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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Those wolves are still around? They….. They are going to keep following us?” He was suddenly rather shocked. They have walked quite a distance and he had not realised that there was a pack of more than ten wolves following behind them.

He did not dare imagine. If they had been caught completely unaware and those wolves had pounced on them, what kind of a result would it have been…..

“No worries. They wouldn’t dare to pounce on us. They are just waiting for an opportunity.” Feng Jiu glanced briefly at the wolves, and then turned back and continued walking.

She knew after she had brutally and mercilessly killed off a few of those wolves, it had already successfully served as a deterrent for the rest of the pack and they would not dare to recklessly charge in at them anymore. The wolves were well aware that any wrong move they made would only mean certain death for them!

But the wolves were unwilling to just leave, so they had tailed the pair a distance away, waiting for a chance.

“Are we going to just let them follow behind us like this?” The man asked in shock, seeing that the little beggar didn’t seem the least bit concerned, and found it rather strange.

[The little beggar was obviously much younger than him, how did he come to possess such guts and those amazing skills?]

Feng Jiu stopped in her tracks and looked straight at the man. “Or you want to go chase them away?”

“Har!? ….. I think there’s no need. Just let them follow us then!” He smiled sheepishly and scratched at his head helplessly.

Hence, if anyone was closeby, they would then see this strange scene pa.s.sing.

Two guys ambling leisurely in front, and on their tails about ten meters behind them, was a pack of over ten hungry grey wolves salivating heavily at the jaws…..

“Little kid, do you think what’s on this jade emblem could be my name?” He handed a piece of jade to Feng Jiu as he said: “It was originally hung around my neck.”

Feng Jiu took the piece of jade and looked at it. There were really three words engraved upon it that read: “Guan Xi Lin?”

Her voice paused a moment as she stared at the man a moment before she asked: “You are called Guan Xi Lin?”

“I am thinking it might be possible.”

She returned the jade pendant back to him and said with a laugh: “I had thought you might have been called a big oaf!”


Guan Xi Lin looked at the little beggar wordlessly, but wisely did not say anything more.

The two of them covered another stretch and the pack of wolves were still following behind, not showing any signs of leaving.

Until, Guan Xi Lin sniffled his nose and he grinned at Feng Jiu to say: “Little kid, there’s people up front, let’s hurry up and catch up to them. If those people allow us to follow them, then those wolves following behind us would then never dare to attack us anymore.”

“People? How do you know?” She peered in front, and besides trees and weeds, she did not see a single sign of anyone there.

He nodded his head insistently: “There is, for sure! I can smell the aroma of meat being roasted.”

“The smell of roasting meat? How come I do not smell it?” She mumbled as she continued to walk another distance. After a while, she could really smell the aroma of meat being roasted and she could faintly hear the voices of people talking. She immediately shot a inquisitive look at Guan Xi Lin beside her.

[Does he have the nose of a hound?]

“Heh heh, see? I told you there are people here!” He said with a laugh: “Let’s go, when we get there and they allow us to follow them, we wouldn’t have to be afraid even if we meet with anymore wild beasts.”

“You think people would just allow us into their group that easily?” She glared at him and then said: “Only I would be so free to let you tag along with me.”

Seeing him standing there dazed and his face helpless, Feng Jiu glared at him and continued to say: “This place is called the Nine Entrapment Woods and it’s filled with many ferocious beasts. In a place so filled with endless dangers, what do you think others will think when they see two strangers suddenly approaching them?”

“What….. what will they think?” He asked curiously, not comprehending the situation.

“Moron! They will think what ulterior motives we have in getting close to them!”

“Then what do we do?”

Feng Jiu’s gaze changed, and her lips parted into a sinister smile: “It’s alright. I have a plan. Just watch me.”