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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Feeling every bit of the heavy oppressiveness in the air, Feng Jiu raised up her head to look into the sky. That was when she saw that the entire sky was covered with a ma.s.s of c.u.mulus clouds brilliantly lit up in fierce fiery blaze. And the blazing fiery coloured clouds gathered and slowly took shape to turn into a mesmerizing Fire Phoenix with its wings fully spread. It was a glorious sight to behold and so beautiful it caused endless pairs of eyes to stare at it transfixed…..

At that moment, the strange phenomenon in the sky stirred up many instances of ruckus in many parts of the land. Almost all the countries surrounding the Sun Glory Country had spotted the phenomenon in the skies above, and powerful exponents from everywhere were suddenly highly excited by the sight.

“Manifestation in the Heavens! That is the sign a Sacred Beast is born!”

“Clouds of blazing fire, an image of a phoenix! My Heavens! It’s the Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix! Hurry!”

The exponents from the various surrounding countries had after recovering from shock, gotten highly excited and joyously set off towards the Sun Glory Country’s Nine Entrapment Woods. Some rode on flying swords, while some rode their flying beasts, and there were even some who used magical items that allowed them to travel a thousand miles in a day…..

They all had only one goal, and that was to seize the Ancient Sacred Beast who had descended onto the mortal realm!

Some still not as powerful cultivators who were not capable of vying with the highly skilled exponents could only watch on as the exponents moved out towards the Sun Glory Country’s Nine Entrapment Woods and say with a sigh: “To think that a place so lowly like the ninth grade Sun Glory Country would have a Ancient Sacred Beast appear in it, no one could have expected that!”

“I really wonder what kind of person would that Sacred Beast fall to?”

“The most powerful exponents had all rushed there. The tiny Sun Glory Country would not be able to keep defend themselves against all the others and keep the Sacred Beast for themselves. I think the Sacred Beast will fall into the hands of someone from other countries.”

“Heh heh, that might not be the case. Who doesn’t know that destiny plays a bigger part when it came to Ancient Sacred Beast such as this. I think the fact that the Ancient Sacred Beast’s fiery clouds had manifested above the Sun Glory Country means that someone with a highly fortunate destiny is there.”

“That’s also true. After all, when the Ancient Green Dragon descended, hadn’t it been the same thing when exponents from all over had rushed there immediately as well? In the end, not a single one among them managed to even see the Sacred Beast.”

“Now that you mention it, it is really rather strange. The Ancient Green Dragon descended more than a decade ago but over the years, besides the sighting of the phenomenon when it descended, no one had ever gotten a glimpse of the Ancient Green Dragon ever since! No one knows just who the owner of the Ancient Green Dragon actually is till today!”

“The appearance of a Sacred Beast would rock people from the entire land. We will surely hear something about it in the near future.”

The few of them looked in the direction of the Sun Glory Country and in their hearts, they thought: [Another Ancient Sacred Beast has appeared. Looks like tumultuous days are near…..]

While back in the Nine Entrapment Woods, the ma.s.s of people heading into the deeper reaches were highly elated.

“Look! It the blazing fire cloud and the image of a phoenix! The Sacred Beast descending is the Ancient Fire Phoenix!”

“I heard that a Sacred Beast will be appearing, but I had not expected for it to be an Ancient Sacred Beast. It’s just fantastic! We must hurry and get there before everyone else and seal a contract with the Ancient Sacred Beast!”

And in the deepest reaches of the Nine Entrapment Woods, Ling Mo Han’s deep eyes had a strange glint in them when he saw the phenomenon in the sky and said to himself: “Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix?”

Although he was thinking it strange that he would see the image of an Ancient Sacred Beast manifest in such a tiny ninth grade country like the Sun Glory, but he still remembered that his purpose of being here was not for the Ancient Sacred Beast. He had something more important on his hands that he needed to do.

Hence, he turned his eyes away and continued to walk towards his destination…..

In another part of the woods, Feng Qing Ge who had also spotted the strange phenomenon in the sky was not able to contain her excitement as she tugged at Morong Yi Xuan beside her: “Big Brother Murong! Look! It’s the Ancient Sacred Beast! The Fire Phoenix!”

She was feeling highly excitedly in her heart while telling herself determinedly in her mind: [This Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix will be mine!]

Murong Yi Xuan had been shocked when he saw the image of the Fire Phoenix in the sky as he exclaimed: “It’s actually an Ancient Sacred Beast, that is the king of Sacred Beast.”

The moment he finished his words, from behind the blazing clouds of fire, came the cry of a phoenix sounding like it had come from ancient times. Immediately after that, a blinding shaft of golden light shot down suddenly like a shooting star from the Heavens…..