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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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She strolled slowly inside, seeing the clear blue sky with its fluffy white clouds, another tiny world within by itself. Before the boundary barrier was broken, although she had been able to see it, but had not been able to cross over, and it now looked a world of difference.

As she looked around in the Spatial Spirit Palace, her mood soared involuntarily, thinking what an amazing find the Spatial Ring really was.

“Look, there is even an Ever Spirit Spring, I have taken a look at it. The Spirit Spring’s water had been so well nourished by the high density of spirit energy in the air here that even the water’s source is filled with spirit energy.”

The little Fire Phoenix was exhilarated as well. When the boundary barrier had been broken earlier, he had enjoyed himself for quite awhile here. In regards to the place he had discovered here, he liked it a lot from the bottom of his heart or he wouldn’t have stayed within the s.p.a.ce here without complaining, wanting to get out. He knew that if he remained within here to cultivate, then his power would surely swell up at a extremely fast rate.

She laughed aloud, rubbing the little Fire Phoenix on his tiny head and saying: “Then you just be good and stay in here to cultivate. I’ll have to go out first. I’ll come in to do my cultivation next time and I believe the rate I will progress at will be amazing.”

“Alright.” The little Fire Phoenix pouted and went over to the Spirit Spring to play with water.

Feng Jiu smiled at the sight and delved into her consciousness once more to bring herself outside.

Immediately upon opening the room door, she saw Guan Xi Lin practising with his sword in the yard. Seeing that he was still rather stiff wielding the sword with his left hand, not entirely nimble with it as yet, her heart cringed slightly and she called out: “Big Brother.”

“Little Jiu, you’re finally out? You’re really something. Why are you practising your cultivation like no tomorrow? You have closed yourself in for three whole days at a stretch.”

He kept his sword and walked towards her, saying with a serious face: “Little Jiu, cultivation is not a one time thing. It is impossible to yearn for results in a short period. You have to take it step by step.”

Hearing those words, Feng Jiu could not help herself but smile and replied: “Yes yes yes.”

Although she had reached the early levels of the mystical Warrior stage, she suppressed her powers to just the second level of a Warrior. The average person would not be able to see what kind of cultivation she had really attained.

Being able to achieve such speed in her advancement within such a short period of time, it was naturally because of her rare mystical spirit body. Moreover, the channels of her mystical spirit meridians had been opened and enlarged by her Master, where the channels were originally just a tiny thin stream, and they were now like a wide torrential and raging river, which made the speed that her cultivation progressed at a completely different level from before.

“Oh right, Big Brother. I need to go purchase a set of silver needles. Accompany me will you?”

“Sure. Let’s go right now.” He splashed some water on his face to clean it quickly before slinging his sword behind his back and he immediately followed Feng Jiu outside.

When they walked into Precious Treasure Pavilion, Feng Jiu immediately detected that someone had their eye on them.

“Shopkeeper, do you have a full set of silver needles available here?”

“Sure! But what kind of quality would our young Miss like to have? We have three models at this current moment, differentiated by high, medium and low grade. The prices are of course different and the grade and quality are vastly different.” The shopkeeper introduced with a smile, bringing out three sets of silver needles and putting them all right before Feng Jiu.

“This one then.” She picked the most expensive set as the needles with the different lengths were more complete and they were rather well made.

Her gaze then fell onto a scabbard hanging high up on the wall. Her eyes lit up and she asked: “Is that sword scabbard for sale?”

The shopkeeper followed her gaze and turned to look. With a smile he said: “Our young Miss really has a keen eye. That is a completely unique, one of a kind sword scabbard that our Precious Treasure Pavilion has. You can almost look throughout the entire Sun Glory Country and you will not be able to find one that is similar to it.”

The shopkeeper brought the sword scabbard down and continued to say: “The seven different coloured main precious stones are all rare treasures and the hand carved designs on it are exquisitely done, the matching of colours gorgeous and regal. Instead of calling it a sword scabbard, we might as well say this piece is a heartwarming accessory which is highly pleasing to the eye.”