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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Third Elder!”

The Second Elder shouted out in shock, his voice trembling. Seeing the Third Elder who was as close to him as a brother having his throat slit, the sight of the blood gus.h.i.+ng out drove a stabbing pain into his heart, and made his eyes burn.

His pair of hands clenched up, the knuckles on his fists making a crackling sound, as an intense hatred boiled within his chest, like sizzling hot lava, threatening to burst out from his chest.

The Family Head was dead, and among the four Elders, he was the only one left. The Xu Mansion was also burning as the blazing flames raged, and it was expected that the place would finally fall into ruin. The Xu Family, had fallen…..

And all of it, was caused by the one person before his eyes!

[She must be killed! Only by killing her, would he be able to vent out the fiery rage within him! Only by killing her, would he be able to let the spirits of the one hundred and thirty four lives in the Xu Mansion rest in peace!]


With a cold steely flash, a long sword was suddenly snaked out from within his sleeve, its sharp point angled to the ground. His malicious and murderous gaze was locked upon the figure in red before him, mystical energy infused thickly with murder flaring out from his body. He was summoning out every single ounce of power within him to the surface, to commit himself to this battle to the death!

At the moment they saw the Third Elder was killed, the bodies of the four Team Leaders stiffened, and instinctively wanting to run away, but, their bodies had just readied to sprint away when several silver needles shot them in the back of their necks. The four men groaned and their bodies froze a moment, before falling limply to the ground, tumbling right into the roaring flames.


Screams of agony came out from within the flames, as the four people rolled, their bodies on fire, struggling to stand up to escape. In the end, they were engulfed and consumed by the merciless fire…..

“This old man stakes his reputation as an Elder of the Xu Family and will hereby vow! Even if I am to die, I will drag you down along with me!”

The Second Elder’s sinister voice rang out, and his mystical energy flared, as Qi of the sword shot out from his sword’s point. The visible sword’s Qi was like a venomous snake, flying at a blinding speed towards his opponent. The speed that he moved at, the viciousness of his strike, was led by his strong determination to send his opponent to his death!

Seeing that, Feng Jiu did not dare to be careless as she imbued mystical energy into the dagger she held in her hand in response. As the sword and dagger clashed, the clangor resounded, as sharp and malicious gusts of Qi spilled out from between the two, whistling loudly as it sliced through the air.

Down below, seeing that the Second Elder’s attacks were vicious and fatal, the grey robed old man’s eyes deepened, his face showing displeasure as he eyed the two people higher up on top.

To him, the girl was too useful to him, for her to be killed just like this.

But, when he saw that the girl was able to remain completely unharmed after receiving so many strikes from the Second Elder, the eyes that were gazing upon her unconsciously showed some surprise. Afterall, from what he had seen, since she had already shown herself to be skilled in boundary barriers and Medicine, he had thought she would undoubtedly be unable to cope with battle skills cultivation on top of that. But against all expectations, she had surprised him once more.

That’s right. Surprise.

He had thought that she would not be able to unravel the boundary barrier he erected and the moment she stepped into it, she was bound to be trapped. But she had been able to pa.s.s through unscathed without even alerting him as the person who set it up, that had obviously told him, that her barrier cultivation was more profound that he had imagined.

And, he was even more certain, on her, there would definitely be ancient texts on boundary barriers that he had never researched before!

When that thought came into his mind, his eyes lit up. Boundary barrier ancient texts!

He had never thought that he would stumble across such a treasure within a measly nine grade little country like this. But since he came across it, he would never let it slip away!

Together with the girl, he wanted them all!

He concealed his excitement as his gaze fell upon the highly alluring figure, imagining the kind of flawless beauty that hid behind that mask, his heart harbouring secret intentions. After he got his hands on the boundary barrier ancient texts, this eye grabbing and flamboyant girl would then be made to become a repository source for his cultivation!