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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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When she heard those sounds, her face immediately changed and in a flash, her body was already moving in that direction. However, when she reached the place and saw the scene before her eyes, she was stunned for a moment on the spot.

She only saw the man covered entirely in blood, fighting barehanded with a ferocious tiger, the clothes on his body torn by the tiger’s sharp claws, the deep gashes on him ghastly to see…..

And surrounding them, were carca.s.ses of grey wolves numbering more than ten of them.

Just as she was still astounded with the fact that he was killed more than ten grey wolves with his own strength and was still grappling with a ferocious tiger, she suddenly saw him twist his fist and mystical power coalesced around his fist. With a loud bam, it struck the tiger which was at least several hundred catties in weight and sent it flying through the air.


The ferocious tiger howled pitifully and fell heavily onto the ground, spinning a few rounds from the force. She had even heard the crack from the breaking of bones from the tiger.

“Little kid!”

Guan Xi Lin turned around and called out in delighted surprise, lifting a hand to swipe off the blood from his face and wiping it hastily upon his clothes before running over to Feng Jiu to say: “Little kid, I had thought something happened to you….. Watch out!”

Before he could finish what he wanted to say, Guan Xi Lin had shouted out and leapt at her at the same time, reaching out with both his hands to push Feng Jiu out of the way.

The speed that everything had happened at made Feng Jiu who had detected danger approaching from behind and turned back to be unable to dodge Guan Xi Lin in time and had been pushed to the ground by him.



An angry roar from the ferocious tiger, followed by a gasp and a cry from Guan Xi Lin rang out before he said: “Little kid, quick, run away…..”

The sudden unexpected change of events had stunned Feng Jiu as she stared at the bloodied Guan Xi Lin who had half his shoulder within the ferocious tiger’s jaws. Her eyes turned red and she immediately drew her dagger and rushed forward.

“You d.a.m.ned beast!”

She leapt and grabbed at a fistful of fur, the dagger in her hand viciously stabbing into the beast’s neck.


The tiger howled out in pain, but the man it held clamped within its jaws was dragged along with it, refusing to let go of its prey, until Feng Jiu’s vicious dagger dug in deeply once again into its neck where it fell to the ground with a crash, gasping and twitching on its last breaths.

“Guan Xi Lin? Guan Xi Lin, are you alright?” She was slightly panicked as she pried the tiger’s jaws open and dragged him out, staring at the shoulder that had blood flowing out freely, and the right arm hanging down limply. Her heart, suddenly trembled a brief moment.

[An injury like this….. His hand…..]

“Little….. kid….. Are you….. hurt…..?” He asked with concern, his voice sounding rather weak.

Hearing what he said, Feng Jiu’s heart wrenched up tightly, and her mind was swept over in grief. Her eyes reddened, she took out the medicine and sprinkled it over the wound to staunch the bleeding as she scolded: “Are you tired of living? Who asked you to save me? I could have dodged that! Why did you come push me away?”

[No one had ever rushed to stand in front of her so selflessly in the face of danger like this before. But he, this goofy big oaf here had done exactly that.]

[How dumb! He couldn’t get any dumber than this.]

But this time, her frosty and chilled heart had been moved in a small corner of it. A foreign and unfamiliar emotion made her feel grief pour over her in waves and her eyes were feeling hot like a mist had formed before them, causing her to be unable to see his face clearly.

“Sor….. Sorry….. I….. I panicked and….. and forgot.”

He pulled out an honest and earnest smile. But as the wounds on him were very severe, his face turned deathly pale, and with that blood soaked clothes he was wearing, Guan Xi Lin looked like there was a possibility that he would die any moment then.

“Little….. Little kid, I….. I’m fine….. I’m….. just a little tired….. and will sleep for a while…..”

His voice grew gradually weaker, and he completely lost consciousness as he fell into a dead faint…..