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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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eng Jiu turned her head back, somewhat shocked as she looked at the young girl who had her face smeared black and she asked the young girl with uncertainty in her voice: “What did you just say?”

The young girl bit down on her lip as her eyes stared determinedly at the figure in red and said: “I can warm your bed for you.”

When Feng Jiu heard those words very clearly this time, she fought to suppress the strong urge within to laugh out loudly and she said teasingly instead: “I would very much prefer beauties. A black faced little la.s.s like you offering to warm my bed and I have to accept?”

When the girl dressed in all black heard Feng Jiu’s words, she quickly raised up her sleeve and wiped at her face, revealing her original countenance below.

“I am not ugly.” She looked up at Feng Jiu to say.

That’s right, the young girl was not only not ugly, she actually possessed highly exquisite features. That was the face of a natural beauty and her intricately fine features combined with her small palm sized face was supposed to exude the allure of an highly enchanting beauty.

However, there was not a tinge of the coy bashful demeanor of a young girl on her, but instead, she exhibited a icy cold and distant front. But that cold front of hers still somewhat exude a certain kind of frosty charm around her.

Besides having smeared her countenance black and dirty, she had also altered the way her brows and eyes looked as well to make herself look less outstanding.

Without having to even look, Feng Jiu guessed that her flat board chest must have been tightly bound with thick cloth as well.

The girl was at least smart enough to hide her outstanding looks, or they might very well have brought her quite a lot of trouble.

Feng Jiu took wide strides to walk back, coming close to the black robed girl. Feng Jiu’s gaze was teasing as she asked: “You would really warm my bed?”

“As long as you save my brother, my life is yours to own, what’s more this sh.e.l.l of a body.”

The girl put up an apathetic front, seemingly highly indifferent. But her body had tensed up due to Feng Jiu’s close proximity and her hands that were gripped so tightly told Feng Jiu that the young girl wasn’t as indifferent as she was trying to portray herself to be.

Anyway, which girl would not mind warming just any stranger’s bed like this? Or even handing over their own life so casually?

Feng Jiu stared at the young girl for a while and the ends of her lips curled up before she said: “Lead the way then!”


The young girl lowered her eyes as she acknowledged, and she got up to lead the way to the place where she lived.

-About one hour later-

Feng Jiu looked at the bare and decrepit house that looked like the slightest gust of wind would blow it over before her eyes. She saw the black robed girl going into the house hastily immediately after opening the door and she followed the girl in right behind her. Once inside, she immediately saw a youth lying upon a spa.r.s.e wooden board bed.

The robed girl rinsed a cloth with water and wiped the youth’s forehead and palms before turning to look at Feng Jiu to say: “This is my younger brother. After taking medicine two days ago, he vomited out blood and suddenly fell unconscious.”

Feng Jiu stepped forward and saw that the boy was so thin his chin had grown pointed, his face was pale and completely drained of colour. With just that one look, she reached her hand out and placed her fingers upon the boy’s wrist to take his pulse.

Retrieving her hand after a while, she ordered: “Undo his s.h.i.+rt.” As she spoke, Feng Jiu pulled out her silver needles.

The black robed girl obeyed and undid her brother’s s.h.i.+rt. She watched on as Feng Jiu had seemingly stuck those silver needles carelessly into several acupoints on her brother’s body. Her heart leapt up into her throat as she strongly resisted the urge within her to go stop Feng Jiu, fixing her gaze upon her brother’s face instead, deeply fearful of any repercussions that might suddenly manifest.

After a rather long while, Feng Jiu retracted the needles and she stood up. “Carry him on your back and come with me.” Immediately after saying that, Feng Jiu turned and walked outside.

The black robed girl saw that Feng Jiu was already moving and she hastened to drag her brother onto her back, rus.h.i.+ng up to follow closely behind Feng Jiu.

When Feng Jiu got back to the courtyard house, she saw Guan Xi Lin carrying a soft mattress to put into the horse carriage. When he saw Feng Jiu return, he called out jovially: “Little Jiu, what so you think of this carriage? I had specially chosen the biggest one so that you can lie down and sleep along the journey if you need to rest. In this way, it will be more comfortable for you.”

When his eyes caught sight of the two other people behind Feng Jiu, Guan Xi Lin’s face twisted up in puzzlement as he asked: “What are they here for?”

Feng Jiu smiled slyly and said: “Bed warmer.”