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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“What a surprising coincidence!” She mumbled softly to herself, her eyes taking on a chilling gaze.

Cloudy Moon City was quite a distance away from here and even if they rushed, it would still take a few days’ journey. Why would she come all the way here? And even that Murong Yi Xuan as well?

Her gaze hovered on Murong Yi Xuan for a while. Obviously, he had not noticed that that Feng Qing Ge was no longer the same Feng Qing Ge. At that moment, she was suddenly curious. Do men only recognise people just from their faces?

Her gaze did not stay long on the pair as she soon discovered that surrounding her near and far, there were quite a number of teams of people heading deeper into the woods. Some of the teams were still a distance away from her, while some were just tens of meters away.

Recalling all her previous encounters on this journey, her eyes flashed as she calm down and thought to herself: [What is there in the deeper reaches of the Nine Entrapment Woods? It had drawn all these people here to go running in there!]

As she was deep in thought, she suddenly felt a pair of eyes filled with malice staring at her. She turned around quickly and that glance drove a persistent twitch to tug at her eyebrow: “A black bear!?”

At a distance barely five meters away from her, a black bear looking about two to three meters tall was crouched. Its teeth were all bared as it stared maliciously at her, its crouched body seemingly having been quietly approaching her but was discovered by her, and the huge black bear lifted its head to give out a loud roar as it lunged at her.


The black bear’s loud angry roar caused the ground to slightly reverberate. The roar sounded out from that high peak and in a moment, it spread to reach a large part of the surrounding area, where all the teams of people in the woods heard.

Faced with such a gigantic black bear, Feng Jiu did not see the possibility of her winning in a battle with it, and she grabbed the chance to fall into a low crouch and slid to one side as the black bear lunged, summoning her mystical powers, she used her unorthodox form of movements to speedily stride down towards the foot of the mountain in escape.

“Roar roar!”

The huge black bear’s lunge yielded it nothing but air and it lifted its head to roar another two times. Its huge body turned and charged, suddenly moving extremely quickly in fierce pursuit of Feng Jiu.

“d.a.m.n! There’s another one!”

Fleetingly moving towards the foot of the mountain, Feng Jiu spotted another brown bear that bounded out and could not help herself but cursed: “What a darned bad day this is turning out to be!” Her eyes quickly turned around, looking for an escape route…..

The teams of people making their way into the deeper reaches of the woods who were currently in the areas surrounding the peak had upon hearing the black bear’s roar, suddenly stopped in their tracks, and looked up towards the source of the roar.

Black bears possessed incredible power in battle and the black bears in the Nine Entrapment Woods were not just ordinary black bears, but were high grade beasts of the second level.

Even when numbering more than ten, it would be impossible for warriors just in their initial stages of the mystical levels to be able to hunt down a second level high grade black bear. Hence, every single person who dared step into these woods knew, if they see a black bear from afar, they were to avoid it and not confront them in battle.

In the western part of the woods, Murong Yi Xuan’s heart suddenly winced and his steps stopped, his head turning quickly back to look towards the peak.

“Big brother Murong, what’s wrong?” The Feng Qing Ge dressed in a flowing blue dress had her flawlessly beautiful face creased up in concern. Seeing his gaze fixed unwaveringly on the peak, she turned her eyes to look into the same direction but did not see anything there.

“Nothing.” He shook his head and smiled gently at the person beside him, but the sense of unfamiliarity in him was becoming more and more intense.

As if…..

The girl before his eyes was entirely not the Feng Qing Ge he knew. Over the past few days they had spent together, she had been right in front of his eyes throughout the entire period, but he had not been able to feel the same pounding of the heart that he had always felt when he was with her before.

And that single brief a.s.sessing gaze earlier, had although been from a person he did not know, but somehow made him feel rather familiar…..