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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Leng Shuang had brought him over to her room and once Feng Jiu entered the room, she was overwhelmed with the stench of blood that hung heavily in the air.

She came to the bed and saw that his top had already been removed and he was lying on his tummy, his whole face was deathly pale.

Looking at the long gash across his back, her eyes stirred and she quickly reached out to take his pulse.

Leng Shuang who was standing anxiously beside her quickly report, “Little Hua’s injury on the back is the worst one of all, the other injuries are all just superficial wounds and some abrasions. When I brought him in, the blood had coagulated but he was already unconscious.”

Feng Jiu probed his pulse and her gaze rested on his feet. His boots were still on however they were drenched completely in blood and there were also quite a few holes in them.

She reached into her sleeves and took out a brown pill and placed it in Leng Hua’s mouth. She then took another bottle of medicine and pa.s.sed it to Leng Shuang. “Take off his boots and help him clean up the wounds on his feet.”


Leng Shuang quickly held onto the bottle of medicine preciously and carefully removed the boots. Her tears started falling when she saw that his feet was in a terrible state – broken skin, blisters all over and blood everywhere. Hot tears could not stop as she tried her best to clean up the wounds, using her sleeves to wipe off her sniffles and tears as she went along.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu comforted her: “Although the wound on his back is deep, fortunately the blood had dried up or else the journey here which takes about four hours would have already taken away his life. As for his feet, it’s just some skin trauma, with the proper care and medication, he’ll recover in a couple of days, there’s no danger.”

She was now most worried about her Brother, Leng Hua was now unconscious so she could not find out what had happened.

After listening to her words, Leng Shuang finally calmed down.

After she had finished applying the medicine and wrapping up his feet, Leng Shuang realised that her Mistress was already no longer in the room. She went out and saw Feng Jiu standing in the courtyard. She asked: “Mistress, may I go out and investigate what had happened?”

Feng Jiu shook her head, “No, we’ll wait for Leng Hua to wake up first, no one knows what had happened better than him.”

“Do not worry, Young Master will be fine.”

“Yeah.” Feng Jiu nodded absentmindedly. When Leng Hua wakes up, call me.” After which she returned to her own room.

Once she entered her room, she quickly went into the Spatial Spirit Palace and with the flick of her wrist, a bottle of medicine appeared in her palm.

This was a medicine that could enhance her cultivation. However, this was the first time she had refined this medicine and she had yet to test out its efficiency and did not know whether there will be any side effects.

The little phoenix saw her staring intently at the bottle in her palm, and he could not hold in his curiosity and toddled over with his little legs and asked in a baffled tone: “What’s with that bottle?”

“I want to enhance my cultivation and advance to the peak stage.” She gripped the bottle tighter in determination.

Little Fire Phoenix looked at her wide eyed, bewildered.

“Have you gone mad?! You are currently at the Mid level Mystical Warrior stage, even if you want to charge up to the peak stage, even with the aid of this Spatial Spirit Palace, you’ll still need at least six months to achieve it! If you’re going to forcefully push through and if something crops up, completely crippling your current cultivation is one thing, what if you even lose your life along with it?! Do you know the gravity of the situation?”

Seeing that she did not have a single reaction, but only had her gaze fixated on the bottle in her hands, he quickly added: “There’s more! Mystical cultivation also needs martial arts besides cultivating solely on mystical powers. Only when both aspects are joined together could a mystical Warrior be able to bring out the best qualities and exhibit the greatest power. So even if your mystical powers have increased, with little comprehension in martial arts, it’s also useless. Do you know that?”

“Guan Xi Lin is in danger.”

She narrowed her eyes in resolution. “He is my brother, I can not ignore this matter.”