his money-making plan!

Jiang City night market, Sell Vigorous in the stall!

When Jiangnan arrived, he activated his s.p.a.ce ability, and a s.p.a.ce door suddenly opened beside him.

As a s.p.a.ce system Martial Spirit Warrior, perhaps he could not do anything else.

However, the only benefit was opening up an alternate dimension to store things.

With Jiangnan’s current strength, he could only open a 3m square s.p.a.ce and maintain it without much effort.

Many of his goods were placed in the alternate dimension!

It was convenient!

The square stall was laid flat on the ground, and the goods were neatly arranged.

The only difference was that there were ten more bottles of mineral water on the stall! (TL note: The small mineral water)

The bottle cap had obviously been opened, and the trademark was also torn.

The bottle had four big words written on it with a marker pen.

“Farmer’s Three Punches!”

This was the Vigorous Potion that Jiangnan had drunk!

“Come, come, come, and take a look!”

“Underwear, headband, it’s cheap!”

“Plus the ancient farmer’s three punches! It’s a bargain!”

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