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Chapter 4: Miller Family, Very Well

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In a daze, Amelia felt that she fell into a warm embrace. The man seemed to have taken off his clothes and wrapped them around her. She was almost frozen, so when she felt the slightest warmth, she hugged it tightly.

After a while, she opened her eyes with difficulty and saw the man in her arms clearly. The man looked a little like her mother, yet not completely. She looked at him for a long time before asking weakly, “Are you… Little Uncle? Little Uncle, Mia didn’t push anyone…” She murmured instinctively, and her pupils were a little unfocused.

Andrew’s tears almost fell. Mia’s body was cold like an ice sculpture. Her face was purple from the cold, and her lips were dry and cracked. This gave Andrew the illusion that the child in his arms would shatter if he touched her.

“Mia, Little Uncle is here. Little Uncle is here to take you home…” Andrew’s voice was choked with sobs. He didn’t dare to imagine how Mia had lived until now. He didn’t dare to imagine if they had come a little later, would Mia have died?

“Mia, can you hold on a little longer… Don’t sleep…” Andrew’s voice was pleading. “Don’t sleep, okay? Mia, respond to Little Uncle, respond to Little Uncle…”

Unfortunately, she had already pa.s.sed out.

Old Master Walton’s legs were slow. He walked towards Andrew shakily and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong? Where’s Mia?”

Andrew moved the figure wrapped in his clothes. “Quick, go to the hospital!”

The Walton family’s hearts were in their throats. They immediately got into the car and went to the hospital. At this moment, Jonathan, who had just received the news, hurriedly went downstairs with suppressed ecstasy and excitement on his face. Just now, when the Walton family rushed into the neighborhood, they were stopped by the guard. Andrew directly mentioned the Walton family’s name, and the guard called Jonathan to tell him. Jonathan, who was racking his brains to build a relations.h.i.+p with the Walton family, thought that he was dreaming when he heard that the Walton family was coming to visit him! Although he did not know why the Walton family suddenly came to look for him, no matter what, since the Walton family was here, he had a chance to build a relations.h.i.+p with the Walton family!

Thinking of that, Jonathan turned to the servant and said, “Is that brat Amelia still kneeling in the yard? Drag her out now!” That walking disaster jinxed her own mother, and was now jinxing his company! The Walton family had finally come, he could not let that jinx, Amelia, ruin things!

From Andrew breaking in and bringing Amelia away, it happened so fast that the people in the Miller family didn’t have time to react.

Jonathan, who was in a hurry, didn’t see Andrew taking Amelia away. He came out a little late and saw George Walton, the eldest son of the Walton family, getting into the car and leaving. He ran over at once. “Aiyo, President Walton, what brings you here? Come in and have a seat.”

Jonathan’s face was full of smiles. At the same time, Old Master Miller and Old Madam Miller, who had received the news, brought the servants out to welcome him. All of their faces were filled with warm smiles. They were close to bowing 90 degrees in front of George Walton.

George Walton, the current head of the Walton Corporation, the cold-faced CEO of the Walton Corporation! The Walton family was one of the four big families in Buffalo. Who wouldn’t want to curry favor with them? However, you could not meet someone from a big family with such a background just because you wanted to. The Walton family was low-key and mysterious. Outsiders only knew that the Walton family had eight sons, but very few people had seen them. Only George Walton occasionally appeared in financial newspapers because of his work, so Jonathan could recognize George Walton at a glance.

“President Walton, please come in. It’s too cold outside. Let’s talk inside.” Old Master Miller was panting, but he tried his best to remain calm.

“Yes, yes, yes. President Walton, please come in and have a cup of hot tea.” Jonathan was also full of smiles. Facing a legendary figure like George Walton, they wished they could turn into bootlickers. The Miller family’s crisis was a disaster for the Miller family, but to George Walton, it could be resolved with just a word. As long as George Walton was willing to help the Miller family, not only could the Miller family be revived, but they might even be able to enter the top ten most powerful families in Bradford City.

George was expressionless as he sized up Jonathan with a sharp gaze. Was this Mia’s father? His eyes were cold as he said coldly, “The Miller family, very well.” After saying that, he did not bother to say anything else and got into the car to leave.

The Miller family members stood rooted to the ground in confusion and fear.

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