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Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

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Chapter 3

He locked the bicycle on the old locust tree in his apartment’s backyard.

The twenty-five-square-meter apartment was not big, but Jiangnan neatly packed it.

Under the bed, there were a lot of goods.

Jiangnan didn’t care about his hungry stomach. He pulled the curtains, and Spirit Cleansing Fruit fell into his hand with a thought.

Looking at the red fruit in his hand that looked like plum, Jiangnan swallowed.

“What are you afraid of! There is nothing to lose!”

As he spoke, he swallowed the Spirit Cleansing Fruit!

It melted in the mouth…

And then it disappeared just like that!


What happened to the Spirit Cleansing?

Even if he ate a plum, it would still bring a bit of sweetness, right?

After five minutes, Jiangnan suddenly felt that his sense of spiritual energy had become even more apparent. Moreover, it was crazily gathering towards his body.

In the blink of an eye, his cultivation had reached the Black Iron Seven Stars!

Jiangnan could feel that his talent had really increased!

Although he didn’t know what level his talent had reached, it definitely wouldn’t be grade E anymore.

His heart was filled with excitement!

His hands were trembling!

However, when Jiangnan came back to his senses, he hurriedly touched his body and found nothing was missing.

Fortunately, there are no missing parts!

After drinking Vigorous Potion, he became bald.

Who knew what side effects this Spirit Cleansing Fruit would have?

Jiangnan was still worried. He took off all of his clothes and examined them inch by inch.

Just as he was checking the most important parts of his body.

“Brother Jiangnan, you came back so late. You must not have eaten, right?”

“I made a bowl of noodles for you…”

The door was pushed open. A delicate girl in a floral dress and a ponytail stood at the door with a bowl of noodles.

The first thing he saw was Jiangnan, who was frozen in place!

It was white as snow.

Her hands were trembling because she was too excited…

The girl opened her mouth wide and looked at Jiangnan. Then she looked at the crumpled paper ball in the trash can…

She suddenly understood something!

Her pretty face turned red.

She slammed the door shut.

“The noodles… the noodles are at the door. You can eat them when Brother Jiangnan is done!”

Jiangnan, “?”

Hey, hey, hey!

What do you mean by eating after you’re done?

Do you have a misunderstanding?

Do you think I’m doing something strange?

Before Jiangnan could explain, the little girl had already run away with a red face.

The noodles are delicious but a little salty…

Don’t ask; it was the taste of tears!

He could only wait until he had the time to explain. Anyway, she was the landlord’s daughter, and she was in the same high school as him. It was easy to contact her.

Jiangnan, who had calmed down, began to study the system carefully.

Looking at the resentment value, it was more than 110,000.

Because he had beaten up w.a.n.g Lin and earned a lot, Li Muyan also provided a lot.

It was enough to draw another ten times in a row!

Thinking about it, wouldn’t it be nice if he could get another was.h.i.+ng fruit?

[Lucky Wheel! Ten consecutive draws start!]

[Thank you for your patronage! ] A consolation prize, a Vigorous Potion!

[Thank you for your patronage!]……


After ten times, Jiangnan’s face was already black!

It was darker than coal.

Thanks for your sister’s patronage? Why does this “Thank you for your patronage?” option appear on the lucky wheel?

Wasn’t my head already bald enough?

There were ten more “bottles” of Vigorous Potion in the inventory.

Wait a minute!

He could set up a stall to sell Vigorous Potion!

Although you will be bald after drinking, he couldn’t bear to create miracles vigorously!

He could also earn resentment points along the way!


Having made up his mind, Jiangnan lay on the bed and took out the phone he had bought from the stall for fifty yuan.

He wanted to check his phone for a while before going to sleep.

In the end, he found the WeChat group of the Martial Spirit Cla.s.s 1.

The group was chatting fiercely.

“Hey! Brothers and sisters, did you see the video of the night market bald man beating up the students of Martial Spirit University on Weibo? The number of views is more than 400,000!”

“What’s the situation? Send it to see!”

In the end, someone sent a small video.

In the video, the bald Jiangnan, who was wearing a h.e.l.lo Kitty short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt, was riding on w.a.n.g Lin.

He used a small stool to smash him!

“This baldy is so fierce?”

“This is too miserable! It hurts even through the screen!”

“Then, if I’m not mistaken, the person who was beaten should be a bronze-level power system spirit martial artist, right?”

“This bald man doesn’t look very strong. He has the strength to crush him. He actually came out to set up a stall?”

“Experts are among the common people!”

Jiangnan laughed secretly through the screen, not expecting to be video.

However, his hands were shaking!

“Hey, why does this bald man look like our cla.s.s Jiangnan?”

“Him? Forget it. How can he beat a Bronze-level Power Awakener like that?”

“That’s true. He only rose to 3-star black iron rank in three years with the spiritual bead given to him every month just because he was a s.p.a.ce system awakener, tsk!”

“After tomorrow’s monthly test, we won’t be cla.s.smates anymore, right?”

“Let’s go early!”

“Good, good, good!”

Looking at the group chat, Jiangnan didn’t say anything and just sneered.

“Tomorrow?” Jiangnan had no intention of leaving!

“Just wait and see!”

“Wait a minute. Is that our cla.s.s Li Muyan who helped the brother who was beaten up behind the video?”

“What? It’s really her!”

“I really heard that she had a boyfriend from Martial Spirit University!”

“@Li Muyan, what’s going on, Sister Yan?”

“@Li Muyan, why did you fight? Tell us about it.”

“@Li Muyan, is your partner alright?”

[From Li Muyan’s Resentment Points + 555]

The system refreshed Li Muyan’s Resentment Points crazily.

Jiangnan was overjoyed! He immediately felt that his cla.s.smates were too cute. Obviously, this girl was also watching the group!

How could she not be angry? She was still helping w.a.n.g Lin sew needles in the hospital…

Therefore, Jiangnan also sent a message.

Nan Shen, “@Li Muyan, is the wifi in the hospital fast? I really envy those of you who have fast Internet! My Data is almost running out… “

[From Li Muyan’s Resentment Points + 999]

Do you think I come here just for the internet?

Can you be any more shameless?

Who’s fault do you think it was!

She did not speak from the beginning to the end, but the system’s resentment points were constantly refres.h.i.+ng.

Until Jiangnan fell asleep, it was still refres.h.i.+ng…

The woman remembered her hatred… tsk, tsk, tsk.

The next day, Jiangnan, who was in a good mood, met the lady from the landlord’s house as soon as he went out. She carried her schoolbag and was ready to go to school.

“Little Sister Yuqing, yesterday I…”

Zhou Yuqing glanced at Jiangnan, and her face turned red again.

She said shyly, “Brother Jiangnan, you should rest early tonight and pay more attention to your health!”

After saying that, she shook her ponytail and ran away.

Jiangnan wanted to cry but had no tears, “I can’t explain it clearly…”

Sis, listen to me!

I really am not that kind of person.

I just want to check my body. The trash can was filled with mucus!

Jiangnan, who was wearing a cap to cover his bald head, rode his bicycle and arrived at Jiang City First High School.

The monthly test was about to begin!

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