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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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She wanted to slip away quickly before the pack of wolves reached here. However, at that moment, from among the of weeds, pair after pair of dark green eyes shone and they began to multiply…..

“Looks like it’s too late to go.”

Her brows creased together as her gaze glanced over to the pack of wolves surrounding her. She took one quick look at the unconscious man behind her and she felt that she really had a knack for seeking out trouble for herself.

Facing the pack of wolves, she thought to herself that it would be fine if she was alone, but with an unconscious man behind her, this could be rather troublesome.


A long howl sounded, sounding as if it was giving out a command. The previously slowly approaching pack of wolves as they surrounded her suddenly leapt to come right at her.

As the stream was running down a sloping ground, she had dragged the man out of the stream and left him below a slight outcropping that jutted out from the sloping ground. At that moment, the steep slope behind her turned out to become a form of defence for her back and she need not worry that wolves would attack her from behind, nor would she need to worry about being unable to look out for the unconscious man behind her whereby he might be dragged off by the wolves.

She pulled out her dagger holding it horizontally in front of her, fully releasing her killer’s instincts unbridled. If she wasn’t able to escape, then she would choose to fight! She didn’t believe she would not be able to kill all of these ten over wolves!

Her eyes took on a cold chill and they gleamed sharply. She slowly summoned up the mystical powers within her body, her eyes locked onto ten over wolves who were salivating heavily, seeming to be waiting for something.

The pack of wolves were giving out incessant low howls, like they were trying to frighten her into losing her will to fight before approaching her. However, Feng Jiu was no ordinary person and she wasn’t the type who could be frightened into becoming weak in the knees and losing the will to resist.

As she was at a huge disadvantage in numbers, she could not charge forward at them or she would be immediately surrounded. So she remained in her spot waiting, waiting for the wolves to leap at her.

Every single one among the more than ten wolves could feel the murderous intent growing more intense instead of diminis.h.i.+ng and they howled. And at that moment, a larger built grey wolf gave a long howl from somewhere higher up the slope.

“HOWL! !”

Once the long howl was heard, more than ten wolves immediately leapt at her. Wide slavering jaws revealing sharp wolves’ fangs with drool dripping out the sides of their mouths snapped mercilessly at Feng Jiu. The wolves’ long claws seemed to gleam razor sharp in the dark night.

Feng Jiu timed herself properly, and struck out in a flas.h.!.+

Her strange movements when executed together with her mystical powers increased her speed. The dagger in her hand was thrust into the neck of the wolf who leapt at her first and was quickly pulled out. Within the darkness of night, a pitiful howl resounded and she saw a gush of blood spray out. The warm blood carried with it a strong stench as it sprayed all over her her and the wolf collapsed…..

After striking the wolf dead, she immediately took a step back, and the dagger in her hand flashed before two wolves leaping at her from the left. It might have been due to their packmate’s sudden death that caused the two wolves to become more alert. Their reactions were extremely fast and they dodged at the same time her dagger struck out while the other wolves were almost upon her from the front.

The wolves attacking from the right had taken the opportunity to leap towards the unconscious man lying on the ground at the back. At that moment, she was unable to split herself up and she had just barely managed to lift a leg to kick at the camp fire while striking out with her dagger at the wolves on her left at the same time, causing a flurry of red glowing branches still aflame to fly towards the wolves on the right.

Wolves dreaded fire and when they saw the flurry of embers flying, they howled out in panic and quickly retreated. That was the moment the dagger in Feng Jiu’s hand quickly eliminated two more wolves. Including the one earlier, lying at her feet then, were three wolf

It could have been the intense austerity of her murderous intent that was too frightening, or it could be due to her insatiable bloodthirstiness that terrified them, the other wolves in the pack were all giving out low whines as they slowly retreated a step at a time, not daring to take another step forward, but still unwilling to leave just like that…..