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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Brother in law, where are we going?” After coming out through the city gates, she started sizing up the people around.

At that moment, Ling Mo Han stopped his steps and glanced at the little beggar to say in a deep voice: “You’re already out here, don’t follow me anymore.”

Feng Jiu was startled a moment and she quickly continued on to say with a sweet smile: “Oh Brother in law! What are you saying?” The uncle had actually been aware that she wanted to come out through the city gates! That was to be expected now that she thought about it, as the man did not look to be from common stock and her petty tricks should have been pretty obvious to him. But what surprised her was that he still helped her even after being wise to her chicanery.

Seeing him walking away quickly with wide strides, Feng Jiu hastened to catch up. “Brother in…..” Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted.

“I am not your brother in law, stop addressing me that way.” The deep voice was a deep baritone, cold and hard, the very personification of masculinity.

“Have I really mistaken you for someone else? My sister told me my brother in law has a really bushy beard is easily recognisable.” She jogged alongside him and began to scrutinise him carefully from head to toe. Suddenly, she grinned widely and said: “Heh heh, maybe, just maybe, I might have really gotten the wrong guy. You see, my brother in law should be a tad bit younger than you.”

Ling Mo Han continued on his way, completely ignoring the little beggar at his side. From the way he looked at it, a little beggar with some smarts but did not practise any cultivation in the slightest did not deserve his attention and hence, he quickened his steps forward, a few times faster than he had been in the city.

In regards to his suddenly increased speed, Feng Jiu was suddenly intrigued as she thought to herself: [Watching his steps, they seem to tread lightly upon the ground, but at the same time, they seemed to just flit across without touching. He was moving extremely quickly but it was quite different from her own Traceless on Snow Cloud Treading Steps.

“Uncle! Uncle! Wait for me!” It wasn’t that she really wanted to stick to him but there was only one road after coming out through the city gates. Moreover, she really couldn’t afford to dilly dally to follow that man around as she needed to go find some herbs to counter the poison within her body!

Remembering that fact only reminded her off the fact that Su Ruo Yun wasn’t just malicious. Despite her body’s original owner having treated Su Ruo Yun exceptionally well, Su Ruo Yun had not only robbed her of her ident.i.ty, Su Ruo Yun had even sold her to a brothel for her to be tormented and humiliated to her death. Tsk tsk, this woman, was really more venomous than a scorpion.

But, according to the original Feng Qing Ge’s memories, this Su Ruo Yun seemed to have been just like her, having come from the twenty first century as well? And she must be well versed in medicine as well or she wouldn’t have been able to create a mask that looked exactly like her.

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. Something that she had initially felt to be endlessly dull seemed to be getting more and more interesting!

When Ling Mo Han who was a distance further up front heard the repeated shouts of uncle, a corner of his mouth began to twitch. He subconsciously felt the beard on his own face and he increased his pace another notch, thinking to ditch the person behind him. However, after about four hours when he stopped and turned his head behind to peek, he saw the thin figure still following behind him about ten steps away and his heart was rather shocked.

For someone who had not done a sliver of cultivation, how did he manage to keep up with him?

Feng Jiu was panting heavily as she ran up to him, her back bent over with her hands resting on her knees, wheezing: “Whew! That was so tiring I’m ready to drop. Uncle! Why were you walking so fast?”

Ling Mo Han brows creased up closer as he sized up the filthy little beggar for a long while before he said in a deep voice: “Do not follow me anymore. The place I am headed to is the Nine Entrapment Woods. That place is filled with endless dangers and you will only be killed if you go in there.”

“You’ve got it wrong, uncle. I wasn’t following you, but it was originally my intention to go to the Nine Entrapment Woods anyway. But since you are going there too, isn’t it better if we go there together?”