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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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After hearing the demands out and not finding them overboard, Feng Jiu nodded her head and asked with a wide smile: “Since I am to acknowledge you as my Master, is Senior just merely going to open up the mystical and spirit channels in my meridians?”

[If there were no tangible benefits, acknowledging a Master just like this would be too disadvantageous to her!]

“Ha ha ha, of course that’s not all.” The middle aged man laughed out loud in a booming voice, the gaze fixed on Feng Jiu seemingly growing in admiration for the girl.

After hearing that, Feng Jiu did not say much more but just knelt down, and bowed in acknowledgement of her Master, saying: “My revered Master, please accept your disciple, Feng Jiu’s offer of be obeisance!” Upon finis.h.i.+ng those words, she respectfully kowtowed, lowering her forehead to the ground with a thud.

“Good, good, good. I, Chu Ba Tian, finally has a disciple to inherit me! Ha ha ha ha…..” He laughed out loud excitedly and said: “Girl, remove the third brick on the left of my skeleton remains. Behind it, you will find something your Master would like to gift to you.”

“Sure!” Feng Jiu agreed and she went and knocked her knocked on the third brick as she was told. Finding that it sounded rather hollow, she pulled out her dagger to pry the brick out, and found a little wooden box behind which she quickly retrieved.

“Master, why can’t I open it?” The little wooden box didn’t seem to be locked but she just could not open it.

“That had been sealed by your Master, me, and ordinary people cannot open it.” Chu Ba Tian said with a laugh and with a wave of his hand, a ray of light ran over the box. “Alright, take that thing out of the box now.”

Feng Jiu tried to open the box once more half in doubt but the box opened easily this time. Inside, was just an inconspicuous ring, and it was even quite badly tarnished.

Feng Jiu was speechless for a short moment before she said: “Master, this is the treasure you are talking about?” She picked it up and lay a scrutinizing eye on it, but she still did not find anything extraordinary about it.

“Ha ha, I really don’t know from which hole you had crawled out from that you haven’t even heard of a Spatial Ring?”

Chu Ba Tian shook his head as he laughed helplessly: “Do not underestimate this ring, it is not an ordinary Spatial Ring. Besides being able to store things, it is a world by itself within and even living things can be placed inside. Moreover, when you place food in there, time stands still for it and they will not turn bad.”

“It’s that incredible? How did Master manage to get your hands on such an amazing treasure? This should be more priceless than the Blue Edge Sword wouldn’t it?” With an item like this, why would people still covet after that Blue Edge Sword?

“I got this Spatial Ring entirely by chance and your Master had treated it just like an ordinary item without knowing it was a Spatial Ring. Afterall, it was impossible to see a Spatial Ring in a place like this and it was after I was gravely injured and come to this place, and it was completely by chance that your Master’s blood dripped into the ring before I discovered that it was a Spatial Ring.”

When he spoke about this, his voice paused for a while before he continued: “As your Master’s life expired, the ring’s sacred contract with my soul was broken as well. You will only need to drip a drop of your blood on it for it to recognize you as its owner, which will allow you to gain entry into it. Inside it, I have left all my life’s treasures and skill manuals that I have ama.s.sed, and they will be my gift to you.”

“I can go inside this ring myself?” Her eyes were sparkling brightly, filled with surprise and amazement as she thought to herself: [If that is true, in future whenever I am pursued and have nowhere else to run, couldn’t I then just hide inside there?]

Chu Ba Tian didn’t know what she was thinking. If he knew, he would surely die once again in rage at seeing such a highly prized treasure to be used in such a manner just to escape pursuit, that was just too cowardly and undignified.

“The owner of the s.p.a.ce can go into it, but there seems to be another separating boundary barrier within. When I went into the s.p.a.ce previously, I was already nearing my end and I had not been able to inspect it clearly but only found out that I could store even living things in there. As for any other uses it might have, you can slowly find them out for yourself in future.”

As he spoke, he turned to Feng Jiu and said: “Your Master’s last remaining bit of blood’s essence is nearing its end. Come forward my pupil, and let Your Master open the channels to your meridians for you.”