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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Under the scrutiny of that deeply serene gaze, her heart suddenly filled with unease as she raised her hand onto her cheek and asked softly: “Why is Big Brother Murong looking at me like this? Is there something on my face?”

He did not answer and only smiled gracefully: “Let us be on our way!” And he turned and started to continue their way forward.

Feng Qing Ge paused a moment before she caught up and followed at his side as they walked deeper into the woods.

As they walked, she would occasionally tilt her face slightly to the side and look at the dignified countenance. He was just so perfect, so gentle, which made her fall so uncontrollably hard for him, made her heart palpitate for him, mesmerized by him, even if that meant that she would have to live her life with someone else’s face, there would be no regrets…..

On the other hand, Feng Jiu was caught in a rather wretched situation. Because the two bears behind her had already been chasing her for more than two hours.

She had initially thought that she would be able to shake them off easily but the speed the two bears had been able to sprint had been unexpectedly fast and while running away, the reverberations she was able to feel under her feet and the occasional loud roars coming from behind did not allow her to slow down in the slightest.

She couldn’t afford to reduce her speed, but to run at that pace without stopping, even the deities wouldn’t be able to last!

“Argh! Stop chasing me already! If you make me mad, I will really fight you with everything I have!” She screamed with her head thrown back, her speed not reducing, but she was already panting very slightly.

She had merely picked a bunch of magical herbs! Did they need to chase after her all this way for more than two hours for that! ?

“Roar! Roar!”

The only response she got was just two loud roars from the bears with their undiminished speed.

She spotted a thick and strong tree in front of her and she turned her head to glance behind while gasping for air before she sped up her legs. And just as she was nearing the big tree, she bent her knees into a slight crouch and she leapt up with her hands extended to grab onto a branch, before quickly leaping up onto the branch and up into the big tree.

“Whew! I’m exhausted.”

She was done running. She sat high up upon the tree branch panting heavily as she saw the two bears quickly having caught up to her reaching the bottom of the tree in just a few breaths. The bears then attempted to use all four of their paws to climb up. Fortunately, the tree she chose was not only st.u.r.dy, but its tree bark was smooth and slippery, making it difficult to climb.


As expected, one of the bears who had climbed about one meter above the ground fell onto ground its four paws waving in the air and Feng Jiu could not help herself but laugh at the sight.

“But, what kind of effects does that stem of magical herbs really have? Why would it make both of you chase after me so persistently for so long?” She retrieved the stem of herb she had picked earlier from her Cosmos Sack to take a look at it and as she had never seen it before, she didn’t know what kind of use it had.

“Roar roar!”

The two bears at the bottom of the tree had immediately upon seeing her take out the stem of magical herb, started roaring loudly again. Unable to climb the tree, the two bears combined their strengths and shook the tree, looking like they were thinking of shaking her out of the tree.

The tree shook violently, almost causing her to fall out of it. She held on to the tree with one hand and shouted down below: “Are you tired of it already? Thinking of taking this magical herb away from me? You can jolly well forget about it.”

“Roar! Roar roar roar roar!”

The two bears were infuriated and their angry roars sounded endlessly, shaking the tree so badly that Feng Jiu was thinking that she cannot stay up there any longer. Hence, she kept the stem of magical herb away and began to look around her, thinking to leap from this tree to another, to find a way for her to escape.

However, just as she stood up, the sky suddenly rumbled with a loud noise, sounding just like a loud thunderclap that had descended from the clouds. A powerful wave of oppressive aura fell from the clouds above as well and a strong wind suddenly kicked up under the overwhelming aura. The wind gusts were so strong the trees in the woods were swaying and the fallen leaves o the ground were thrown up into the air in the swirling currents.

“Woo woo arh…..”



The terrified sounds from the various beasts in the woods rang out, a discordant symphony of animal cries reverberating throughout the woods.

At that same moment, Feng Jiu saw the two towering bears at the bottom of the tree suddenly fallen to the ground in trembling heaps, all curled up in terror…..