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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Her eyes glinted and she pushed her consciousness outwards in a probe. The other two men were full Master Warriors, having fully completed the levels. No wonder they had been able to appear behind her without her noticing.

Compared to just facing the first middle aged man where victory was certain, these two men, Senior Elder and Fourth Elder were different as they gauged the devilishly alluring figure of Feng Jiu dressed fully in red.

If they had not been told beforehand, they wouldn’t have been able to tell that the figure looking like a man dressed in male clothing was actually a girl.

Even the two of them who have seen and experienced much of the world had to admit to themselves that the person before them possessed an energy that was indistinguishable as neither male or female.

And….. it felt so deep it was unfathomable.

With their level of cultivation, they were not unable to see through her levels? What else could you call that but unfathomable?

From the moment they had appeared, they had not seen her exhibit a single trace of shock or fear. The lips that were exposed outside the mask had a faintly sinister smile playing across them, that caused the two of them to have their hearts filled with caution and wariness.

“Just who are you really? Why do you choose to go against our Xu Family?”

The Senior Elder asked in a deep voice, his penetrating gaze staring right at the red figure.

Feng Jiu glanced at the Senior Elder a moment and her tone was quizzical: “Go against you? Come on! It was you guys who have been persecuting me all this time, when have I initiated a fight with any of you?”

She paused a moment and she turned her gaze to the front towards the first middle aged man with a mirthless smile and said: “If not for this Second Master from your family running to the black market to put a prize on my head, how would I even be able to find him?”

“Even so, you killed our Xu Family’s Young Master and crippled one of our Second Master’s arm. Those are facts that you cannot deny.”

“Oh? From what you are saying, when you guys are trying to kill me, I should just extend my neck and offer it to all of you on a platter?” She asked with an eyebrow raised, the faint smile still on her face, but the glint in her eyes was chill and frosty.

The Senior Elder’s face darkened and he said with a cold laugh: “Then you can only blame your fate to have offended people you should not go against in the first place! Our distinguished Xu Family with almost a century’s standing is not something you can stand up to. If you know what’s good for you, surrender yourself to us or…..”

“Or?” Feng Jiu curled up the ends of her lips and laughed wildly, and then she asked in a highly inquisitive tone: “Or what? Kill me?”

“Or we’ll bring just your head back in answer for our mission!” The Senior Elder spat out, his fingers immediately curling up into claws, showing his high proficiency in the art of grappling and seizing.

“Then let me respond in kind and see how you fare!” She laughed out coldly and her body moved immediately to confront her opponent in battle.

The Senior Elder imbued his hands with thick robust mystical power and grabbed onto her wrist, thinking to twist it backwards, but Feng Jiu was slippery as a snake as she broke free of his grip and reversed her wrist to grasp onto his wrist instead, immediately pulling him forward. His lower body lost balance and he felt a surge of power from her hand still holding onto him, suddenly finding himself being lifted off the ground and thrown back.

The Senior Elder then dispersed his power and fought to find his balance as he flipped himself to land on the ground. His face was dark as he said: “I see that you do know a few moves. A pity, that death will be the only outcome here today!”

“It’s really a pity.” She nodded in agreement, looking at him with regret and sympathy, as if she had already ascertained that the one who would die would be the Senior Elder.

Her rueful and sympathetic gaze greatly infuriated the Senior Elder and he pulled out his long sword to point it directly at her, roaring out loudly: “Frivolous brat! You shall pay heavily for your condescending manners! Your head is mine to take today!”

The sword’s point pointed forward, as thick robust mystical energy flowed from the body like the tide as it surged out, gathering over the sword’s sharp edge. In an instant, a malicious aura filled with sinister oppression shot out from the sword! The Senior Elder charged in an instant, bringing with him his terrifying murderous rage as he moved faster than the speed of sound as he charged at the red figure.


A long sword glowing blue at the edges blocked his attack before him. The sword clashed against each other, the razor sharp aura from the swords neither giving in an inch. At that same moment, several gasps of shocks sounded as well.

“Blue….. Blue Edge Sword!”