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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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When she saw Murong Yi Xuan, Feng Jiu was a little surprised. Surprised that she would see him here.

Actually, she had noticed that someone was following behind them earlier. But as she did not feel any sinister intentions coming from the person, she had not bothered herself with it. Thinking back now, that person on their tail must have been him.

But, wasn’t he accompanying Feng Qing Ge? Why was he appearing here?

And that probing look in his eyes, what did that mean?

Under the veil, a playful smile came onto her lips. Her eyes indifferent as she turned away, she continued walking on her way out. However, she had only taken a few steps when the man who had been sitting down was suddenly standing right in front of her.

She did not say anything but merely lifted her eyes to look at him.

Murong Yi Xuan did not say a word as well. He merely stood there before Feng Jiu and silently looked into her eyes, seemingly trying to detect the slightest tinge of familiarity from within those eyes, but he was disappointed.

Although that pair of eyes looked almost exactly identical to hers, but the wild and uninhibited look those eyes gave out did not belong to her.

The eyes before him were really beautiful, just like the pair the person in his memory had. But the eyes of the Feng Qing Ge he remembered were warm and gentle, while the ones before him were hiding its sharp and penetrating gaze, the two completely different feel he got confused him a little and he didn’t know how to differentiate between them.

“Kid, what are you doing?”

Seeing that something did not seem right, Guan Xi Lin immediately stepped forward and his muscular body was suddenly standing in between the two of them, blocking the gaze the two people had been sharing.

Murong Yi Xuan snapped back to attention and turned to look at the towering man before him. He gave him a refined smile and said: “My brother, I saw that the lady looked very much like a friend of mine and I just wanted to greet her.”

It might be the refined and cultured air coming out from his mannerisms that convinced Guan Xi Lin that he was not a villain, hence he hesitated a moment while he turned his head back to look at the person right behind him.

“Young lady, peach blossoms in the Peach Blossom Monastery blooms in March.”

He looked at her quietly, his eyes so gentle they almost oozed out from them. And that seemingly senseless statement he made confused Guan Xi Lin, where he could make head or tail of it.

Only Feng Jiu’s heart skipped. From within her memory, there was a very warming scene…..

“Big Brother Murong, I heard that the peach blossoms in the Peach Blossom Monastery are the most beautiful, their red and white contrast complements each other perfectly and they cover the entire mountain in an endless stretch. Is that really true?” Under a peach tree, an exquisitely beautiful girl asked with her head slightly lifted, the deep adoration in her eyes obvious as she looked at the white robed man beside her.

The white robed man’s eyes were indulgently gentle as he reached out his hand to hold the beautiful girl beside him, and say in a highly gentle voice: “Yes, the peach blossoms at the Peach Blossom Monastery stretches further than the eye can see, and when the wind blows, the red petals fills the air like a rain of flowers. Wait for March this year when the peach blossoms bloom, I will bring you there to see.”

Wait for March this year when the peach blossoms bloom, I will bring you there to see them…..

Her slightly lowered eyes suddenly flashed in a brief moment of surprise and her heart winced slightly with pain. She knew, that was the deep affection and longing the body’s original owner had for Murong Yi Xuan.

The person was right here, the words feeling like it was just said yesterday. But the woman of his heart was already gone from this realm…..

Murong Yi Xuan’s heart tightened, his deep gaze staring at the slightly lowered pair of eyes, trying to look for any subtle change in her expression.

“When the peach blossoms at the Peach Blossom Monastery blooms in March, I will bring my little sister to go see them. I don’t need you to remind us.”

Oblivious to what those words meant, Guan Xi Lin said brusquely, holding Feng Jiu in his, he strode out of the place with big and wide steps, grumbling as he went: “Sis, let’s not bother with that little pretty boy. One look at him and I can tell that he is a womaniser. What nonsense with peach blossoms blooming in March, I’ll bet he wishes for all the blossoming girls to bloom around him.”


Hearing Guan Xi Lin words, Feng Jiu could not help herself but laughed aloud. She turned around with a backward glance, and her eyes were smiling brightly…..