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Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

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Chapter 8: Not Worthy to Be Your Father

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Andrew’s throat felt like it was blocked by a ball of cotton. Old Master Walton could not help but wipe the corners of his eyes. George’s voice was also hoa.r.s.e. “Mia, Eldest Uncle believes in you. You don’t have to admit what you didn’t do.”

Andrew quickly nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. Our Mia didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no need to admit to anything.”

Amelia was originally expressionless, but hearing that, she pouted, and tears rolled down her cheeks silently. It was as if she had held back her tears for a long time, and now she finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

Even though she was crying, Amelia still looked stubborn. “But Daddy doesn’t believe Mia. Daddy said that I killed my younger brother, and Grandpa also said that it was Mia’s fault. He said that Mia was disobedient and Mia shouldn’t be released.” She was like a small boat in a lonely sea that had finally found an island to rely on. She was like a child who had finally found an adult to support her, crying about her sorrows. No matter how sensible she was, she was only three years old this year. She would also feel aggrieved and sad. She couldn’t understand why her father and grandfather treated her like this.

Andrew suppressed his anger and said, “That person is not worthy of being your father!”

George stopped him in a low voice. “Eighth Brother, watch your words.”

Andrew could only shut up, but his heart was filled with anger and displeasure. When he thought of Jonathan waiting outside, he wished he could rush out and beat Jonathan up!

Amelia’s body wasn’t in good condition to begin with, so she fell asleep after crying for a while. The Walton family quietly left the ward, and Andrew, who was outside the door, couldn’t help but ask, “Eldest Brother, are we going to let the Miller family go just like that?” Just making the Miller family go bankrupt was not enough to smooth over the anger in their hearts!

George slowly rolled up the sleeves of his s.h.i.+rt and said indifferently, “Eight against one, is that enough?” The eight of them would beat up Jonathan!

Hearing George’s words, the eyes of the Walton brothers lit up, and a trace of ruthlessness appeared in their eyes. Andrew rolled his wrists and cracked his knuckles. The fifth brother, Eric, was in engineering and construction. His skin was a little darker than the other brothers. He had an irritable personality. He immediately scoffed and casually took out a steel bar. This was his professional habit.

The gentle and refined third uncle, Henry, said gently, “Everyone, be careful. This is a lawful society. How can you brazenly hit someone?” After saying that, he turned his head and stopped a nurse. He asked gently, “h.e.l.lo, do you have a sack?”

The nurse was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted. “Yes, our pharmacy has snakeskin bags and cardboard boxes…” She thought that the Walton brothers wanted to store things, so she thought that cardboard boxes should be better than sacks.

Henry smiled. “Okay, thank you. A sack will do.” Of course a sack was better for beating people up.

The other brothers of the Walton family: “…”

At the end of the corridor of the hospital’s VIP ward, although there was only one door between them, the temperature was polarized. Outside the corridor, the cold wind whistled. Jonathan was about to freeze to death, and he kept complaining in his heart. He had been waiting here for the entire night. It was already dawn, but the Walton family had yet to appear! Old Master Miller could not stand it anymore in the latter half of the night and left him alone to wait. Before he left, he even reminded him not to leave and to let the Walton family see their sincerity.

It was the dead of winter and the temperature at night could freeze people to death. Jonathan felt that he was about to freeze. He was cold, hungry, and sleepy. He wanted to go back and take a hot bath and have a good sleep, not wait here. The more he thought about it, the more Jonathan could not stand it. He made up his mind and prepared to go back first.

In the underground parking lot, Jonathan shrunk his neck and yawned as he made a call. “Remember to get the people from the hospital to guard it well. Tell me as soon as the Walton family comes out…” Before he could finish speaking, Jonathan felt his vision turn black. Something was wrapped around him. Before he could shout, fists fell with a crackling sound. Jonathan wailed, “Who are you? What are you doing!”

The brothers of the Walton family didn’t say a word and beat Jonathan viciously. Actually, they didn’t need to do it themselves, but Jonathan was different! When they thought of the injuries on Amelia’s body and how she carefully asked them if she could eat, and if she would be beaten… they couldn’t suppress their anger!

Jonathan screamed in pain. He could not fight back at all. “Stop… Stop…” He held his head and hunched his body. He did not forget to threaten them. “Do you know who I am? I’m the CEO of the Miller Corporation, Jonathan Miller. If you dare to offend me, believe it or not…”

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