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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Seeing the figures scrambling away hastily in escape, Feng Jiu’s lips curled up in a sinister smile.

“Once you step in here, do not dream of going back alive!”

The moment her voice fell, the figure of Feng Jiu flashed into a red blur, like a ghostly spirit cutting through the dark night sky towards the two running figures, the dagger in her hand held in a reverse grip shone with a chilling bloodthirsty gleam. The next moment, the red figure flashed past the two men running for their lives and blood sprayed, the bodies of the two men froze a moment, before falling back into the yard.

‘Thud, thud.’

There were no signs a fight had taken place left behind, and the killing had not alarmed anybody. The lives of the four black market mercenaries had been robbed from them under Feng Jiu’s hands quietly and silently…..

Facing into the wind, Feng Jiu’s eyes were narrowed. She looked at the four dead corpses in the yard and her gaze dimmed.

Mystical cultivators needed to be equipped with martial arts besides cultivating their mystical powers. Only when both aspects are joined together could a mystical Warrior be able to bring out the best qualities and exhibit the greatest power. As for her, her had already reached the early levels of the mystical Warrior stage. And adding that to her high proficiency in and astounding skills martial combat, taking on all these mystical Warriors from this tiny town did not pose a problem for her.

But, if she leaves the town, that insignificant bit of powers would need to be raised up. Otherwise, if she encountered an enemy much stronger than her one day, she would be pa.s.sively placed at the mercy of others, to be slaughtered as people wished.

Leaping down to land in the yard, she rummaged through the several sets of corpses and only managed to find the same black badge from all of them, and carved into the badges, were the characters that said, “Black Market Mercenary”.

“Black Market?”

She muttered softly to herself, searching through her mind for any information about the black market.

But, the previous Feng Qing Ge had obviously seldom come in contact with such places as there was almost no information at all about the black market in her brain.

“Looks like I will have to make a trip to the black market.” She curled up her lips into a smile. She retrieved a bottle of liquid from within the Spatial Ring she had previously concocted and poured it over the four dead bodies on the ground.

A sizzling sound could be heard and the four corpses began to bubble and sizzle with light fumes dissipating into the air. The corpses quickly turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y puddle and soon, all that was left behind were four sets of black clothes lying there in a crumpled heap…..

Next Day

Guan Xi Lin came walking out ma.s.saging the back of his neck, feeling rather puzzled why he had fallen into such a deep sleep last night.

He raised his head and saw Feng Jiu practising some soft and willowy style of martial arts and he could not help himself but laugh aloud. “Little Jiu, martial arts are not done like that.”

As he spoke, he came to stand beside her and lowered his body slightly to demonstrate a horse stance. He then said: “Look, when practising martial arts, your lower body must be stable, fists tightly clenched, put your strength into your punches, shout out when you throw the punch, and the power from your entire body will be packed into your punch. In this way, there will be strong power behind your punches. If you continue doing it the way you just did, you will fall from just a single punch against your enemies.”

At that moment, Guan Xi Lin seemed to have forgotten the day that Feng Jiu had faced against the entire pack of wolves all by herself without a single ounce of fear and did not remember how much like the malevolent G.o.d of Death himself she had looked when she stole those lives from them then.

All that he remembered was that she was a girl, a girl merely fifteen years of age, regardless that she had a malevolent side to her, but she was just a younger sister that needed him to protect as an elder brother.

When Feng Jiu heard him saying that, she could not help it but to laugh: “Big Brother. Your martial arts are meant for big men like you, where the emphasis is on power. The martial arts I use, uses the enemy’s power against themselves, where mere ounces would lift a ton.”

As she spoke, she suddenly seemed to have thought of something and she asked: “Big Brother. I remember you telling me you are practicing your own Guan Family’s mental cultivation. Am I right?”

“That’s right, it’s the Guan Family’s mental cultivation method, and in martial arts as well. Little Jiu, you want to learn it? Big Brother will teach you.”

She laughed and shook her head. “No, I mean I have a mental cultivation scroll that will be suitable for you.” She tossed the Cosmos Sack with its spirit mark already removed over to him.

“In there, is the scroll that you should read through carefully for a period of time. Take a break from your martial arts training for a while and practise this mental cultivation method first.”