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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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From among the ma.s.s of searching and probing gazes, an old man dressed in grey stepped forward and greeted, bowing formally at the waist: “This old gaffer offers his greetings, as the deputy overseer of this place. Surname Zhu. May I know how I can be of service to you Sire?”

Casting her gaze one full round, Feng Jiu retracted her eyes, looking at the overseer before her and said: “Get me a private room, where I will be able to watch the battles in the arena.”

Hearing that, the deputy overseer smiled and said: “Will Sire please follow this old gaffer. The arena is further up this way.” The old man led the way in front, bringing Feng Jiu to the private rooms on the second level above the arena.

“Will Sire please see if it’s satisfactory?” The old man said, opening the windows before he stood on one side.

Feng Jiu stepped up to the front and saw that it was a rectangular arena, surrounded by rows and rows of spectator seats around it on the first level and the second level were all private rooms, where the entire place, top and bottom was able to hold almost a thousand people.

At that moment in the arena, there were two fighters engaged in battle and the atmosphere was highly intense, the cheers from the crowd one getting louder than the other.

“This place here is a branch market and we only have one arena. Hence, we have only set up a single board of ranking. If Sire were to go to Cloudy Moon City one day, you can pay a visit to our main market there. Only at the main market, will we have three different ranking boards of Mystical, Earth, and Heaven.

Seeing that Feng Jiu was just watching and not saying anything, the overseer continued on smilingly: “If Sire is interested, you can also place a bet on your preferred fighter to win. The payout odds will be one is to ten.”

After watching for a while more, Feng Jiu lost interest and retracted her gaze, turning to look at the overseer and asked: “You have an Appraiser here?”

The overseer was surprised a moment and he went on to nod his head. “Yes, may I ask what does Sire need appraised?”


Hearing that, the overseer’s face became a little more serious. “Sire, please wait a moment, while this old gaffer fetches the Appraiser.” As he spoke, he bowed before he went out of the room.

The moment the door closed, the overseer looked back thoughtfully towards the room before he left quickly.

After about half a burning incense stick’s time, Overseer Zhu returned, having brought with him two other old man. Once through the door, he immediately introduced them to Feng Jiu: “Sire, this gentleman here is our Chief Overseer, surname Dong, while this gentleman here is our Medicinal Appraiser, Old Deng.”

The two other men who came in surrept.i.tiously gauged the person in the room.

Seeing him dressed in a full suit of red as he sat by the window, his head propped up by his hand as he watched the ongoing battle in the arena, his golden mask decorated with enchanting blooms of red mandara flowers of h.e.l.l, his entire being emanating a kind of sinister allure, but that same allure was somehow tinged with an insurmountable grace and reverence, that made people involuntarily feel a sense of fearful respect.

When the man heard the voice, he turned his gaze over to look at them. Those eyes were deep and and dark like bottomless pools, filled with a sharp glint, and faintly tinged with a lazy indolence in them.

Just based on their a.s.sessment of the face alone, the two men knew that the man in red was definitely someone extraordinary.

“Greetings from Dong to Sire. I wonder what kind of medicine would Sire like to have appraised?”

Medicine, it was something only a Master skilled in apothecary was able to concoct. Needless to mention such a small town as this, even in the Cloudy Moon City, they were rarely seen. Hence, when he heard that someone wanted some medicine to be appraised, he had immediately rushed over.

Feng Jiu glanced at them briefly and she went on to pull out a bottle and she gave it to Overseer Zhu standing at the side, and her voice rang out unhurriedly.

“This is a bottle of Qi Gathering Dew. It can allow a person whose mystical powers is completely depleted to instantly gain an explosive boost of three times their usual powers. The effects last for one hour.”

“What?” The three people were shocked into saying from the incredulous claim they were hearing.