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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Feng Qing Ge seemed to have felt something and she turned around quickly, and she immediately saw the pair of eyes that were looking at her, seemingly deep in thought. Her heart panicked and she said in a hurry: “Big Brother Murong, I….. I was just too anxious…..”

Murong Yi Xuan smiled gracefully and told her in a gentle voice: “For an Ancient Sacred Beast to have manifested in our Sun Glory Country is already more than anyone could expect and the fact that we had even been able to witness it’s divine light hit the ground is just incredible! A Sacred Beast’s descended? Actually, we don’t have to be too fixated on whether we can get it as all this has already been decreed by fate and chance.”

“Mmm, Big Brother Murong is right. Qing Ge has been too anxious.” She reverted back to her composed and gentle self and her eyes filled up with admiration for Murong Yi Xuan once more as she looked at him.

“Who has the Sacred Beast! ?”

A loud and forceful voice boomed down from up in the skies. The voice had been imbued with spirit power and it could be heard clearly within a large area of the woods.

Feeling the undulation of spirit power distinctly, which was different from mystical power, the people standing near to the large hole were shocked as they all lifted their heads, and saw a middle aged man standing on a flying artifact hovering in mid air, his hands clasped behind his back as he stared at them from his high vantage point. The exponent’s awe flared out instantly, engulfing the people down below.

The people below felt a thick and heavy presence suddenly pressing down on them like a mountain, like a huge rock had fallen upon the chest, finding it hard to breathe. Their legs were almost about to buckle under the immense pressure, where they would soon fall to their knees.

In fact, those who were less practiced in their cultivation had already crumbled before the oppressive pressure from above and plopped onto their knees, blood churning in their chests, to seep out down the corners of their mouths.

The powerful oppressive awe had driven cold sweat to run down Feng Qing Ge’s forehead, her face turned pale and her legs became weak, almost falling to the ground. Murong Yi Xuan who was standing beside her held her up with his arm and summoned his mystical power to s.h.i.+eld her heart channels, to prevent her blood from surging.

“Senior, could you first retract your oppressive awe and allow your humble junior to tell you in detail?”

Murong Yi Xuan was looking up at the middle aged man in the air when he noticed a few more people coming in from the surrounding areas. He saw some of them riding their swords, some on flying beasts, and some standing on their flying artifacts.

“What! ? The Sacred Beast is gone! ?” An old man at the side exclaimed as he swept his eyes over the scene below. His brows creased up and he stared at the middle aged man who had released his oppressive awe and said: “Retract your awe and listen to what that kid below has to say. So, who’s got his hands on the Sacred Beast! ? Speak now!”

It might be because of the old man’s words, or it could be because Murong Yi Xuan standing below was being neither haughty nor servile, but the middle aged man retracted his oppressive awe and said: “Tell us everything you know!”

Once the oppressive awe dissipated, the people below felt the huge rocks lift from their chests and found that they could breathe again, and they were finally relieved.

Faced with such highly skilled exponents, none of the people below dared to be disrespectful to them.

Murong Yi Xuan cupped his hands together and offered his greetings to the expert exponents in the sky above in a bow before he said: “My esteemed Seniors, when your humble Junior rushed here, the Sacred Beast was already no longer here and I do not know who had taken it. Every word your Junior has just said is the truth and if you do not believe me, you can ask the gentlemen over there. They got here a step before us.”

His eyes were looking at another group of people and those men were already fl.u.s.tered and in a state of panic from the earlier oppression from the middle aged man’s release of his awe and they had naturally not dared to hide anything: “Yes, yes, it’s true. When we got here, there was no Sacred Beast to be seen and we do not know where the Sacred Beast has gone. If we have the Sacred Beast with us, we will definitely not dare hide it from all our revered and respected Seniors here.”

[Immortality cultivators! These people are really cultivators of Immortality! Even if they had a hundred lives, they would never dare lie to a cultivator of Immortality!]

At that moment, the gaze of another middle aged man from up in the air was fixed on the figure of Murong Yi Xuan, noticing that his demeanor was not ordinary, he asked: “Who are you?”