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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Your humble junior is Murong Yi Xuan.” His voice was gentle, and his tone was unhurried as he spoke.

“So it is the Sun Glory Country’s Third Prince, it’s little wonder you showed such outstanding bearing.”

The middle aged man nodded and turned his eyes to the few others beside him and said with a laugh: “Gentlemen, the Sacred Beast had only just manifested and I believe it is still within the Nine Entrapment Woods. Let’s just compete based on our own abilities and see who gets it first!” When he finished, he threw his head back and laughed aloud as he rode his sword to go search out the surroundings…..

When the others saw the man leaving, they were afraid they would lag behind and they all left right after to search out the surrounding areas as well.

When the people below on the ground saw the group left, they all immediately heaved a sigh of relief unconsciously.

Cultivators of Immortality, and seven or eight of them appearing at the same time. Before this, all of them have only heard of these cultivators of Immortality and had never been fated to meet one. And the first time that they met them today had nearly scared them out of their lives.

Seeing the seven or eight cultivators of Immortality ride off on their swords so captivatingly graceful, Feng Qing Ge’s eyes were filled with yearning. She turned her head to Murong Yi Xuan beside her and said softly: “Big Brother Murong, when we have the chance, we should go together and get ourselves accepted into an Immortality Sect and learn to cultivate Immortality as well!”

“Sure.” Murong Yi Xuan responded in a gentle voice, his handsome face smiling faintly.

Seeing that he had nodded in agreement, her heart filled with delight as she said in a pliant voice: “Big Brother Murong, are we still going to continue searching for the Sacred Beast?”

“With those cultivators of Immortality here, we will not stand a chance. Even if we managed to find it, we will only invite persecution from those people upon ourselves.”

“Are we going back now then?”

Hearing that, Murong Yi Xuan looked up at her and said gently: “You can go back first! I’ll ask Guardsman Feng escort you back. I still need to go to the mountain pa.s.s in the deepest reaches of the Nine Entrapment Woods to help Old Qin retrieve some mud from the heart of the well.”

“I’ll go with you.”

She held on to Murong Yi Xuan’s sleeve and shook it before saying in a soft voice: “Big Brother Murong, I don’t want to go back so soon. I want to stay with you.”

“The deepest reaches of the Nine Entrapment Woods are not like the area around here. Every hundred meters deeper that we move in further would see different dangers. Especially at the heart of the well from the mountain pa.s.s. It is said that very few people go there as there are high grade ferocious beasts of the third level guarding the place. Be good, go back home first and I’ll go look for you when I get back.”

Hearing Murong Yi Xuan’s words, Feng Qing Ge knew that he would not be letting her tag along and she could only nod and said: “Alright! I’ll return home first. Remember to come look for me when you get back.”

“I will.”

He smiled slightly and after glancing once more at her, he picked ten men from the group he had brought along with him and gave them their instructions: “All of you escort Miss Feng Qing Ge back to her residence safely and if any mishap happens on the way, I will hold all of you responsible!”

“Yes!” The ten men answered respectfully and went to stand behind Guardsman Feng.

After hearing those words, Feng Qing Ge was feeling rather blissful as she reluctantly bade goodbye to Murong Yi Xuan, allowing Guardsman Feng and his men to escort her home.

Only after seeing Feng Qing Ge had gone a far enough distance, the smile on Murong Yi Xuan’s face faded and his deep and calm gaze peered at the far distant figures before he collected himself and hid the deep thoughts and radiance in his eyes.

On the other side, hearing the commotion behind her, Feng Jiu gave a great leap and rolled down the slope before picking herself up quickly, all the while cradling the golden egg in one arm as she stuck her back against a clay wall, trying her best to conceal herself behind the weeds in front of her, to escape discovery.

A few heartbeats later, a lone cultivator of Immortality was suddenly pa.s.sing through the air riding on a flying artifact, his eyes scanning the woods below for any suspicious figures or signs of movement.

Feng Jiu stuck her back tightly against the wall and did not move in the slightest as she held her breath. It was until the figure flying through the air had gradually flown further away and disappeared that she finally breathed out.

“Whew! That was really close! This egg has really brought me a lot of trouble!”

Her face creased up in a frown as she stared at the golden egg, thinking how was she going to deal with it?