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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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The dawn’s sunrays slowed crept across the land, and the man who had been unconscious throughout the night finally awoken at that moment.

But, when he opened his eyes, an extremely strange scene met his eyes.

A little beggar dressed in torn and tattered clothes was sitting in the lotus position beside him, his body covered with blood, and although the stench was still strong, the blood had dried up completely. He was unable to determine the little beggar’s features as his face was a deep shade of green, like he had applied some medicine on it.

Seeing that the little beggar was holding a dagger in his hand, and his gaze staring forward, the man turned and followed the little beggar’s gaze and what he saw made him narrow his eyes warily.

Besides the three wolf that had already turned stiff right before the little beggar, at a distance of about three meters away from them, about ten grey wolves with heavily slavering jaws were sitting on the hind legs, and their eyes were watching them hungrily.

Feng Jiu turned her head very slightly, happening to meet the eyes of the man, which were filled with both shock and confusion at what was happening.

“Look out!”

The man shouted out suddenly in shock, his eyes wide with horror as he saw the grey wolf leaping towards the little beggar. In a state of panic, he reflexively tried to stand up but that big movement tore at the wound at his abdomen and he groaned before falling back onto the ground, where blood could be seen seeping out through his wound again.

At the man’s shout, Feng Jiu had already turned back, leaping nimbly to her feet in one quick move as her chilling gaze fixed onto the grey wolf. She saw the leaping wolf closing in on her and she immediately crouched and fell into a roll, her dagger slicing in an arc through the air above.



The dagger was pushed in deep with vicious strength and it cut a long deep slash across the wolf’s underbelly. The wolf howled out in agony and as its moment from its leap carried it forward, it continued sailing through the air towards the man who had fallen to the ground, its cruel eyes widened staring unwaveringly at the man. It fell to the ground and its body gave a twitch in finality, its large jaws moved a little, before its last breath left the huge furry body.


The rest of the grey wolves were getting restless and agitated as they raised their heads giving out long howls. The wolves started clawing at the earth, short whimpers sounding from the throats. Their hungry and bloodthirsty eyes continued staring at Feng Jiu in despair, and they did not dare to rush in recklessly.

Feng Jiu had quickly gotten back to her feet in a single bound as her chilling gaze watched the grey wolves once more. Looking every inch like a malevolent demon with an insatiable thirst for blood, her lips curled up and said: “If you still choose to remain here, I will kill every single one of you.” Her icy gaze swept over them, finally fixing onto the large wolf standing on the slopes a distance slightly further away, the leader of the pack of wolves.

Seemingly having acutely felt the presence of the intense threat before them, the larger wolf stared at Feng Jiu for a moment, before raising its head to give out a long howl. Not long after, the ten odd wolves closing the humans in got up and loped away into the distance.

The man propped himself up on his elbows, staring in shock and disbelief, his eyes widened big as eggs, his face frozen in astonishment.

Feng Jiu wiped her dagger clean on a wolf’s fur before she kept it away. When she turned around and saw the man expression, she laughed indifferently and said: “It’s good you woke up. You sleep any longer and I would have left.”

She walked to the side and sat down, pulling out her bamboo canister to have a drink of water. After staring down over ten wolves the entire night, her mind had been highly tensed and she had not relaxed a single moment. The moment she let down her guard and made the tiniest slip, in that situation, they could very well have been shredded to pieces by the wolves.

“Who….. Who are you?” He might have been frightened by Feng Jiu’s malevolence earlier and the man was now stuttering as he spoke.

“Why do you care who I am.”

“Then….. Then who am I?” The moment those words left the man’s man, it was suddenly Feng Jiu who was confused.

“Did you hit your head that hard? You don’t even remember who you are yourself?”

As she spoke, she seemed to suddenly remember something and she stretched her hand to feel the back of the man’s head. As expected, a huge had swelled up there.