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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Without question, and without a moment’s hesitation, Leng Shuang answered respectfully and immediately turned around to relay the orders to the Black Guards.

Upon receiving the orders, the Black Guards immediately carried it out. As Elder Yan had instructed them, that they were to unconditionally comply to that person’s arrangements, and to not show the slightest disrespect to him.

Once the order to seal the mountain was issued, several travelers who were presently within the mountain come to admire the blossoms would naturally have to be driven away. Afterall, the Peach Blossom Monastery was on land that was privately owned and it was up to the owner whether he chose to allow people to come view the blossoms at the peach blossom forest, and if he refused, they would just have to leave.

As it was still rather early in the day, there hadn’t been too many people in the peach blossom forest and it had only taken less than an hour to drive all the travelers out from the Peach Blossom Monastery’s boundaries.

At that moment, Feng Jiu came to a pavilion yard within the Peach Blossom Monastery and she saw an elderly person dressed in grey robes sweeping the ground in the yard. She stopped in her tracks and asked: “All the servants here have left, why are you still here?”

The grey robed old man turned around holding the broom and looked at the red figure standing with his hands behind his back under the peach blossom tree in the yard to say: “I’ve swept these grounds for more than ten years and cannot bear to leave this place anymore.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu revealed a smile, her gaze falling upon the figure of the grey robed old man and a indiscernible glint flashed in her eyes before she said: “If you can’t bear to leave, then continue to remain here then!”

The old man was surprised momentarily, he cast her a thoughtful glance before he continued to sweep the ground, no longer speaking.

Feng Jiu did not care about that and she turned away. After she left, the old man stopped and looked in the direction she left, and slowly retracted his gaze and continued to sweep the floor.

The grey robed old man was surprised as he glanced at the red figure and then went back to sweeping the floor, not saying another word.

Feng Jiu was unbothered as she turned and left. After she left, the old man paused and gazed in the direction the figure had disappeared before turning back to continue with his sweeping once again.

When Murong Yi Xuan who was accompanying Feng Qing Ge arrived at the Peach Blossom Monastery, they discovered that the Peach Blossom Monastery’s new owner had ordered for the entire mountain to be sealed for three days.

Upon finding that out, he turned to Feng Qing Ge beside him and said: “We came at the wrong time. The place has been sealed for three days. We can only come back three days later.”

As the mountain was sealed, Feng Qing Ge was feeling rather unhappy as she said: “Will you come with me three days later? What if you tell me you are busy at that time?”

Hearing that, Murong Yi Xuan smiled slightly and said in a gentle voice: “I won’t. Since I promised you, I will definitely keep my word.”

“That won’t do, since we are already here, even if we can’t go up the mountain, should we at least tour around the surrounding areas?” Saying that, she held onto Murong Yi Xuan’s arm and continued on: “Big Brother Murong, walk around with me!”

“Alright.” He nodded his head in agreement.

Hearing that, Feng Qing Ge’s face lit up and she said happily: “Big Brother Murong, you’re the best!”

Murong Yi Xuan smiled but did not say anything, but just accompanied her to stroll around as they took in the surrounding scenery.

Maybe it was because she detected his cold indifference, Feng Qing Ge was feeling slightly distraught. Her steps came to a stop suddenly as she looked at the person beside her. Biting on her lower lip gently, her voice tinged with a little aggrievement, she asked: “Big Brother Murong, do you not like me anymore?”

Murong Yi Xuan was startled and said: “What makes you say that?”

“Recently, I have been feeling that you seem rather indifferent towards me and unenthusiastic when you’re with me.” She glanced at him and then lowered her gaze: “In the past, you were not like this. Do you not like me anymore?”

“Silly girl, that’s not true.” He smiled as he stroked her head. “It’s just that my heart is slightly troubled that’s all.”

“Huh?” She raised her eyes up to look at him inquiringly.

Murong Yi Xuan laughed and said: “The Ancient Sacred Beast descended in the Nine Entrapment Woods and till now, there has still been no news on who has gotten it. That incident had even attracted many powerful pugilist from other countries to come here and it is a matter that is of great importance to the Imperial Family. My heart has been rather troubled by this recently and my mood has in turn been affected, which must be what led to your imagination running wild.”