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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Hearing those words, Feng Jiu raised her eyes to look at him. Seeing that the ghostly image was gradually fading, she walked up to him.

She knew that the ghostly image hovering in mid air before her eyes was the last vestiges of consciousness left within the blood’s essence and once the essence ran out, the consciousness and the man would forever disappear from the world…..

“Stabilise your consciousness, calm your heart and quiet your Qi. The process will be a little painful but you have to bear with it.”

Chu Ba Tian said in a deep voice and finally conveyed the last of his blood’s essence to envelop over Feng Jiu. A ray of light visible to the eye surge over Feng Jiu’s body, entering the channels of her meridians, opening them…..


[Agonizing and excruciating pain!]

All the channels in her meridians were being forcibly expanded by a robust surge of Qi flowing through them, from thin to large, stretching them to the extent they felt like they were almost going to explode. The agonizing pain caused her entire body to be bathed in cold sweat, more intolerable than having someone cutting your flesh with a knife.

But she bit down hard on her teeth, refusing to utter a single sound, her hands clenched tightly into fists, blood dripping out from wounds on her palms where her nails had dug deep into.

Outside the boundary barrier, the little Fire Phoenix saw the face that had turned completely white and he began pacing worriedly. He wanted to shout out but was afraid that he might distract her and so he could do nothing but watch Feng Jiu suffer under the excruciating pain of expanding the meridian channels.

It was almost an hour past before the aura that enveloped her body faded away as she fell weakly onto the ground, gasping heavily for air.

Seeing that, the little Fire Phoenix was suddenly hopping in nervous anxiety, shouting out: “Foolish woman? Are you alright?”

Feng Jiu struggled against the weakness she was feeling in her body as she looked at the ghostly image to ask: “Master, how are you feeling?”

“Your Master is already person that has been dead for a long while, holding out my consciousness with my blood’s essence in waiting all this time to finally gain you as my disciple to carry on my will, I have no more regrets.”

Chu Ba Tian looked at her and reminded: “Girl, before you become strong enough to protect yourself, remember to be subtle in your deeds and not let anyone know you possess a mystical spirit body or you might just invite unnecessary persecution to yourself. The world for cultivators of Immortality is merciless and cruel and even as the most prodigious cultivator among them, remember that you must first be able to grow and progress.”

“Yes, Master. I hear you.” Feng Jiu nodded, a warmth suddenly pa.s.sing through her heart.

“Your Master will not be able to guide you much in your cultivation. When you go back, diligently read up on the cultivation techniques I have left behind in the Spatial Ring and get a great Master in future to guide you further along. But do not forget, you must never drop your guard against anybody. Be always vigilant. The exceptional trait you possess in your body must never be revealed to another person.”

“Yes.” Feng Jiu said with a smile. At that moment, she was finally acknowledging him as her Master.

“Being at the bottom of this deep underground pool, both of you will not be able to get out of here. The last thing I can do for you is to send you to the Thousand Swords tomb. After you find the Blue Edge Sword, do not expose it in front of people carelessly, or the Blue Edge Sword might drawn to you unnecessary trouble as well.” He reminded once more.

“Master, after getting to the Thousand Swords tomb, what do I need to do to find the Blue Edge Sword?”

“The Thousand Swords tomb is the place people bury swords. But, every person who goes into the Thousand Swords tomb might not necessarily find a sword suitable for themselves. Swords possess their own spirit consciousness and they will pick their owners, just like the Blue Edge Sword would as well.”

His voice paused a moment at that point before he continued: “As you would have a tinge of my blood’s essence on you, that essence will guide you to the Blue Edge Sword’s location. But, whether you can gain the Blue Edge Sword’s acknowledgment will depend on yourself. If you are unable to bring back the Blue Edge Sword this time round, you must make sure that you will bring it out from the Thousand Swords tomb in the future.”

“I will.”

Feng Jiu promised as she saw him dispel the boundary barrier with a wave of his hand, and little Fire Phoenix came running in on his short legs.

And the next moment, she saw a spiral looking thing appear in his hand and with a final shout of: “Go forth!” The two figures found themselves sucked into the spiral…..