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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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The man stared blankly at the green faced little beggar leaning over him and he still had not regained his senses until he heard the little beggar’s voice.

“You must have hit your head on the rocks when you fell. The blood clot must be pressing against your nerves and I am guessing that your amnesia is only temporary and you will be alright once the clot clears.” She stood up brus.h.i.+ng her hands off and said: “Alright, since you’re awake, I will be on my way then.”

When he heard that, the man panicked and he endured the excruciating pain in his abdomen as he stood up. Filled with a sense of unease and suddenly feeling rather fl.u.s.tered, he went to stand close beside Feng Jiu. He seemed like he was about to say something but he did not know how to say it and he merely looked at Feng Jiu with his mouth opening and closing wordlessly.

After the man stood up, Feng Jiu was suddenly taken aback. That was when she saw just how tall the man was. He was half a head taller than she was, his skin was well tanned and bronzed, muscular in built, seemingly a little more muscular than that uncle. The set of clothes covering his body at that moment was a little tight and well stretched, the bulging muscles on his arms looking like they would be splitting the clothes any moment.

She turned her eyes and looking at the man following her, she asked: “What are you doing?” She had just rescued the man without thinking and she had not known that it would bring herself so much trouble.

“Can’t….. Can’t I follow you?” The man looked at her, his eyes filled with unease. “I can’t remember anything and I only know you.”

Feng Jiu was suddenly speechless. Those words sounded rather familiar to her. She herself had said something close to that when she had decided to cling on to that uncle at that time.

“I….. I will not be any trouble.”

Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and said in exasperation: “You, yourself, are already trouble to me.”

If not for him, she wouldn’t have had to stare down those wolves for an entire night. With her skills and speed, even if she wasn’t able to fight them, she would have no problem escaping.

When she didn’t hear any reply, she raised her eyes to glance at him, and that one glance had startled her.

“Wh….. What is a grown man like you crying for?”

With such a big and well built man crying with his eyes all red rimmed with tears before her eyes, looking every inch like a little daughter in law having been bullied, what else could she do but be startled?

“You didn’t allow me to follow…..”

The man looked at her looking all aggrieved. “I don’t know where to go, and I don’t have anywhere to return to, and you didn’t allow me to follow you…..”

Feng Jiu slapped her palm on her forehead and stared into the sky in speechlessness. She had really gotten herself stuck with trouble that wasn’t easy to be rid of this time…..”

Was this retribution? She had plastered herself onto someone, and now someone was doing the same thing to her.

She walked over to the stream and took out her bamboo canister to fill it up with water while she removed the top layer of clothing that had been splattered with wolf’s blood and threw it away.

She was preparing to walk away from the place when she saw the man still standing there stupidly, looking like he wanted to follow but not daring to and just staring at her. She gave a heavy sigh and said: “Why are you still standing there? Let’s go!”

“Huh? Oh!” The man was surprised a moment before he smiled happily and nodded in agreement, taking quick steps to walk over. However, he had a hand over his abdomen as he endured the pain.

The two of them walked up the slope and went deeper into the woods. At that time, the slowly ambling Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed as she discreetly swept her eyes over the surroundings, as she continued walking forward.

“About that…. How….. how should I address you?” The man asked, following at Feng Jiu’s side.

“Whatever.” She replied nonchalantly, her attention not on the conversation.

Hearing that, the man thought about it a moment and he said with a laugh after: “You’re younger than me, so I’ll call you Little Kid alright?”


She replied distractedly, not really listening to what he was really saying, but was instead tilting her head to stare at the huge clumps of weeds at the back.

Hearing Feng Jiu’s agreement, his face lit up with joy. He was about to speak again when he noticed the little beggar staring at a spot at the back on the left. He followed the direction of the gaze and what he saw made his face change.