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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“I’m back.”

In the courtyard, Feng Jiu raised her eyes to look over in Guan Xi Lin’s direction. Seeing him come back fuming, she could not help but ask him with a smile: “What’s wrong? Who stepped on your toes?”

“I went over to the Ke Family’s Residence.” Guan Xi Lin came to the table and sat down, before pouring himself a cup of water to gulp it down quickly.

“The Ke Family?” Her gaze was surprised as she looked at him. “I had thought you went back to the Guan Family!”

“I won’t be going back to the Guan Family yet. I will wait till three months later before I go back there! And in these three months, I will be cultivating in seclusion!”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu was slightly startled as she blinked her eyes in surprise. “What has gotten you so agitated with you just having made one short trip out?”

Guan Xi Lin told her every word that the Ke Family had said to him. He finally proclaimed: “Hence, I have decided. If they want to get married, they can go marry all they want! Anyway, when the Family Clan’s selections comes around three months later, I will definitely beat Guan Xi Ruan right into the ground! I will make all of them see, that I, Guan Xi Lin, am not one to be trifled with!”

He must make them all regret it. Not just the Ke Family, but also all the seniors of the Guan Family. They all thought that he was inferior to Guan Xi Ruan, but he will prove to all of them and make them all realize, that Guan Xi Ruan could not compare to him!

Feng Jiu nodded and said: “Mmm, I agree. I had just asked Leng Shuang to make a trip to the black market. Within these three months, I will have your arm recover to become as good as it was.”

His heart warmed immediately and he showed a smile on his face to say: “Little Jiu, thank you.”

“You are my brother, what is there to thank me for? Alright, you should go back to your room and cultivate! Before your arm recovers, practise the mental cultivation well so that when the time comes, your efforts will then reap much better results.”

“Alright. I’ll be going back to my room now then.” Guan Xi Lin stood up and went back to his room.

The next few days were peaceful but busy. Guan Xi Lin was busy with practising his mental cultivation while Feng Jiu was busy with her martial cultivation and concocting medicine. As their days were well filled up, time pa.s.sed by in a blink for them.

Unwittingly, they had already come to the Cloudy Moon City for two months.

And, using the barter trade formula, Feng Jiu managed to gather all the herbs she needed in less than a month. She took another two weeks after that and managed to treat her elder brother’s arm to achieve a full recovery.

Within these two months, Feng Jiu’s name in the Cloudy Moon City had gradually grown, for no other reason, but just because even for people who had never taken a single step into the black market, had heard that a Ghost Doctor had appeared in the Cloudy Moon City. One who not only possessed excellent medical skills, but was also very well versed in the concoction of medicines.

But just like the mythical Sacred Dragon who was shrouded in mystery and never seen, people had only heard of the Ghost Doctor’s fame, but was never seen in person.

If anyone within the entire Cloudy Moon City were to know whom the Ghost Doctor was, it would undoubtedly only be the black market’s agents. But, the black market was not just any common power. The black market’s influence spread throughout many countries and even the Sun Glory Country’s ruler had no way of prying open the black market’s mouth to reveal the ident.i.ty of the Ghost Doctor.

Many different powers had come anonymously to seek an audience but they had all been rejected one after another. Even the ruler of the Sun Glory Country who had come forward personally had not been able to see the Ghost Doctor as well.

And it was because of this, that the ident.i.ty of the Ghost Doctor had become more and more mysterious, which just made everyone even more curious.

-Dawn, Courtyard-

Feng Jiu was coaching Leng Shuang’s younger brother, Leng Hua, in Taichi when they heard Guan Xi Lin’s voice filled with joy reaching their ears from afar.

“Little Jiu, the peach blossoms in the Peach Blossom Monastery have bloomed. Didn’t you say you wanted to go take a look? Let me accompany you to go there today!”

Feng Jiu slowed went back to a rest position and breathed out slowly before turning to Leng Hua to say: “You continue practising.”

Only then, did Feng Jiu turn to Guan Xi Lin and said: “Big Brother, I have already asked Leng Shuang to go get prepared and she will be ready in a little while more. But, heh heh, you had better not go.”

Immediately upon hearing that he was not allowed to go, Guan Xi Lin became anxious and quickly said: “How can I not go? How can there be just Leng Shuang and you alone on the trip? What if you meet with any trouble?”